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Whether you are just beginning your journey to create your family, or you have been trying for a few months, the TTC community will provide you with a group of like minded people who can help. It takes up to a year for the average fertile couple to achieve a successful pregnancy, and here at DailyStrength you will find information and support while you are waiting for that positive test.

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  • Kyliemaddy

    Feel like such a bad friend

    It's mother's day, so right there this day is tough. One my best friends had a baby this morning and another found out she's pregnant after only trying a couple of months. And I'm locked in the bathroom crying my eyes out. I feel like such a crappy friend. I am happy for them but at the moment I just feel so sorry for myself. I hate that going through this makes you hurt at other people's...
  • ChewysCutie2008

    Feeling Lost

    I am new to the support group kind of thing. My husband and I have been married for 9 amazing years. I had found out right before we got married that I was pregnant, I was about 8 weeks. We went on our honey moon and I had a miscarriage. Doctors say that it was a chemical pregnancy, I really don't believe that. Deep down I know something was there and my heart breaks when I think about it....
  • Abitofhope30

    HELP....Dont know what to do

    I'm new to the group an as I know alot of other women in this group are having rough times trying to conceive so am I an I don't know which way to husband and I have been trying off and on for about a year...I have very irregular periods an it's hard to know when I'm ovulating...I've be doing research on things I can buy without a prescription an still no no longer have...
  • nitieapatricemay

    AN Amazing Testimony On A Spell Caster Who help me

    AN Amazing Testimony On A Spell Caster Who help me to get pregnant, So me and my partner have been trying for a baby for the last 5 years now and we have had no luck. I don't have a regular cycle so it is hard for me to tell when I'm ovulating or not, but we always have sex at least 2 times a week, sometimes more. I know it can take up to a year to conceive but everyone i know who have had a baby...
  • amiller

    New to Support Groups

    Hey, I am new to support groups but I do alot of research and read alot of what other women are going though and it really have help me.  I am married, 30, husband is 35.  We have been trying to conceive for about 6 years now.  We had two miscarriages then a stillbirth at nearly 30 weeks back in March of 2015.  Back in March of this year we experience another miscarriage.  I am on my second...
  • barentobirthbabybates

    What do I do!

    I'm new to the group and I think the next two months I'll be out of town during my fertile window! I may only get to do it right at the beginning of my fertile window.... I'm really disappointed! I did it several times during my last window and here I am with two windows that won't be put to good use! I see a baby getting farther and farther away any advice to make me feel any better about the...
  • Kyliemaddy

    Super Frustrated

    I am new to the group and I have been trying for 9 months now with no results. Last month I really thought I was pregnant. My boobs were sore, and I was having these strange cramps that felt sort of tingly. I described them to my currently pregnant friend and she said that is what pregnancy cramps feel like. This month my cycle was all out of wack when it has been consistent like clock work every...
  • Kyliemaddy

    New blog

    Hello, I started a blog, it's mostly me venting but i thought it might be helpful to other ladies who are fed up. The site is
  • BabylessinBaltimore

    I'm afraid that we waited too long.

    Hi everybody.  I am a new member who has an extremely difficult time discussing this with anybody in my life.  Please be patient with me.  Here is my story.Hindsight is 20/20.  Looking back on my life, I feel as though continuing my education past college kept me in a bubble.  With so many years spent surrounded by others who were also putting off getting married and starting a family, my...
  • elyahope

    Talking to your doctor about treatment

    hey everyone, I'm fairly new here. My story seems similar to many others here:-my husband and I are both 31 and have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years (actively for about 6 months)- I have "undiagnosed infertility" and was put on Clomid with IUI -I just had my second failed cycle and am staring my third My fertility specialist has mentioned many times that the success rate with Clomid...
  • Milli7

    My first post.....

    Hey everyone,Im glad i came across this group and after reading so many of your stories im glad to see im not alone...Sometimes its hard to put into words or even talk to anyone close to you about it when TTC but i will try here....Im 31 and hubby is 37. Weve been together for 11 years. I was on birth control for the first 5 years of our lives together. From then until now we have not been using...
  • Prissily

    (TTC) been trying

    Hey im new to this glad I found it ! Me and my hubby been trying to get pregnant since we met at 18 and 19. We are 26 and 27 now, we've tried fertility treatments,ovulation kits,meds,..and im currently taking prenatls daily, and organic dietsI don't know if its because I've always had problems with my periods since 12 and severe pms doctors just prescribed me meds,like...
  • justagirl81316

    9 months TTC...feeling hopeless

    I'm new to this but I want some people to make me feel less alone if possible. I have a long history (since 12 years old) of irregular periods. To be honest, I really didn't think much about until I got married and we really started trying for a baby. I've been to the doctor and he didn't really seem concerned at this point about my irregular periods. I have had to provoke my periods twice so...
  • My husband and i have been TTC for 15 months with nothing at all i am 26 with an 8 year old and he is 27 with a 9 year old. We both are taking multi vitamins and folic aid. My husband is also taking vitamins A and C. We are using an ovulation kit and traking everything. Is there anything else that we can do or try andything that has helped anyone you know or you in thebpast anything. PLEASE HELP
  • sfbaby1

    Ttc 11 months losing hope .. Possible pcos??

    hello everyone!I decided to join this group to get support on my ttc journey. I am 26 years old. My hubby is 30, will be 31 in July. We have been trying since last year (I was 25) and nothing. Not a faint positive, no chemical... just bfn's. I am fast approaching 12 months.. going on 11 months and am feeling anxious. I just assumed it would happen so fast being so young and healthy. I am seeing...