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Anemia (or anaemia), which literally means "without blood," is a deficiency of red blood cells and/or hemoglobin. This results in a reduced ability of blood to transfer oxygen to the tissues, and this causes hypoxia; since all human cells depend on oxygen for survival, varying degrees of anemia can have a wide range of clinical consequences.

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  • rico88

    Dosage of iron

    This group doesn't seem very active but I'll post anyone in hopes someone will reply. I was diagnosed anemic last week. Doctor prescribed 325 mg ferrous sulfide per day and a follow-up in four months. I complained about stomach discomfort and the doseage (I'm 73) and he said it is ok to take one every other day.Does anyone know if an every other day dosage is as effective?Also, I'm considering...
  • Donzygirl

    My iron is a 7?

    I just went to the doctor and he told me my iron was a 7 and that is really low. He gave me iron pills but I just don't want to take them. If my iron is a 7, how low is that and how dangerous is that for me? I don't ever feel weak, or get headaches or anything like that. I go work out everyday and everything. One other thing, I don't have a menstrual cycle, could that be because I have such...
  • I am completly lost any help is appreciated ive been researching for weeks and weeks... I feel terrible, and have felt terrible for years, all the docters told me I had anxiety and needed to be on anxiety medication. 4 Years later I finally just went into a lab and ordered my own tests....But my tests do not seem to match up.I have read that when you have low iron that your body naturually makes...
  • Ribbit

    Anemia % kidney disease

    Hi Eveyone, I am new here. I have amenia as a result of kidney disease. I am tired all the time. There is not much I can do about. Does anyone else have this type of anemia?
  • deleted_user

    Joint pain & swelling a symptom of anemia or n

    I recently visited the doctor about my lingering joint pain and swelling, most noticably in my hands and feet and also lots of pain in my knees. After blood tests were done, it was discovered one of my blood counts was 98 when it should be around 130, haemoglobin I think. The doctor said that was the cause of those symptoms. I thought for sure it would be rheumatoid arthritis. My ANA test hasn't...
  • JM0325

    Could I be anemic?

    hello everyone.. so my boyfriend told me a few months ago that its possible that I'm anemic. I get tired very easily and it's like I'm always tired. And now, (tmi!) I am on my period and I feel very sick. I'm lightheaded, nauseous, and I have a raging headache. It seems to get worse every month! =( I just need some sort of relief. Any advice would be fabulous. Thanks! 
  • dar2044

    Iron IV

    I have been told I need to get Iron infused this Tuesday, and I was winderig if anyone can tell me how long it will be for the IV that day? How long does it take to get a treatment. I have to get one treatment per week for 6 weeks. 
  • mega54


        A couple of monthes ago I got my iron levels back up where they are supposed to be. Now I am tired again all the time. I am hoping it is something else this time.
  • nikki6349

    Newly Anemic

    Hi All, I joined this group in hopes to find people going through the same thing. I was recently diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia 2 weeks ago. About one month ago, I began feeling extremely lightheaded, fatigue and was experiencing rapid heartbeat. One day it was so bad I left work and my husband took me to the ER because I could not shake the feelings. After an EKG, bloodwork and urine...
  • sabia

    B12 Deficiency Anaemia

    During pregnancy I was diagnosed with severe B12 deficiency and anaemia, so severe that my GP called me urgently to give loading doses. I had a c-section and my haemoglobin was 7, I was told at the hospital I'd get a blood transfusion.I was in hospital 2 days and treated like dirt, I was discharged with iron tablets and paracetamol for the pain, no transfusion. Since then it's been 2 years of...
  • I have been recently diagnosis with Hypochromic Microcytic Anemia and would like to talk to other people who have been diagnosis with it as well. Any information will be appreciated.
  • Hello everyone,I'm recent college grad so my life is a bit crazy right now but it seem to get a little more crazy when I got a phone call two days ago. My doctor made be get my anemic levels check because I became barely anemic when I was diagnosis with H. Pylori in Sept. she just wanted to make sure it was still doing good. Well I got a call saying that my levels are around 9 something which is...
  • mistermatt

    Cure seems worse than the problem

    In March I started to take Iron pills for my anemia. First I started taking 28 mg, then 60 for a while then back to 28 b/c of the side effects. I seemed to be getting better and last week went back to the Dr. for a update. She recommended I take 45 mg slow release twice a day as well as a stool softener. The side effects are killing me.I have pain in my side, back pain, I feel weak and queasy and...
  • susan126

    Iron deficiency, no blood loss

    Hi. I've had ongoing iron deficiency issues for 4 years now. Have had all the tests and no bleeding found anywhere. I've had iron infusions on average every 6 months. Last one was in January, and it's being recommended I have another because my iron stores are pretty much non-existent. My hematologist was sure that once I stopped menstruating, the problem would go away, but I haven't had a period...
  • mega54

    Understanding Anemia

    I have done a lot of reading about improving your iron level. It is very complicated because even If you get enough iron to match your Daily Minimum Requirement of Iron from the best possible sources and do not consume anything that keeps it from being absorbed, you will not get enough iron. That is because you can only absorb about 18 % of the iron you consume. There are many helpful...