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Dyspareunia is painful sexual intercourse, due to medical or psychological causes. The term is used almost exclusively in women, although the problem may occur in men. The causes are often reversible, even when long-standing, but self-perpetuating pain is a factor after the original cause has been removed.

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  • Hello there! I am a graduate psychology student at the University of New Brunswick (Saint John), and I am currently conducting a study that is looking at self-treatment in difficult times, close relationships, and female sexual pain. The goal of this study is to improve our understanding of sexual pain disorders, and help contribute to the identification of treatment approaches for these...
  • Brandy

    Pain for a little over a year

    Hi, I'm 22 and the pain I have during intercourse has cause a dramatic decrease in our sex life.We try and try and it's so painful I just can't and I feel horrible.I'm seeing the gyno in 2 weels.My primary doc just told me to use lube but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.I am new to this and honestly didn't know so many women had trouble with it.Any advice?
  • Simone4207

    Painful intercourse

    Hello I'm 18, and my boyfriend and I have sex about twice now in the woman on top position. I felt no pain other than the first time my virginity was gone. But one day as i tried to get on top I experienced this sharp pain when the tip was in. Ive never felt that kind of pain before and I'm worried. There was no an issue with lubrication. When we switched postions to where he was on top that...
  • smileshideit

    Wedding night disaster..

    Hello. I'm extremely new to this type of issue and from what I've learned from studying any and all reasons for painful intercourse and the symptoms, I believe I have vaginismus. I waited till marriage to have sex and I just got married to my best friend three weeks ago. He was my best friend and then we dated for two years, were engaged for a year and now happily married but fall short of a sex...
  • adelphyia

    What is this?

    I'm new here, so hello!I was 17 when I lost my virginity, to my now ex-boyfriend, who also was very inexperienced, and it was pretty painful (which I had expected the first time) and we had sex a good handful of times after that and it was okay I guess, I didn't really get much out of it. But then it started to become painful again, even when I told him so and he tried to be as gentle as he could...
  • danniegirl1990

    So sick of it

    I've suffered with pain during sex since I started having sex 11 years ago (14 years old) The first time wasn't my choice. Then I had a long term bf which it was painful with, then I was raped again at 15.. Then a second long term bf which again, was painful, then with my third bf who is now my husband. I had a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis when I was 20 (now 25) which I didn't have but...
  • sarah2220

    Has anyone tried this?

    I discovered this online not long ago--- tells of a certain kind of aloe vera that really works.Also, I have a doctor friend that says that using dilators for a while before attempting intercourse might be beneficial.Has anyone tried these things with any degree of success?
  • lolly22

    Don't know what to do or think

    When I try to have vaginal intercourse, it hurts terribly.I remember I used to enjoy it.Now it seems like my vagina just doesn't open up--it isn't dry, it still gets wet as thoroughly as always. Lube doesn't help.It just seems like it's closed off and if something goes in there, it has to be forced. It just closes up around it and I can feel it going over a bump and it feels like it's tearing my...
  • sickmachine

    painful intercourse & IC

    I'm almost 21 years old and was diagnosed with IC almost three years ago. At first, things were very difficult, but in time my sadness generally dissipated and I had grown very accustom to trying my hardest to "tough it out" while feeling any pain, which is worse some days than it is others. I've tried an extensive list of things to ease the pain including the IC diet (three months without any...
  • rsusselj18

    new member: dysparenunia, large penis

    Hi! I am new here. I was widowed 6 years ago and have not been sexually active since. Prior to my marriage and during my marriage I was very sexually active. Partners before marriage varied, as did their penis size. I never had any problems and always enjoyed an active and healthy sex life. My late husbands size was on the smaller end of the scale, but it never bothered me (or him) and we...
  • sickmachine

    sexual dysnfunction

    I'm 19 years old and have been suffering from sexual dysfunction for the past two years. This has been extremely difficult given my age, and trying to maintain a healthy relationship on top of this has been both extremely tough and burdensome. I discovered that I was having this problem once my boyfriend and I tried to become sexually active two years ago. Prior to that, I hadn't been sexually...
  • Female participants needed for an online questionnaire study on womens health and genital pain. The purpose of this study is to develop a questionnaire (the Vulvar Pain Assessment Questionnaire) that will help health care professionals assess symptoms of chronic vulvar pain. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, be able to read and write in English and currently experience genital pain....
  • deleted_user

    Aged 22, pain during sex and no answers

    Hi everyone, I'm 22 years with a long term partner of 4 years. I will start from the beginning:Aged 18 I had my first boyfriend, both virgins we lost our virginity together, as sex was new it hurt. After 6 months that relationship ended and a few months later I met my partner who I'm with now. At first sex was brilliant, enjoyable. I was on the pill and we used condoms. After asking him whether...
  • I had sex for the first time two months ago at the age 21. Everything was fine until about a week ago we had sex and it was a little sore, but I thought I was just getting sore and irritated from sex, and I didn't think much of it. Then it kept hurting and the area stung a little when i went to the restroom (only when it touched the outer part of my skin) and it began to itch. I thought maybe I...
  • deleted_user

    Pain during Sex

    I am new to this group so i am very..well...skeptical about this but i will do the best i can. When my boyfriend and i have sex the right wall of my vagina hurts like its tearing or the penis is rubbing against a sore of some sort. I have checked myself and there is no sore and there is nothing noticeable of any sort. I even had my boyfriend check to be sure. He believes it to be a muscle problem...