Parents of Prostitutes Community Group

A support group for parents, loved ones of prostitutes. I have not found another group out there and there must be people in the same situation to share their thoughts.

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  • momofborderline

    My Worst Fears Are True

    These stories sound all too similar to my 19 year old daughter. She could have had or done anything in this world. We provided for her and taught her the best we could. We placed her in a program for addictions, which sadly did more harm than good. She left and won't accept the housing we are trying to pay for but moved in with a friend she met in recovery. I leaned yesterday from one of her...
  • lissieleeliloolersmom

    I believe my daughter is prostituting

    I don't even know where to begin. I'm not even sure how long it's been going on. My daughter is 19, and an addict, who I'm pretty confident is involved in prostitution. She moved home after a relationship went bad, and fell apart further from there. She started by staying out every night, not checking in anymore or being accountable for anything in any way. Her GPS, phone and text records weren't...
  • Ruby52

    My daughter is a prostitute.

    My daughter was initially pulled into prostitution slowly by meeting other girls involved in it at raves in Atlanta.  Now she is fully aware of what she is doing 2 years later, but won't stop because the money is better than any other legal work alternative.  She is bipolar and also addicted to just about any drugs that come along...she primarily smokes weed to keep her anxiety down but won't...
  • Busylikeus

    Why does she choose this too easily.

    As of today. I've learned my daughter is a prostitute.  Going back 5 years now she's been doing this since she was 20. A tall beautiful  girl can be anything she wants.  Tho is girl is my daughter. Who has no motivation  to get a 9 to 5 job.For the past 5 years she's told me about these good jobs she's has. She's not into designer clothes or the high life of living.Simply a few nights a...
  • deleted_user

    Prayer what else can we do ?

    I am a bit disappointed there must be many people in this situation. My wife is bi-polar and when in a manic state she turns to prostitution and cuts everyone off from any contact with her, no reasoning whatsoever we recently joined a family group support from NAMI I highly recommend it.
  • deleted_user

    My daughter is a prostitute

    On June 28th, 2011 I found out my daughter is a prostitute. She met a guy in the fall of 2010 that fit the stereotypical pimp persona. I cautiously gave her the benefit of the doubt, and even tried to embrace this idiot, but later learned that she had cried out to close friends that this person was trying to get her into prostitution. He succeeded! She is one of four daughters. She had a solid...