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Plastic surgery is a general term for operative manual and instrumental treatment which is performed for functional or aesthetic reasons. Common reconstructive surgeries are: breast reconstruction for women who have had a mastectomy, cleft lip and palate surgery, contracture surgery for burn survivors, and closing skin and mucosa defects after removal of tumors in the head and neck region.

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  • kat2017

    does plastic surgery increase self esteem?

    Hi does anyone know if plastic surgery is done correct, it will help one's self esteem and confidence?  I'm a women who is very ugly.  I have no nose bridge, which makes it difficult to find the right glasses, my eyes are hooded without crease which causing my eye lashses to grow inwards. Over all my face is so flat and wired and I have acne scars all over.  I've been bullied when I was a...
  • jojostrong1

    Plastic Surgery Survivor

    Hello, My name is Jo Ann and here is my ongoing story.In October of 2015 I had gone to Mexico to have what the doctor told me was an amazing procedure called Fat Transfer to my breast and abdominplasty, and removal of a fat tissue under my right arm.This procedure was to remove fat from my entire back and to be put directly bilateral breast. This surgery was five hours long and with an overnight...
  • THIS NEW TV SERIES WANTS TO HELP YOU!The producers of “Lindsay,” “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” and “Recovery Road” are looking for people who were misled or harmed by a practitioner who was either untrained, unlicensed or used illegal material for your plastic/cosmetic surgery.On this new show, you will be able to share your story, receive the services of a respected plastic surgeon to...
  • ristaystrong2

    Breast Reduction

    So I haven't had it yet but I joined the group because i'm pretty sure i'm going to be getting one right now i'm on the point of schedulng an appointment with a Plastic surgeon to talk about it.  What Should I expect for the before and after? 
  • deleted_user

    plastic surgery after weight loss

    I am thinking about plastic surgery and was would like to know if anyone had plastic surgery after losing a lot of weight. What did you have done? How was recovery?
  • JennsJo

    A profile

    My bf and I have been saying four months. He's pretty grumpy and grouchy I've noticed but I've let that go because i love him. His coworker saw an old profile I had on a dating site. It wasn't active yet I guess I never deleted it completely. So one morning I get a text from bf saying "what's a good Time to exchange our stuff." He said his coworker saw the profile and he's coming to get his house...
  • How long after the rhinoplasty surgery can I travel? I have scheduled an appointment with the surgeon in Rhinoplasty Centre, Toronto ( ) for next week. I have a pig-like nose and everyone is making fun of me. So I thought of getting it corrected. I had made a clear plan about my surgery and it's recovery period. Recently one of my best...
  • princessmd

    Mommy Makeover

    I am having a Mommy Make over done in June. This will include a Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants (silicone gel behind my muscle - 32 or 34 DD) and having a umbilical hernia removed. I have carried 5 children - of those 2 were ER C-sections, recently lost 25 lbs and just turned 40. I'm now 120 lbs at 5'3. Lets just say my body is not like it "should" be..I have a lot of loose skin around my belly that...
  • Hi there,Im 20 years old and Im planning to get breast lift surgery from Cosmedical Rejuvenation clinic in Toronto ( ). I have scheduled an appointment for next week and Im eagerly waiting for my initial consultation. Recently I have reduced nearly 30 lbs which resulted in saggy boobs. I have a good body now and I want to...
  • bmega442

    Implants and Mammograms

    I am being pushed to have a mammogram by my dr even though I have implants. She says they are more careful when that is the case. I am totally against this. I believe either an MRI, which my boob dr recommended, or a Thermography is what I should be doing... thoughts on this ......
  • calirn13

    Medication prior to procedure

    Has anyone's surgeon given them bromeline and arnica prior to surgery?
  • princessmd

    Lasik eye correction

    I just turned 40 and I will be getting Lasik done on May 30th. My doctor said it will only take 2 days (at most) for me to recover from this and resume my daily activities as usual. i would like to hear from others who have had this done and how their experience was.
  • Sunshine66


    Hello, When I was younger a few people I knew were shallow and get nose jobs and tit jobs, I am not that attractive but my insides are what matters, my tits are too big, my waist is too small these days, but why? IS it an addiction?Why?
  • deleted_user

    tummy tuck and breast augmentation

    After 2 kids i decided i want a tt and ba. Can anyone tell me how there recovery went? I been to one consultation in another state and am going to another one in my small city to compare prices i am going to get financing but have no credit i just paid a 2500 title loan off but i dont think it will show on my credit so im hoping i will still get approved. Im not that big. Ive always weighed 105...
  • janedoe40

    Nasal collapse after rhinoplasty, anyone?

    Hello. This is my first post on this board, I see it doesn't get much activity but what the hey.I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with their nostrils collapsing (closing) as you breathe in, due rhinoplasty? I believe this is called nasal collapse, and is quite common. I was wondering what impact it made to your appearance if any.Thanks.