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Triplets & More","This community connects people seeking information and experiences about multiple births. Different names for multiple birth are used, depending on the actual multiple. Common multiples are two and three, known as twins and triplets respectively. Share your thoughts and find whatever support you need."

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  • Swapna

    17 weeks pregnant with twins

    Doctor has suggested bed rest.My cervical length is 3.5. Doctor had told if it's goes less then 2.7 ..then we may go for stitch s.i don't know whether bed rest will help me to reduce the risk of cervical opening. And I have a 4yrs old kid to take care too..I m finding it difficult.
  • MzAnn2016

    having twins

    Found out I was having twins a week before my fiance and I broke up. 
  • reychel

    Need suggestions

    Im a mom of 5 months old quadruplets and I need a good suggestion. It takes around 5 - 6 diapers for each baby per day and our disposal bins get piled up with these very soon. Our disposal company disposes the wastes only once in two weeks. It was fine before, but now its quite difficult as it gets quite stinky at times. I need suggestions for a good garbage disposal company that disposes off...
  • angeldt


    Hi everyone, I've never joined anything like this but I think speaking to other moms like me may help. I am 12 wks pregnant with quadruplets. I am considered a severely high risk pregnancy but so far have been doing very well. We could not have been happier or more scared when we found out. Pregnant to begin with was a surprise but QUADRUPLETS!! We are expecting an identical set of twin girls and...
  • mrskebert1117

    Twin rainbow babies....

    Hi everyone! I will be 16 wks on Sunday with fraternal twins. I don't find out till April 5 what I am having. These are my rainbow babies after a loss last January. Do you have any advice or knowledge to help me prepare for my special arrivals? My Husband and I could not be more excited and cant wait for them to get here.
  • brooksteen

    Severe heartburn

    I am 16 weeks with Twins due in May. Recently I started to have severe heartburn at night it starts in my stomach and goes up my neck into my throat and burns. Seems the last several hours tums does not seem to do anything. I eat yogurt and I don't like spicy food so I'm not sure what else to try my husband suggested apple cider vinegar because your body needs more acid any thoughts thanks.
  • innerdialogue

    Why so inactive?

    Only 3 new posts this year? I wanted to join this group because I've been a (currently inactive) DS member for years and I'm now 28 weeks pregnant with boy girl twins, Daan (Dutch name, not spelled wrong) and Hannah. But then I see that nobody ever posts here :( Too bad. We MoM's and MoM's to be need each other lol.Anyone else who still visits here currently at a similar gestation time? How are...
  • Her babies are here!!!!! Welcome to the world Hannah and Daan. Though born at 33.6 weeks, they are doing GREAT!! We are all so happy for you and when you can come up for air, let us know all the details.
  • Stormyc1993

    Can a twin disapear after 16 weeks?

    I am 19 weeks pregnant with twins. At my first untrasound i was 8 weeks and told i was pregnant with identical twins. Every two weeks i had to go to my obgyn and with the dopler the nurse ALWAYS found two seperate heartbeats with two rhythms. When i was 16 weeks the nurse found both heartbeats and told me they sounded healthy. At 18 weeks i had my ultrasound to find out what i was having. The...
  • Hollywood8687

    Loss- wanted to update everything

    My babies are gone. I wanted them so badly. This was my sixth pregnancy and my sixth and seventh loss. I'll love them forever. They are forever my angel babies Ava and Pheonix. I just wanted to let everyone know because I posted about the pregnancy on here and how high risk it was. This happened just yesterday. They said I was 19 weeks 6 days. I know I was further than that. The hyperemesis is...
  • lauraz7

    anxiety re twin pregnancy

    Hi all,This is my first pregnancy and I was initially elated as my partner and I were very eager to have a child. But one week ago I found out I was having twins (there are none in either of our families so it was a particular shock). The idea of having two infants, the costs associated, the time required, the pregnancy, fears about proper nutrition, complications, I suppose I could go on and...
  • Hollywood8687

    New with severe morning sickness

    I'm new and have been having a whole lot of health issues, including severe brittle asthma, and I am four months pregnant with fraternal twins. I've been told I am extremely high risk having Rheumatoid Arthritis, severe asthma, extreme hypoglycemia (which creates a LOT of issues for me), and endometriosis, cysts that need operated on, and a fibroid. I also have had recurrent pregnancy loss. I am...
  • hineschica

    Newbie Needing Advice

    Hi! I'm a newbie momma from IVF Land who just found out she's having triplets. I had my freakout moment yesterday (OK, I'm still freaking out) but am now ready to stop hyperventilating some and start getting ready. Any advice you can share or books, blogs, websites, etc., you could point me to would be much appreciated!
  • hineschica

    Extreme Fullness

    Has anyone experienced extreme fullness during their pregnancy? I'm a little over 12 weeks with triplets, and every time I eat -- whether an egg in the morning or a larger meal at lunch or dinner -- I feel like I've gorged on a Thanksgiving dinner. I'm doing three meals and two to three snacks a day and am trying to drink more water. Any advice on how to deal? Does it eventually go away? Aside...
  • KaranRobert2012

    husband stressing me out..any advice?

    I have seven week old twins. I do most the work and get up every night with them. Hubby works and I am stay at home. The time my hubby is.home he doesnt interact much..he will feed them. He seems stressed around them..especially my girl who gets bad gas and cries alot. He almost shuts down. I am beyond stressed with dealing with him. Any advice?