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This community is dedicated to those of us struggling with obesity. Obesity is thought to be a significant risk factor in certain health conditions, leading to increased mortality. Find the support you need by sharing your story, asking questions, and learning from others on how they have coped.

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  • Kir

    Thanksgiving is coming...

    I know Thanksgiving can be a hard time for anyone with food issues, trust me I know. I was a binge eater for like 10 years. So much stress and anxiety about eating can take away from what should be a day of joy and connection with friends and family. I wrote a blog post about how to mentally prepare for the day and hopefully you find some or all of it helpful. Here's the link if you want to...
  • NiaBerry

    BBW Romance

    I tried my hand at writing BBW romance for a while. I just thought you all would get a kick out this preview of my first book. From Chapter One Kenya Marcus stood in front of her bedroom mirror looking at herself one last time as she settled on an outfit to wear to work. She was not happy with her appearance, but what could she do? It wasnt the black dress pants or...
  • Operagirl91

    It starts now!

    Hello everyone!I am new to this site as of today, but am hopeful that this well help me on my journey to becoming healthier (and thinner)! I am 25 years old and am just starting my life as a professional opera singer. I am so happy when I sing and many professionals can recognize my talent, but more than ever, my weight is the number one topic. I am scared that it holds me back from being hired...
  • Hello everyone! I am a Certified Health Coach and I have a deep desire to help all those looking to fill good with their bodies! I would love to chat more with you all to see how my programs and certifications could benefit you and help you live the healthy life you've always dreamed of! Please feel free to message me, I'd love to hear from you! :)
  • sapphireorchid

    New Strategy

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this website and support groups altogether. I'm 31, 5'9", currently 320lb and have been overweight/obese my whole life. I've tried numerous times to lose weight. I am usually sucessful up to a point, losing between 40-100lb, then hit a plateau and give up, then gain all the weight back plus some. I've been on my current weight loss attempt for about a month and have...
  • fitfearless1

    I can help you!

    I know how exhausting it can be to feel like you aren't making any progress in your fitness journey. This is something i've struggled with for SO many years. I found that it's important to challenge yourself by trying something new! If anyone is looking for some help, or feels exhausted from trying everything possible PLEASE don't hesitate to send me a message! I enjoy helping others reach their...
  • dsb188

    Helpful Tips From Anyone

    I am struggling to lose weight. I tried low carb for about 8 months and lost about 75 pounds and ended up gaining all the weight plus more. Alot more. Does anyone have any tips for making small changes. I've been trying to drink all water and no artificial sweeteners but I feel like trying to curb my apetite is not working because i eat when I am bored, happy, sad you name it. Just looking for...
  • Dear weight loss buddies, I think that we should measure our progress weekly, so that we know exactly the direction we are heading towards.And we can measure our success too.Let's start buddiesMy starting weight 11 september Sunday morning empty stomach182.3 lbs (82.8 kgs)Now I will post each sunday my weight, I intend to lose at least half to one lbs (or more ) each weekOn 20 November 2016...
  • rhautm

    Intermittent fasting for weight loss

    I am seriously thinking of trying IF for weight loss, there are 6 types of IF, has anyone tried any one method of IF.Plz post your story with IF, how did u find ur experience with it.It will help a lot, thank u.
  • LiliannB

    September Daily Fitness At Home

    Did one load of laundry....clean dishes....Walking around the kitchen after 2 songs....
  • LiliannB

    September Daily Weigh Ins

    This thread for those who weigh in daily,each morning...Sw... 450Saturday.... gained 2 Lbs, oh well...it won,t be long though!!!
  • Fasting can not do...instead keeping track with  Calories,self Monitoring ....no set calories, bite it write it!! Using my hunger. I will do this..Monday calories... 4,000
  • Charm


    Hi to all. New on this site. Feeling hopeless in my journey of weight loss.  Sure plenty will be able to relate, but I just feel like I am going the wrong way, no, I know that I am going the wrong way! Thinking a support group will get me back on track and feeling that I can do this. Hope to hear from anyone please. 
  • kskilling

    Medicare and Weight Loss Surgery

    I had a gastric bypass surgery in 1991. Unfortunately it was not successful. My doctor and a surgeon at the University of Chicago Medical Center are recommending that I have Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch surgery. However, I am being told that Medicare will not pay for the surgery. Is there anyway to petition Medicare to pay for it or appeal the issue before the surgery?
  • LiliannB

    My Fitness Pal

     If anyone is a member to my fitness pal, can add me as a net support buddy. I track my fitness efforts only. Cardio.Add me and let's loose weight!!! Mfp, L4Liliann 12