Non-hodgkin's Lymphoma Support Group

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a type of cancer arising from lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells. It is so called because of its distinction from Hodgkin's disease, a particular subtype of lymphoma. It is in fact an overarching term of many different forms of lymphoma, each with individual characteristics. Most cases start with infiltration of lymph nodes, but specific subtypes may be restricted to the lymphatic organs.

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  • madzeejoyxx

    Terrified and not getting answers!

    In 2008 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 2 B cell and I went through treatment and luckily got through it and now In 2017 I have a lump in the same place that my last large lump was and its giving me all the same symptoms.Enlarged lymph nodesFeverSweating and chillsNight sweatsWeight lossFatigue (extreme tiredness)Swollen abdomen (belly)Feeling full after only a small amount of...
  • christine8356


    hi my mum has lymthatic cancer she has just went threw her second round of chemo,she is taking anxiety attacks is this common ?????
  • imnmle2

    New here and new to this...

    Hi... I was just looking for support groups and came across this site. I was just diagnosed with NHL specifically Folicular Lymphoma (Large B-Cell type) and I guess it would just be nice to talk to people who have been through this. I'm 28 F and I'm a new mom, my life has changed drastically in the last two years and now this diagnosis has really gotten me down...I had a CT scan done last week...
  • Lynnie

    My son has Follicular Lymphoma

    My 33 year old son was diagnosed in April of 2016 with Foolicular lymphoma at the age of 32. He  felt some lumps in his groin area. He had a bone marrow and that came out good and a Petscan and it was localized. Had 4 weeks of radiation. He had another Petscan in September and the Petscan showed activity in his rectum. He had to have a colonoscopy and that came out perfect. Blood work came out...
  • deleted_user

    given up

    I have a 23 year old daughter that has been diagnosed with third stage NHL.... she has given up hope. She is in chemo and radiation, and they have given her a year to live. I believe she hasn't searched every avenue available to her in treatment. She will not discuss her illness with anyone, and has basically shut her family out.I live in FL, she lives in NH. I have given her suggestions and...
  • biglon

    Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia NHL

    In addition to a few other inconvenient medical conditions I was diagnosed in 2007 with Waldenstrom's.I know there is a support group on line for this condition but was curious if anyone hear had it.
  • deleted_user

    Newly diagnosed..Looking for..not sure.?

    I was diagnosed with NHL Thursday and I guess I am still in a state of..uh..hmmm..not sure what to call it. I have faith in my Lord Jesus..but no matter what its a stunner..I really haven't found out much..NHL, treatable, with a chance of cure. Since I have been reading I am understanding the papers of the pathologist. Not understanding but you know. On the comment section it says, "The biopsy...
  • patriciadorf

    how to get integrated care.

    I have experienced high blood pressure during and after rituxin. I had to go to my regular doctor for treatment. I fell like my care is fragmented and that I am on my own managing my care. Is there a place where cancer care is more complete? Is my cancer center unusual?
  • cljjlk

    Effects of R-Chop

    I got my initial biopsy report last week and saw the Oncologist for the first time this week. The diagnosis is Large B-Cell lymphoma, although, I don't know the stage. It was found by a small lymph node that showed up with a PET scan. My Oncologist did a bone marrow biopsy yesterday and I will get the results Aug. 1st. of that plus scans I'm having today plus numerous blood work. Right now...
  • deleted_user

    2nd opinion on relapsed NHL-DLBCL

    Im suffering for NHL DLBCL.Ive received R-CHOP Chemo treatments 8 nos. -21 days cycle last year March to August 2013.The October 2013 PET scan declared me clean.My Follow-up PET Scan on 8th May revealed some new regions & some residual disease.My Medical Oncologist asked me to wait and WatchLater during start of June, I toppled while walking and my right knee got a bit twisted. There was no...
  • lyndsea


    Hello everyone! can you please pray for my uncle Rob. Right now he is having a VERY difficult time fighting lymphoma. ALL prayers are appreciated!! Thank you xx
  • deleted_user

    diagnosis without biopsy

    Hello,I got a phone call from my hematologist/oncologist's secretary telling me that I have lymphoma based on my blood test and flow cytology. She said it's a wait and watch situation and not to worry. I thought the only way to get a definitive diagnosis of lymphoma is through a biopsy. I told her that and she said that was not true. My ENT told me the opposite. I'm confused and not sure...
  • narose

    B-Cell Lymp - 88 yr -starts treatment tomorrow

    Hello, My mom was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma of the Orbits (eye area). They say it has a 95% cure rate with Rituxan; however, I am reading some far from pleasant side effects on people who are much younger than her. She is 114 lbs and frail compared to the 50 something year olds I read who took this. I also read to ask the doc to give her 1st treatment in 2 separate days..I asked..he said...
  • AngelBabe1986

    Done with treatment!

    Been a while since I have been on. Have been really busy with everything since my diagnosis of non-hodgkins lymphona. I completed my R-CHOP treatments on June 9! It all went really well for the most part. I did just get out of the hospital due to low counts. The whole stay was minor and I was happy I got through all the other ones without having this problem. A few days of antibiotics and I'm...
  • mathy

    Please, I need your input...

    Hi,My beloved brother has a lymphoma. He is a very strong person; hes 46, he has two beautiful kids and a passionate wife. We dont have a history of cancer in our family; he is the first, so I dont know how to help him. He is waiting for an oncology consultation to see how much time he will have to have chemotherapy. That worries me so much Is chemotherapy so hard as I read on the internet? How...