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Atrial fibrillation (AF or afib) is an abnormal heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmia) which involves the two small, upper heart chambers (the atria). Heart beats in a normal heart begin after electricity generated in the atria by the sinoatrial node spread through the heart and cause contraction of the heart muscle and pumping of blood.

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  • I have been put through severe torture by Canadian law enforcement by loud sudden and constant sounds from extremely loud and sudden to constant causing atrial fibrilation, it doesnt stop and they keep me in a heart attack and stroke state every day where my health deteriorated and is now in a grave condition, i couldnt find a way to stop this severe abuse, they cover it up and hide, how can I...
  • IslandLuvr

    Graves Disease and Afib

    Do any of you have Graves Disease? (Hyper-thyroidism?) I have been reading about the connection between Graves and Afib. It seems that people with Graves (even if you had your thyroid taken out, radioactive treatment, or anti-thyroid medication) are at greater risk of developing afib than those who don't have thyroid issues.I was under the mistaken impression that if your thyroid levels are...
  • Hello, my name is Jaime and I work for Insight Consulting Group, an independent medical market research firm based in Chicago, IL. We specialize in understanding the unique journey that patients experience within various disease states and therapeutic areas.For an upcoming study, we are looking to speak with patients diagnosed with Heart Failure, and their caregivers.  We are hoping you can...
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    Move over to

    Many of us have moved over.  Unfortunately, this site has become useless. Bill? Yogacat? Christine? SameDayNurse?  How about it? 
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    Come On Over to forum

    Sign up here: will find others from daily strength there.Sign up tab is on upper right of above page.pete
  • Paul60

    Hi Gang

    I haven't been here since they changed the site.  Boy this new site really sucks.  I feel good, no AFIB since ablation #2 in March.  STill working 2-3 days/week.  The new stock exchange I have been building for the last two years brought up their first symbols on Friday.  Over the next three weeks we will bring up the remaining 8,000+ symbols to be a fully funstional stock exchange.  You...
  • keepumping

    Just a support group?

    Hi all, well, where do we go from here? I guess when I first started this group, it was all about learning about afib. Thanks to you all by the way, I did learn more than I ever thought I could. However, now what? I haven't seen much new in quite a while, not bragging just proves I've been around a lot. I've tried a lot of medications and I can't say I really liked any of them.  I had a...
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  • Hwkmn

    2 Year success

    Just passed my 2 year off all meds and taking minimal supplements with no Afib and few PVCs. It can be done without dangerous meds and ablation  folks. Im no different than anyone else here and I was told things would become far worse for me in the next year 2 years ago. There are more that refuse surgery with this condition and are doing fine. Of course those cases seem to be on other sites...
  • pacyetep

    Ready to Walk (To stopafib forum)

    It took me 5 minutes to remember how to post on this forum with the new format. There is a "News Feed" and you can't post there. The ORDER the posts are in is problematic also. The old format showed the latest posts on top. With this format, you have to click on the original post to see who posted and the date. It used to be easy to see the CONTENT of what the latest posts said. For example, if...
  • acrossthepond

    Has anyone heard from Annette??

    Has anyone heard from Annette (Bergeram)? The last I heard she said she was depressed and went to a clinic for help (around September 2015). Then silence… I did some detective work and figured out her address from the things she had said and wrote her a New Year’s card (snail mail). I heard nothing. Then I contacted the association that she was treasurer for and asked them. They could only...
  • yogacat

    Afib visit

    I had just gotten to sleep when there was a pounding.. "Wake up Carol, Wake up, it's me, Afib" were just here 2 days ago, go away.   This makes 3 times in 3 weeks, what is going on, why are you here?????    " Oh Carol, it may be that you have been out taking pictures in 100F or 110F feel like, and when you knew you shoud leave, you stayed.   Or it might be that you have...
  • After 2 ablations at home my doctor has decided to refer me to Mayo in Rochester. I'm looking for the best, but of course who isn't. Looks like he is talking about refering me to Dr Paul Friedman. A lot of these doctors are friends and know each other, I don't want to just go to my doctors buddy. I can't find any reviews on this guy. Any one had it done at Mayo? Anyone have the name of a good EP...
  • Wenxin Keli suppresses Afib naturally without invasive procedures. Almost every Afib patient drinking pure Wenzin tea see a significant reduction in their Afib. A heard about the many successful studies of Wenxin Keli. For a family member, I contacted a distinguished Chinese doctor, who put me in touch with people in China, who had the real thing that was studied and not the mixes of Wenxin with...
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    I have not posted much lately, I tried to find out when the last time was and had no success. So hopeing I do not repeat myself. The short story is I fell in February broke left foot, bone chips right wrist and small torn rotator cuff left shoulder.  Nothing was a major I jury just several small issues bruises and long rehab.Back to semi normal and wanting some routine back in my life. I did...