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Uterine cancer is cancer of the uterus. It mainly occurs after menopause, and presents with vaginal bleeding. It is the most common gynecologic cancer in the United States, with over 35,000 women being diagnosed each year in the U.S. Meet with friendly, supportive people sharing their experiences with Uterine Cancer.

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  • thannah

    Symptoms and Diagnosis

    i realize the posts are not very current on this page but I am hoping some of you brace ladies can help me out by sharing your symptoms and how diagnosed. I am having trouble getting the gyn onc to take me seriously because she says I am too young (I am 46!), I am not over weight (but my estrogen is high/progesterone low), and I am peri menopausal....none of the risk factors according to her. My...
  • umm-e-muz


    hi. Need advise... I am so confused. I was diagnosed as having uterine polyp few weeks back, got it removed. Unfortunately biopsy showed complex hyperplasia/ adenocarcinoma of uterus. Ny gynae was surprised as it is not my age (33yrs). Anyways advised for MRI for staging. Just got my MRI report which showed no endometrial disease only adenomyosis of uterus. I am so confused. Did it happen...
  • Meon2016


    This cancer was first found in uterine and both ovaries.  Went through six round of chemo  taxel/carbopetien.  Before they started the radiation they found stage 1in my breast and also that I was ER+.  Oh didn't mention the three major surgeries.  I then did 25 rounds of radiation and another 25 founds.   I'm on letrozole for the ER+.   Even though it was very hard and also worked a full...
  • twizted77

    to young

    I'm 29 now but was diagnosed with pre uterine cancer when I was 23 after a cap tone of depo shots I was told it was either a hysterectomy or I could try the IUD. 23 no kids just one miscarriage I did the IUD. I still had the pre cancer. I decided to wait cuz I absolutely refused to give up on having kids. Well five years later and I'm recovering from the hysterectomy as we speak. It went from pre...
  • deleted_user

    Got the diagnosis today . . . . . .

    Endometrial cancer. I was shocked to say the least. I had a D&C and hysteroscopy 2 weeks ago to remove polyps. I knew they would be sending samples for pathology but really didn't think this would be the result. I was told that it's Stage 1 and I'm going to have a hysterectomy. My doc is referring me to a gynecologic oncologist in Memphis and that's pretty much all I know at this point. I...
  • knot2witty

    Tired of waiting

    i learned of my endometrial cancer by phone while driving on what is billed the busiest highway in the world--the 401 through Toronto. I live in Winnipeg but had driven to Toronto two days after the D&C to support my son through some difficulties, hence the means of being informed. I was allowed to choose where I would have the surgery and chose Toronto, to spend more time with my son. My surgery...
  • kristenmcdonald

    Super worried!!! HELP!!!

    Hey y'all I'm new here! I'm looking for any info or advice you guys might have. Here's my story.... I'd had severe menstrual bleeding and pain for several years (since my miscarriage in 2008) and finally went to a gynecologist for this problem in October of this year. I was diagnosed with fibroids via ultrasound and had fibroid removal surgery via hysteroscopy a week later. The pathology...
  • beaglegirl77

    tired and hurting

    This is my 3rd time around with uterine cancer the chemo makes me so tired and my body hurts,iam taking b-12 liquid and vitimin c my dr is indifferent about my situaton and his staff is no better i can only see him because my insurance and i donot drive so i depend on friends. I have used taxies and rides provided by my insurance they r never on time. I just had to vent thanks beagle girl
  • jami46


    I am having severe cramps but no period since I have been on megace . Does this happen to anyone else .I don't see my doctor for another month. I really am enjoying not having a period.
  • deleted_user

    Stage 4 Endometrial Cancer

    No responses to previous posts, but I will try again. Perhaps third time's the charm. Have a final diagnosis. Surgery out of the question currently due to existing PE's and anticoag therapy resulting in repeated vaginal hemorraging. Havent been able to spend a day home without being rushed back to hospital bleeding. Finally, after four targeted radiation treatments last week, was released on...
  • Cymiga

    So scared....please help

    New here. I don't have a diagnosis yet but I'm not quite sure where else I fit in for support. I'll try to be short here with my story. I'm 37. I've had heavier periods since sometime in the summer and then they got really bad a few months ago. Heavy heavy bleeding with clots....like can't leave the bathroom for hours and have to leave work bleeding...no real pain though until lately which is...
  • aliciabirmingham

    Diagnosed today and scared

    I received the call from my obgyn that the biopsy that was done last week came back positive for grade 1 cancer. I have an appointment with an gyn oncologist on Wednesday. Can someone tell me what I might expect happen on my first appointment with the oncologist? TIA
  • lisasherman1

    Recent Diagnosis

    Yesterday I received the call that my biopsy that was done last Thursday for only "precautionary" reasons turned out to not be so precautionary. As the doctor listed a very detailed diagnosis, what seemed to absorb within my consciousness was "uterine cancer" and Grade 1. I see the oncologist next Wednesday. I am scared and bounce back and forth between calm and angry. I have discomfort,...
  • deleted_user

    Alternative to hysterectomy, early stage I

    I am 37 years old and have not yet had children. I have recently been diagnosed with Stage I Endometrial Cancer and don't want a hysterectomy. My doctor is trying an alternative treatment where I am to lose weight and get on Megace (man-made progesterone), which is not an easy feat given that Megace is an appetite suppresant. She said that after 6 months, if all is gone, I should try to get...
  • cancerandnokids

    Getting Pregnant

    I want to know if there is anyone out there that has had a successful pregnancy after being diagnosed with endometrial cancer?