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Whether you are just beginning your journey to create your family, or you have been trying for a few months, the TTC community will provide you with a group of like minded people who can help. It takes up to a year for the average fertile couple to achieve a successful pregnancy, and here at DailyStrength you will find information and support while you are waiting for that positive test.

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  • MrsC2016

    When should the real worry begin?

    I am 29 years old and i have a 4 year old son who came as an "accident" or unplanned as you could say... After the wonderful surprise of my son I decided on getting the Mirena IUD. So right now 4 almost 5 years later I find myself finally married and wanting to conceive my 2nd child with my wonderful and caring husband that doesn't have kids of his own. I never seemed to have any problems with...
  • 1betterlife

    Ttc is causing problems in my marriage

    I want to introduce myself to everyone. I'm new here and have been ttc for a really long time. I'm 37 yrs old and been married for 17 yrs. My ttc journey has been complicated. I won't get in to it right now. That's for another post. I turned to a support group because I feel alone. My husband and I are fighting now over ttc. We use to communicate well. But now not so much. He doesn't seem...
  • Chelle34


    Good morning I am new to the group but I am looking forward to all the support through my new Journey. I'm 34 never been pregnant & as long as I can remember I have had irregular periods, this year I made up in my mind I would be seeing a infertility specialist. So far I have had blood work done last week & yesterday the HSG procedure(to check the fallopian tubes&uterus) it was normal but I can...
  • rcbaby

    Trying To Conceive

    Hi all! I'm new in this group. We got married last year. I'm 31 yrs old and my husband's age 47 yrs old. We are trying to have a baby for less than a year now. We visited an OB-Gyne doctor and she said that I should take prental vitamins only and my husband needs to have a sperm analysis. My husband didn't like the idea of the said test. So I'm worried but I'm up for the challenge. I'm starting...
  • ASAsister82

    Trying for baby #2!

    Hi everyone,Hi! I'm new here but was previously in the group a few years ago before getting pregnant with my son (baby#1), who is now 5 years old.I'm nearing my 35th birthday and trying for baby #2 even though I have weird cycles and don't always ovulate and have had a miscarriage before. So I need some extra good luck for my wish to come true. I had a Mirena IUD removed on 2/2/17 and have not...
  • Hi everyone!I am new to this blog, and this is my first post. DH and I are excitedly awaiting our FET on March 3rd, which is (eeeeek) less than 2 weeks away now. It has been such a long journey to get to this point, and we have 4 little embies (PGD tested) that are awaiting implantation. My RE said she was only comfortable implanting 1 at a time due to the much higher success rate chances of the...
  • Moerell18

    New my story

    Hello im new to this but after a year and half of trying to conceive and dealing with infertility. I have a had a ivf cycle last year and got pregnant but miscarried so now im hear trying natural again. Im having a hard time trying for a second child and right now i dont know what else to turn too. Im just looking for support with trying to keep trying because i am slowing giving up. I have a 9...
  • sammie805

    Trying to conceive but first...

    Hi everyone! I am new to this group. But I am looking forward to it! I never got a regular cycle as a teen...and when I was 16 I started the pill. This obviously gave me a "regular" cycle. I recently stopped the pill (about 5 months ago). I gave my body 3 months before going to the doctor for lab work. My lab work indicated high prolactin levels (in the 90's) and an off ratio of my LH and FSH....
  • ckb_rose369

    TTC and working

    Hi! I'm TTC 2 yrs on clomid we just got to the point where we are going to the RE for mor invasive routes. It seems that keeping a job is going to be hard. I only work part time but the appointments happen so often and only on certain cycle days it seems that my appointments only fall on the few days I work.. I can tell my boss is getting kinda of irritated about it. My question to you is do you...
  • sammie805

    This is so hard!

    Hi again everyone...I am just at the beginning of my journey to conceive. Thought I would ask you all a couple questions I have...first, for those of you with absent/irregular periods, how do you time when you are going to have intercourse? Since we dont know when I am ovulating, how are we supposed to know when to baby dance? What do you guys do for this? I know the doctors like to hear that you...
  • Mrs.Newton2012

    Pregnancy with endometriosis...

    How can I tell if it's pregnancy or endometriosis?How do pregnancy symptoms with endometriosis differ from pregnancy symptoms without endometriosis? Also, I had a laparoscopy done last month on the 17th.. am I still going to have a lot of the same symptoms? Or are these symptoms all supposed to be gone? The reason I'm asking is be I'm cramping like crazy and it's 4 days until my period is...
  • sammie805


    Hi everyone, Those of you with absent/irregular periods due to PCOS, or another conditon, have any of you tried taking the herb called Vitex, AKA chaste berry? I have heard a lot of good things about it and how it can help regulate your cycle. Let me know if you guys have tried it and if it worked!
  • AFW

    Sad and frustrated

    hi, I am new to this forum. My husband and I have been ttc for 10 cycles now. We went for testing. He had sperm analysis done and I had blood work and transvaginal sonogram. All came back normal. We have been tracking ovulation since the beginning and have been doing everything as we should (after a LOT of reading). I just finished my first round on clomid and I am so disappointed, I am due for...
  • neeshia86

    Feeling alone

    My husband and I have also been trying to conceive for over a year now with no success. We are at the point where we are about to be tested. It's a scary thing really. A part of me wants to know if anything is wrong but at the same time I'm afraid. I have only told one of my friends that we are trying and struggling but she doesn't really understand since she already has a child of her own. I...
  • Trying_Daddy


    Me and my wife are tring to start a family. we have had a few brief exciting moments where we thought we were but it is always end. The last time when went two weeks without a period and then one day i get call. It was my wife she was hurting extremly bad and she bleed alot. I wont say it........ Last night we had a frind call and say they are pregnant and werent sure if they were ready. She...