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Having a bad skin day? Year? Life? Join the club. The most common form of acne is known as "acne vulgaris", meaning "common acne." Excessive secretion of oils from the sebaceous glands accompanies the plugging of the pores with naturally occurring dead skin cells (corneocytes) blocking hair follicles. Here you'll find how others are coping with their acne issues, plus new ideas to try.

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  • Nohemimi

    Coming off the pill nightmare

    Hello.I'm new to this group. I am 30 years old and during my teenage years never really struggled with acne, just a zit now and then. I started taking the pill (yaz and yasmin) when I was about 22 because I was in a commited relationship. When that was over I tought there was no point in keep taking it, and I do get bad side effects related to the pill, pain in my legs due to poor circulation and...
  • tomo96

    Roacutanne experiences

    hello, I've just joined, I have had acne for pushing on 10 years (am now 21) and recently it's started to affect my self confidence. As an aspiring maths teacher I can't have this. I was offered roacutanne last year but after hearing the horror stories and side effects I was very put off, but after trying what seems every antibiotic, creams, and lotions prescription or drug store bought it seems...
  • Danaerys

    Adult acne -- just started

    Hi Everyone, I just joined the group a few minutes ago, and it is good to know that I am not alone. I am 53, and, up until approximately one month ago, I had clear skin. Then I had my first breakout, which I suspect might be related to hormonal changes -- at least in part. Anyway, my doctor started me on Differin, and I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used this medication....
  • covejack

    Survey regarding potential treatment

    Hi there,I am a student at Elon University, and below is a quick survey regarding potential treatments for acne. The survey was created by four undergraduate business students at Elon University for a senior capstone project. There is an opportunity to be entered in a lottery for a $250 Visa gift card at the end of the survey. Thank you very much for your...
  • Daniellexoxo

    Wanted to share how I was able to overcome acne

    I really want to spread the word about my treatment because I lived with the nightmare of acne for YEARS and feel that no one should have to suffer. Sometimes the remedies can be worse than the acne itself.My story: My acne started when I was 15 and lasted until I was about 31. I'm 35 now and have had totally clear glowing skin for the last 4 years. I never thought it would be possible. Some...
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  • peter10

    To know about laser treatments

    I was reading about various skin treatments that help for skin resurfacing ( .  I read about a lot of laser treatments in it. I would like to know whether there are any side effects for laser treatment? Can we apply laser treatment on all type of skin tones? Can we apply laser treatments if we have any other health issues like diabetes or anything like...
  • laurens2604

    Acne For Teens

    I am twelve and I thought that I was just in my awkward stage, but I have had horrible annoying acne for over three years now. And of course you don't want to have people staring at your face, so I put on makeup making it worse.
  • melissa2487

    Chest & Back Acne

    Any ideas how to get rid of Chest Acne?I've had it for 20 years... I've tried everything from apple cider vingaer, to over the counter meds, to baking soda. I have not been to a dermaologist just because I don't have money to go. But anyone have any ideas? All these things always work but for a short amount of them and then they stop. What worked for you guys?
  • SeanRobinson


    I have bad acne but the main issue is that I can't stop picking at these small imperfections and turning them into big red marks! On bad days I don't leave my room (I'm a student) and spend up to about 6 hours in front of a mirror applying various products, drying oozing spots with a tissue and picking. This compulsive behaviour, as far as I can tell, was born out of anxiety that I look ugly with...
  • hhhaaaarrrrryyyyy


    all my friends are perfect and great in each ways as it is, it also happens they all have clear skin and perfectly spot free faces, why am I the only boy that I know with acne, I have very low self esteem, seen many doctors and they've prescribed lots of things that haven't work, feeling very hopeless:(
  • caracm

    Adult Cystic Acne

    I have been suffering since puberty (I'm 31) with regular-ish acne but for the last three years I've suffered from horrible cystic acne like I'd never had before. This is my first attempt at seeking support for this and I've vowed to get more aggressive about battling what has become a HUGE and almost all-consuming physical and mental problem. I've spent THOUSANDS on facials and top of the line...
  • Kats_6

    Welcoming any advice/guidance

    Hi everyone.I'm not too sure if I'll get any response to this but hopefully somebody else might take comfort in reading this. I've been suffering with acne since the age of about 10 or 11, with it's severity changing over the years. I'm now 17 and have reached the worse it's ever been. I've tried every drugstore face scrub/toner/cleanser and every natural at home diy remedies under the sun,...
  • zombiewant2be

    Doxycycline side effects

    I finally started treatment for my acne. I started doxycycline about a week ago now. Its too soon to tell if it's helping my acne but I'm already having problems. I'm sick to my stomach all the time. I'm also kind of dizzy. I feel like I'm motion sick. My pharmacist says it's totally normal. I'm hoping that I get over it soon. I'm supposed to be taking it for six months. Did this happen to...
  • luluj

    Acne AND Rosacea - What a Treat!

    So I was recently diagnosed with Acne Rosacea, which from my understanding means that my acne is caused by my rosacea? I was prescribed Metrogel and switched to a gentler cleanser. Otherwise, I'm wondering if anyone else has this and how they deal with it? As you can imagine, it's been difficult and I'm excited to get my life back under control.