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Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) may be described as uncontrollable urges to move the limbs in order to stop uncomfortable, painful or odd sensations in the body, most commonly in the legs. Often sufferers think they are the only ones to be afflicted by this peculiar condition and are relieved when they find out that many others also suffer from it.

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  • frogette

    new here and having a rough time

    Hi everyone sorry you are suffering with this problem.  I am trying to find answaers.  I did come off morphine about 2 months ago and the last couple weeks the rls showed up.  I have just started taking Pramipexole but too soon to tell if it will work.  This sure takes every bit of strenghth a person can come up with.
  • GogirlGo

    Anyone still here?

    Last night took my 1st klonopin tablet and finally slept with no RLS the entire night. I've been reading many sites on RLS and the medications diets and herbal.  All good info as we suffer horribly. When a person hasn't slept but 2 hours a night for weeks, things get horrible.  Hoping this feed site still active. 
  • JustCallMeJay

    Nicotinamide Riboside Cured my RLS

    I'm 53, male, and 20+ years of restless legs ended suddenly when I started taking Elysium Basis for a different reason.  I have been RLS-free for three months now.  There are no studies looking into whether increasing NAD+ levels via NR supplementation will relieve RLS, but if others have similar experiences, then hopefully some studies will follow.  I wrote my whole story here, which...
  • StarDust30


         Hello, I am just a kid but I have had RLS my entire life. When I was younger my parents did not know what I had and took me to all these specialists. They just told me I would grow out of it, but here I am 10 years later and I still have it. Now I actually know what I have so everything makes sense but does anyone know a way to help it?
  • nickdhprr

    Treatment Option

    What actual foods stop Restless Legs Syndrome?
  • mwhitney83

    How to stop RLS

    Recently, my boyfriend has kicked his heroin addiction, but he gets RLS about 2 weeks after, and it continues for several weeks later. Is there anything that he can do to keep this at bay or anything that will help? Thank you.
  • Ryasch216890


    I just got out of the hospital 5 days ago and the night before I left I had this terrible urge to move my legs, as I got home it just got worse and the only thing that helped is oxycodone, my mom really hates giving that to me and I really want another way to get relief 
  • Smileydi45

    Too MUCH Iron?

    Could the opposite to iron deficiency also cause this miserable condition? I have way too much iron in my blood, following a recent blood test, and they say it should be about 70-80 but mine reads 1300. I'm just wondering. Any advice?
  • jeanette474

    New to this board

    Hi Everyone. Last year i suffered from an ulcer that would not heal. Found I had a blocked artery in my leg. They did a bypass and now I have circulation in that leg. During that time I was on Tramadol and Vioden. I stopped the Tramadol cold turkey. It was then I stated to have RLS.stopping the opiates for the pain. It went away but came back when I went back to work at Goodwill and have...
  • jimgreg


    does this help? got it yesterday. Did take worked there any side effects from it.. I was on tramadol not much help.
  • havhope

    holes in new sheets!

    My rheumatologist told me she thinks I have restless leg syndrome but I didn't worry about it much as I have been dealing with so many other medical problems and it was just one more. Lately my legs have been so much more sore when I wake up and I noticed today that I have rubbed a hole in my new expensive sheets! The area that looks worn away is right where my feet would be in the bed. The funny...
  • JendelieO


    Just want to share my experience. RLS is on both sides of my family and I have suffered with it on and off for most of my adult life. I was prescribed Gabapentin and it worked like a miracle. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, I began developing depression which was a side effect, so I ended up stopping it. But I wanted to let others know how well it worked for my RLS. Not everyone will have...
  • vickifischer


    Has anyone tried resteril for rls? I did and it make them so much worse.
  • aussiegal57


    Hi, I have had RLS in a bad way as in RBS (whole body) :(After dealing with it for 30 yrs I find that many things can help. I don't know if I am able to state actual medications her but will say muscle relaxants do help as well as if not asleep within a certain time I get up have a drink and a snack and that does seem to help. Good luck everyone as we are all different :)
  • havhope

    new bed helps

    I have to share this as I know of others here that suffer restless legs and other aches and pains throughout the day and also at night. The night is the worst because it keeps me up or wakes me up. So I just got a brand new bed delivered and slept like a baby last night! I am in love with my new bed. It will be costing me two thousand dollars but I don't have to pay for 18 months. This bed has...