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You only have one set of teeth for life, so take good care of them. This is the place to discuss oral and dental care, good practices, dental office experiences, and general thoughts around those pearly whites.

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  • deleted_user

    Caracked teeth (molars)

    I got a dental mirror and looked over my teeth and every molar is cracked vertically from one side to the other. There is no hot/cold sensitivity or pain. I am 33 years old and dont know why every molar would be cracked like this, only think I can think of is clenching my jaw from stress. Does anyone know if I will lose all my molars?
  • rahulsharma2

    10 Year Old Is Grinding Teeth

    Hey friends! My son is 10 years old and has developed the habit of teeth grinding from past 6 months. Can this cause any major health effect? Is teeth grinding usual in children or is it some sort of stress? What should I do? Please Help...
  • Dawter

    Anyone have tenosynovitis too?

    I am wondering if there is a relationship between bruxism and tenosynovitis in my hands? I read on one website there could be but wanted to see if anyone here had both conditions.
  • deleted_user

    external brace

    was up researching on night while sitting up late with pain and ran across a external brace. I dont tolerate mouth guards or splints at all. Has anyone tried one of these? the one i found was designed and distrubuted by a company called TempOrthotics. If you havent' heard of it look it up and let me know what you think.
  • I joined this group to share what has worked for me!! I already posted a reply to someone but wanted to share this with everyone.I am just so happy over what I have found works for me that I searched for a group I could join so I could share my success. It was hard for me too because I am not very good on the computer but it's very important to me that people know what might be the cause for...
  • violetwallflower532

    Tooth grinder

    I just realized I grind my teeth. What can I do? I am fine with a retainer at night. But I grind them during the day and my jaw pops a lot. What can I do?
  • deleted_user

    Bone Grafting

    One of my distant relative is going to have Bone Grafting as recommended by her dentist in Zajacdental at Oakville .Why bone grafting is done?Is there any alternatives for this?I was just curious to know more about it.Is this a complex surgery?
  • deleted_user

    Clinching my teeth

    I was wondering if clinching teeth is similar to grinding your teeth. I am constantly clinching my teeth together so hard that my head and jaw will start to hurt. I do it ALL the time!! I catch myself holding my breath at the same time I am clinching my teeth. I have to actively pay attention to how I am holding my mouth to keep from clinching it so bad that I give myself a horrible headache!!!...
  • Hi there,I am new to this forum but not to Grindcare- a device worn at night that records and then provides feedback when you clench you teeth ,causing the jaw to relax and reduce the symptoms/amount of clenching.It has helped me massively over the 3 years but I have found peoples experiences are quite personal and there are certain hint and tips that some people hae found that make grindcare...
  • And my face hurting. can't seem to keep my mouth guard in.. anyone with similar problems????
  • I didn't think much of grinding my teeth ever, I feel like I have been doing it as long as I remember. Lately though I realize that it really is a problem that I need to do something about. I grind my teeth while going to bed (not sure if I do it in my sleep), I grind my teeth along to the tunes of songs I listen to, I grind them REALLY bad whenever I am really upset, Or I just grind them, just...
  • I have disc problems in my neck due to a car accident and scoliosis. I have noticed when I do something that creates problems for my neck, jaw pain soon follows. I don't know if I clench more when in pain or if it is the different posture or something else entirely but it is really annoying. I have home traction for my neck and exercises that help. Just wish I didn't add on the jaw joint pain. ...
  • I am a teeth grinder and a dentist for over 14 years. I have worked with hundreds of teeth grinder over the years. I developed skinny shims with my lab technician and I believe it can help you too like it helped me and my patients. If you are having pain and have not found a solution for your teeth grinding please go to my site and read our testimonials. I hope you can find...
  • deleted_user

    I Also Chew On The

    insides of my cheeks..both awake and while sleeping....also i chew my tongue...anyone else?
  • deleted_user

    I ground down my fillings

    I grind my teeth day and night. I am in constant teeth pain, and so far mouthgaurds do not help me at all. But recently I had ground down fillings, and had to have them replaced, and I'm just worried I will continue to keep this bad habit up. Anyone else have these problems?