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Having a bad skin day? Year? Life? Join the club. The most common form of acne is known as "acne vulgaris", meaning "common acne." Excessive secretion of oils from the sebaceous glands accompanies the plugging of the pores with naturally occurring dead skin cells (corneocytes) blocking hair follicles. Here you'll find how others are coping with their acne issues, plus new ideas to try.

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    Treating Acne

    Still suffering with acne? Thinking of going on strong medication such as Roaccutane or antibiotics, with nasty side-effects?Bad skin is a very stressful, upsetting and emotional skin problem; sometimes leading to anxiety and depression. After 28 years of being a skin care specialist I can highly recommend these products - for problematic skins - clearing 'stressed out' teenagers through to...
  • Hey everybody,I'm a product evangelist for a company called Scrub Love that do coffee body scrubs and we are looking for a few people to get some feedback from and to review our products if your interested?
  • melissa2487

    Chest & Back Acne

    Any ideas how to get rid of Chest Acne?I've had it for 20 years... I've tried everything from apple cider vingaer, to over the counter meds, to baking soda. I have not been to a dermaologist just because I don't have money to go. But anyone have any ideas? All these things always work but for a short amount of them and then they stop. What worked for you guys?
  • sandy04

    Advice for skin picking?

    Please tell me i'm not the only one experiencing this!Anyone else with this type of compulsion?
  • I've suffered from acne for about 6 years now. Over the years it's gradually gotten worse and worse, but I've been using Murad Acne Complex Kit which has helped wonders by preventing future breakouts. However, I'm currently in high school and dealing with multiple things at once. The amount of stress I've been under has been making my acne a whole lot worse. Does anyone have any advice on helping...
  • I've been suffering from acne for years, and it's not exactly severe but I think it's pretty bad... I've tried all sorts of face washes and finally found one that actually clears up my face for the most part, (Dermalogica Clean Start, just in case if anyone's curious, I'd recommend it) but I just now realized that it's not the actual pimples that's causing all my problems, but the marks they...
  • Get PAID To Test Products in Richardson, TX WANTED: Males, Females, Teens LIKE APPLY TO ALL STUDIES
  • Hey, I was wondering if anybody here was on spironolactone for their acne. I've been taking 100 mg a day combined with my birth control (zarah) for 6 months and I'm still breaking out...but it's the weirdest thing... around the time of my period my breakout goes away and clears up. weird right?! usually its the other way around. For about a week and a half i have nice skin, then the other 3...
  • deleted_user

    Adult acne

    I am a woman in her 40's and I have ad an acne problem since I was in my teens. I still break out and it aggravates the hell out of me! To make things worse, because I am an adult, acne of this kind is worse than the adolescent kind and it's harder to treat!
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    Cysts!!! Cysts!!!! All over my face!! :'(
  • about a year ago i ditched almost all of my skin care products- i exfoliate once a week, use a charcoal mask once a week, and wash my face every day with cetaphil cleanser and after use cetaphil moisturiser. most people with acne freak out and run to the strongest possible treatment, and cover their whole face in harsh, drying products which can irritate the skin even more- using basic skincare...
  • Hey everybody. I'm new here. I have some questions and I hope I'm not alone. So I've had acne since fiftth grade. At one point I was on a rentinol topical treatment but I was young and couldn't take the pain. I'm now 18 and have decided to really crack down on my acne. I've been using salicylic acid over the counter treatments. I have been getting less pimples but my skin is sooooo red and there...
  • Has anyone else here had bad hyperpigmentation scarring? I have dark spots all over my face, especially my cheeks, from acne. They are very noticeable. I am wondering if anyone here has found anything to help fade them, whether a product or some type of natural remedy.Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  • wildflowers44

    Dairy and Acne

    I'm wondering if anyone has noticed dairy products aggravating their acne. I've read a few studies that claim there could be a correlation and I've thought about cutting it out for a month to see, but I love yogurt DVD cheese so much.Has anyone ever tried cutting out dairy? Any experience or knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • First off, healing acne can feel difficult, but there's something for everyone that works. Like, tea tree oil and all natural soaps and cleansers. These things can be better for people with sensitive skin.