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You only have one set of teeth for life, so take good care of them. This is the place to discuss oral and dental care, good practices, dental office experiences, and general thoughts around those pearly whites.

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  • Morganskidmore33

    My sister having yellow teeth

    My sister is facing the problem of obesity. She loves to eat junk foods. She has two kids and they are very naughty. She is fed up of going behind them. She used to eat a lot before delivery. And now she has put on weight. She is not able to control her diet. Her husband advised her to go to the gym but the problem is that she can't manage it due to her kids. Now I'm staying with her due to my...
  • robted

    Dental phobic 8 year old

    My daughter is 8 years old. Her incisors are decayed. They look dull and dark than her other teeth. She has a rational fear in visiting dental clinics. The whole thing scares her. Every visit to the dentist makes her panic and full of dread. She can't even think about entering a dental office. Her teeth are in a bad state now. I’ve tried to convince her as I can to visit the dentist. She is...
  • KyleB1995


    Hi where can I find a Low Income Dentist? I need a dental implant and know of someone who can provide them the materials for free but Idk what to do :(
  • KyleB1995

    Dental Implants In need of Dire Help!!!

    I need a Dental Implant! I have Aspbergers and Ocd and I'm low on money like extremely low right now and have a terrible self esteem because of my missing tooth I feel like a Failure!:( and my family bullies me for having a Missing tooth!
  • isra217

    Change in Dentist!

    Hey,I am Isra and I am a newbie here. I had been staying in Dubai and we moved to India the last month. I have got my dental braces from Dubai (invisible lingual braces) 4 months back. So I just want to consult a new Dentist here. But I am scared about a new dentist's work on my braces :|. Will there be any problems?Will a second dentist be able to follow another dentist's work properly?I...
  • SusanAllen

    Take good care of your teeth!!

    Prevention is always better than cure, right? It is better to prevent dental problems rather than taking treatment after a problem arise. When I was small, I never cared my teeth. My mother always used to tell me to floss and brush twice a day. But I didn’t listen to her. My mother is not with me anymore. She left us one year before. I spent each and every day of my life regretting the things...
  • glisteningmoon

    Sudden onset of multiple sensitive teeth!

    Within the past week, about 5/6 of the teeth that comprise the right side of my mouth (both on the top row and the bottom row) have suddenly become sensitive. It started with just one tooth - a tooth that I've known to become sensitive every now and then - but I'm seems to have 'spread' to other teeth (that's what it feels like, anyway). I've never had a toothache before, but from hearing about...
  • JanellKeil

    Metal braces..It is killing me!!

    Hi! I put braces when I was 21. From there, started my problems. I had severe pain then. I had discomfort in speaking. My teeth was highly disordered and that was why I put braces and that too metal braces. It has been one year since I put this metal thing on my teeth and it was like I had to say goodbye to all my favourite foods. Yesterday night there was a function at my home and I ate meat....
  • KyleB1995

    I Need a Dental implant and I have Aspbergers

    im a 22 year old male with Aspbergers  in need of a dental implant this causes me extreme axenity and self esteem problems,,if you could help in any way I'd be greatful❤
  • smokekiller

    Hello , new to group

    I was a Daily Strength Member years ago and just Googled my way back in today. Perhaps this isn't the right place for me as I have already lost my teeth in my 50's . I have dentures and a few issues with them. I seldom wear them at home. The bottoms always come loose when I eat and I cant open my mouth very wide with them in. I'm also assuming it hasn't helped the potential in my already sexless...
  • I'm pretty sure I have Periodontal disease since my gums have receded greatly and I've lost 2 of my teeth on the bottom in the middle. I've been researching different things I can do to keep from getting abscesses and sores in my mouth besides going to the dentist. (I don't have insurance or income to pay for it) and I've come across a few articles that say its ok to swish around some peroxide...
  • Tonya147

    Severe Toothache

    I had an appointment today with an emergency dentist in Whitby and he confirmed that my root canal tooth is in fact infected. The pain in my jaw is so severe that I can't describe it. The dentist which I got to see said that my tooth had most likely abscessed and I could either have it removed or have a root canal treatment. Has anyone been through this? What does this sound like to you? Should I...
  • suebcreatures

    lichen planus

    does anyone have lichen planus?
  • Trissa01

    Welcome 2017 Combat Periodontal Disease

    OK! Let's update. LankyYankee does have a wonderful post here itemizing her fastidious regimen to combat gingivitis & periodontal disease. After reading her post, I tend to agree that flossing before brushing makes more sense.I'm fighting for my teeth. Have been on expensive periodontal regimen for ten years. With age, my teeth are crowding, are hard to clean well, and I notice tartar wants to...
  • Pretty sure I have a nagging cankor sore since the summer as far as I can remember of 2015. It's still sticking around though its complete numb. Throughout the day the size of the lump on oralroof cavity fluxuactes. It even reduces completely like "it" sleeps when my body is fully up. And comes to size all the way to bed to maximum strength. I'm about as worried on a scale of 1-10 a two. Though...