Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) Support Group

Atrial fibrillation (AF or afib) is an abnormal heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmia) which involves the two small, upper heart chambers (the atria). Heart beats in a normal heart begin after electricity generated in the atria by the sinoatrial node spread through the heart and cause contraction of the heart muscle and pumping of blood.

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  • snowshoedude

    Running/Exercise After Ablation

    It has been 25 weeks since my long post ablation flutter episode and over seven months since my first and only ablation. As an avid runner, I had recovery questions going into the ablation that many fellow afibbers kindly helped answer. So while things are still fresh in my head, here's a recounting of what I learned post ablation to return the favor for others who might have the questions I had....
  • metis44

    Afib with low BP

    New here.. looking for others that have afib with low blood pressure and heart rate.. Now I am on the beta blocker and Medodine (which does the exact opposite of the beta blocker).. talk about a fight in my body.. its unreal.. One is trying to slow heart rate and the other trying to speed it up..  
  • DebW

    I was diagnosed with AFib

    Hello,I was diagnosed with Afib in January of this year. Since then, I have had a few other issues and have found out I need to have surgery.I was told by the surgeon that even though I will be having heart surgery to replace my bicuspid valve and my aorta (I have a large aneurysm), the AFIB may still become an issue at a later date.Has anyone in this group had a valve replaced and still have...
  • Surfrat

    Just checking in.

    Well, it's certainly been a long time since I stopped in here at Daily Strength. It's quite obvious that there's been a major website reconstruct during my absense. A little tricky to get used to at first. I hope all is well and who's still here from the old site?? - Tom (aka: Surfrat)
  • Billyboy

    This is opposite to expected, surely?

    After 20 year's experience with AF, I take the best level of Sotalol for me - morning 80mg, evening 160mg. My heart rate is around 70. I currently have a new heart problem and a cardiologist has suggested dropping the Sotalol to 80mg BD. This has made me feel very ill and appears to have dropped the heart rate to low fifties. Anyone got thoughts on this?
  • SameDayNurse

    Oh For Heavens Sake

    Finally found whatever this is I have been looking for......consider myself fairly intelligent haha but maybe not so much on this website.....seems like a lot of us havent found the way yet. All is well in my world nothing new to report, still the Queen of Flecainide and still feeling great. Hope to check back more often and find things somewhat back to normal . jan
  • deleted_user

    brain drain

    A week ago I had another attack of atrial fib that lasted for 5 hours, went to hospital. I had an ablation done 8 months ago, and I continued to have a-fib episodes but far less then before the ablation. I have SOB,chest tightness with pain in back, and weakness, but the biggest problem is left sided headaches with confusion. I can't seem to deal with the simplest task. Does any one out there...
  • fatboy

    found the search feature

    i'll search amioderone. thanks
  • fatboy


    wondering if any of you are on amioderone. i took it for two months and felt the best i've felt in a year. no afib after having almost constant afib. due to a couple side affects my dr had me stop the drug till i have some lab work to check out my liver. anyone else have problems with this drug?   
  • Pritto

    Like living with a time bomb

    Having Afib to me, is like living with a bomb that may go off at any time. It may go off in one minute, or one year, five years, or tomorrow morning. It takes me weeks to lose the stressful expectation that it is going to happen again, soon. Then, when I feel fine, there it is again, suddenly. My afibs last for between 5 to 12 hours. I had my first afib attack way back in 1991. I didn't...
  • Pooka

    New to AFIB

    I'm new to AFIB. Acute onset in ER after a terrible accident. I progressed from being asymptomatic to symptomatic, and episodes last about 12 hours, coming more regularly now. I don't have high BP, and Beta Blockers made me pass out. I'm athletic and finding myself drained of energy for days after an occurrence. So, I'm considering ablation . . . does anyone have any experience or knowledge of...
  • tkbaby397308

    A-Fib /

    I have had A-fib since age of 50.  I just had me second heart ablation.  I am getting ready to turn 55.  While I don't have a physical job, my job is very stressful.  I was @ work today and could fill the a-fib trying to come through.  I don't know what to do.  So discouraged.
  • aladyur

    Loop Recorder

    I have been wearing a Reveal Loop Recorder since 2014. My cardiologist has decided to leave it in until it wears out. I forgot to ask how many years. Does anyone know? Thanks
  • JackM


    After 5 failed ablations for A-Flutter and A-Fib, I was put on Tikosyn, which put me in normal sinus rhythm within 2 hrs.  This was over 4 years ago and my arrhythmias have been controlled.    What is the evidence that I can safely stop the Tikosyn?  A colleague of mine was on the drug for 1 year to control his A-Fib - - his cardiologist said it was OK to stop, which he did with no...
  • jimer54

    I am looking for advice

    Years ago I was diagnosed with A-fib. It happened after binge drinking daily for quite a long time and I think upset my electolytes in my body. I was given metoprolol at the time and I returned to feeling good. I started exercising and eventually got my doctor to allow me to stop the meds. I did good.Then about 9 years later, I had a bout with cellulitus and my body temperature went up to 105. I...