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Aging is an important part of all human societies reflecting the biological changes that occur, but also reflecting cultural and societal conventions. There is often considerable social pressure in many societies to sustain denial of the aging process. Join this community to discuss general issues with aging and senior health.

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  • urbanmusicgal

    Single Seniorhood

    This topic of discussion is for seniors who are single either by circumstance or by choice. The purpose is to provide communication and support for senior issues such as loneliness, depression, feeling isolated, financial and other issues related to the state of being a senior, and being single. It is also a place to communicate the positive side of being single such as how to enjoy freedom, gain...
  • mega54

    Have some fun!

         This Spring, I was put on a schedule at work that allowed me to go to a Senior center here. Then the schedule changed. However, my husband and I kept going when ever time allowed. It has taken a bit, but I am comfortable there now. We have made friends and have a good time.     I was reluctant to go at first. It was for "Old People," afterall. Also. this being El Paso, most people...
  • Julia1953

    New to this group

    Hi,I am 62, and lately I have noticed that people, even my doctor I've gone to for 30 years, seem to be expecting me to drop dead at any moment. I was feeling fine until I retired and started getting social security, and I started getting all sorts of mail from insurance companies, AARP, etc reminding me of my responsibility to "take care of my affairs" to "ease the burden on my family". I have...
  • anewday

    Hi, I'm new, too

    I've just joined up with several of the groups on dailystrength this evening. I started looking for some kind of support for women who discover late in life that many of their problems throughout are probably related to having always had Asperger's Syndrome (actually, now just considered a "mild" or even the mildest version of Autism on what they refer to as the "Autism Spectrum".) I guess mine...
  • mega54

    Age Brings Unexpected Change

    Has anybody else noted that they are loosing some of their scars? I have lost one that I have had for over 50 years. Another one is very much less pronounced. One that  I got in 2004 is also getting smaller and harder to see. Normally in the summer, I get darker skin and my scars are more visible, but not this year.
  • Hi. I was walking around the sites.....stopped on your post....I hope you're still here!
  • mega54

    Is anybody here any more?

    To post now, you must join the group. Things change. I think all of the Posts here are old. So I say, is anybody here?
  • franciann2016

    Happy Iced Tea Day

  • middleman101

    Happy guy...But

    Well here I am happy for the first time in my life and not knowing what to do next? Between being sexually abused as a child and being raised by an excessivly narcissistic parent, both led to me being excessively anxious and nervous 24/7 pretty much and ended up in a seemingly wasted life. Now all is well....everybody forgiven  and my anxiety more manageable. So I'm happy. But now, how do I make...
  • franciann2016

    just a thought...

    "The questions you would be asking yourself on your deathbed are the very same questions you should be asking yourself right now."
  • franciann2016

    a funny comment

    I could be a morning person... IF morning came at Noon!Are you an early, or later-later on person?Not I! I used to get up before the Sun....not any longer!
  • mega54

    Aging Buddies Exercise

    This thread is intended to be a place where anybody can post about exercise. I have started a walking program and am making progress with it. I want to start doing some strengthening exercises soon. These will be harder for me since I do not like sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges. If you see a post that makes you think that the author might be somebody you could help and/or be helped by, send them a...
  • mega54

    Aging buddies diet.

    Many were enthusiastic about "Health and aging buddies." Member started groups tend to fizzle, it seems to me, So I thought I would start some threads that would help us get this idea going. This thread is to discuss diet. If you read something that makes you think you could be a good buddy for somebody, send them a message and decide how you want to help each other.____________________________...
  • nancyjac

    Senior Health and Aging Buddies

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am looking for some folks that would like to be on line buddies with each other in regards to regain/maintain health as we get older. I have been reading some of the Drs. Rozen and Oz books and they recommend having a buddy to provide and receive support for making lifestyle changes to improve your health and slow aging.Any body else want to...
  • regwin

    Losing a pound a week

    Hi all, Just want to share something that is working for me. I need to lose between 10-15 lbs. I decided to try cutting out daily sweets and chips. They were the two things that I seemed to have to have and even with exercising the pounds were not moving. Now it has been three weeks and I discovered I'm losing a pound a week. I was at the Dr's last week and was surprised to see I'd lost...