Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) Support Group

Atrial fibrillation (AF or afib) is an abnormal heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmia) which involves the two small, upper heart chambers (the atria). Heart beats in a normal heart begin after electricity generated in the atria by the sinoatrial node spread through the heart and cause contraction of the heart muscle and pumping of blood.

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  • jst2mad

    I feel like I have to talk

    after my last episode  I feel like I need a good cry..they tell me stress and getting upset can cause this..when I feel bad because of meds or just colds I'm afraid it will happen again..thanks for letting talk about it
  • jst2mad

    sometimes scared

    I had my second episode  2 weeks ago ..hard to sleep at night..felt bad last night..was so scared that I would have episode I call rescue last night ..when your doctor's tell you are fine and your test are good but they can't tell what's causing it..thought I would feel better talking about it..
  • gentlefootprint

    When Afib Came Knockin' At My Door

    I'm happy to have come upon this support group via the atrial fibrillation blog.Here's my story: Afib came a knockin' at my door in 2009. After 3 failed cardioversions and amidarone failed to restore sinus rhythym, I had my first ablation in August of that year to treat persistent afib. Having been knocked off my feet by the afib and accompanying chorus of palpitations, breathlessness and loss of...

    Anyone still here?

    I have been away from this group for a long time.  Anyone still here?Carrie
  • AB4924

    Lone Afib

    Hello all. In January I had a single indicent of Afib. No previous heart history, no real health issues beyond high cholestrol (On crestor now) and pre hypertension (On dlitiazem er following afib). I spent a night in the hospital and moment before a scheduled cardioversion, I returned to sinus rythym. I had an extensive cardiac ultrasound performed and all was normal expect minor mitral valve...
  • thorncrown4

    These PACs are driving me crazy!!

    Hi everyone,I haven't posted on this board for a while but I am so glad that it is here! I am going insane with the anxiety I am feeling everytime I have PAC's. I have been having PACs for the last 3 days and normally they don't bother me as much as they are right now. For some reason they cause extreme anxiety and depression and desperation. I don't want to go on stronger med's but i think I...
  • EddiePittsburgh

    No Afib Since Oct 10th 2015. 1 Year Off Flec

    I still take 180 cardizam xr. Went into Afib from stress from gambling.  Was scary. My heart still speeds up for a Second or 2. Still get PVC Pav's.   But been getting them since 18
  • rhess27

    Constantly short of breath/unable to catch breath

    I was just diagnosed with AFib, and my cardiologist just put me on Metoprolol (25mg time release) and Xarelto (20mg).  The Metoprolol is in addition to Cozaar/Losartan that I've already been on for a long while and has done well for me in keeping my BP under control.  The Metoprolol, obviously, is more to treat the irregular heartbeat.  Anyway, all this started very recently--I first noticed...
  • fatboy

    found the search feature

    i'll search amioderone. thanks
  • fatboy


    wondering if any of you are on amioderone. i took it for two months and felt the best i've felt in a year. no afib after having almost constant afib. due to a couple side affects my dr had me stop the drug till i have some lab work to check out my liver. anyone else have problems with this drug?   
  • DebW

    I was diagnosed with AFib

    Hello,I was diagnosed with Afib in January of this year. Since then, I have had a few other issues and have found out I need to have surgery.I was told by the surgeon that even though I will be having heart surgery to replace my bicuspid valve and my aorta (I have a large aneurysm), the AFIB may still become an issue at a later date.Has anyone in this group had a valve replaced and still have...
  • RitaB

    New Diagnosis

    I have just been diagnosed with afib and there is no local support group in my small town.  I haven't been to the cardiologist yet, and I was told it may be months.  In the meatime my doctor has put me on metropolol and baby aspirin.  My anxiety and fear are through the roof and I feel like i want to quit my business and my volunteer work because I am so scared.  All I want to is cry!  Does...
  • Goaway-12

    Atrial Fibrillation now they want to treat

    I have had Atrial Fibrillation for as long as I can remember, first episode I noticed was in my teens, always been told it's a panic attack, I'm too stressed (friends tell me I'm the most chilled person they have met) until about 20years ago my doctor caught it at 240bpm, called an ambulance and sent me to emergencyl. All investgations done, doctor told me there was nothing they could do to help...
  • ronh

    Afib changes. Thanks for any answers

    I had my first AFIB episode 3 years ago. Fast pulse crazy chest movement went to ER and drugs calmed it down with the paddles in the room. I was put on medicine to control it. Another episode sent me back to the ER a month later and they changed the Meds.   Since then I have had an episode about every 6 months.   I been taking  lisonipril and dilt-Xr daily. And use pripanolol to control speed...
  • hydro1570

    3 weeks post ablation still SOB

    Hi all, my husband 39 yo had cardiac ablation done for what was diagnosed as AFIB & he was hospitalized twice for it. He was never on any meds. They did the abalation 8/2 & he is still SOB & lightheaded at times when walking far or doing any type of light activity. Sometimes even getting up from sitting after awhile. EP doc acted like he is young & will be fine & did not even care about his SOB....