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Myofascial Pain Syndrome (or MPS) is a term used to describe one of the conditions characterized by chronic pain. It is associated with and caused by "trigger points" (TrPs), sensitive and painful areas between the muscle and fascia. The symptoms can range from referred pain through myofascial trigger points to specific pains in other areas of the body. It may be related to a complex condition known as fibromyalgia.

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  • Claire1492

    Sugery? Anyone?

    To be blunt, I am done with this pain, as obviously, everyone is! I am 17 years old, and I was injured when I was 10 years old, and only less than a year ago I was diagnosed with Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I have been to countless doctors, have had dozens of treatments, some medication (trying to stay away from it as long as possible because of my age), and had to drop out of High school for a...
  • mises379

    Some pointers for MPS

    Hi everyone,I'm new to this site, but I see lots of folks suffering through MPS.  I've had some MPS symptoms for probably 20+ years, but it really only got intense in the last 5 years.  Since then, I've spent lots of time in trial and error and I think some of the things I've discovered might help some of you.  So here it goes.1. I use a Q-Flex to relieve immediate symptoms. I locate the...
  • beablemom

    new member wanting assistance in managing pain

    Hi, open to ideas from other's as to how to manage and diminish pain.  I have several problems:  fybromyalgia, spinal stinosis, etc. etc.  The one I am most interested in for now is the myofacial pain syndrome.  I have tightening around the bra line and it feels as if the back will spasm...Also I have pain in the trigger points near the wing....Feel free to ask me asy questions.  Just...
  • chimerical

    What causes flare ups?

    I want to tap into your collective wisdom. So I am having worse pain than I have ever had since I started addressing my trigger points. It is like I have a thousand of them all over my body screaming "me, me, I hurt too."Is it from getting treatment? Last Wednesday the doctor did a lot of work on my back, digging in to muscles there to try and straighten my spine a little where it takes this...
  • karinbendel

    myofascial pain

    Hello, I am looking for a myofascial pain pen pal, someone I can write to and hear back from, who has what I have and understands. It is very hard to be in the real world and try to describe what this condition is and how it feels. I have daily pain on the sides of my head and top of my head-cervical-, and, it often, flares. Despite this, I walk 8 miles a day and exercise so people, my friends,...
  • marcsinchan


    I have been a coffee lover for years. But since I got this MPS, I almost took it all away from my meals. Am I the only one or are there any other out there experiences pain attacks each time you consumed a cup of coffee?
  • bisja

    medical marijuana

    Hi all its been awhile since I posted. I am wondering if anyone here has tried medical marijuana? Minnesota will be allowing it for pain use this year I think in the Fall just wondering if anyone has tried this and if it has helped?
  • MyofascialPain

    100% better - My cure from MPS

    Hi everyone, It has been awhile since I posted anything. I hope everyone is having a nice summer so far. This is going to be long but PLEASE KEEP READING. I will start with the good news. I am pretty much 100% better. I haven't felt this good in over 3.5 years. It has been an extremely long and painful journey but now I can honestly say that I am doing great. Before I explain what finally...
  • Kare

    New member

    I am new to site, l guess looking to vent a little and find someone dealing with similar isssues.  I feel it will be beneficial to talk/exchange ideas with someone other than my family who I know don't really understand my daily struggles.  My journey started 2 years ago with a pinched nerve in my very low forward 2 years and I have been daily pain since.  Yes, as all the other...
  • Pumpkin31

    My own little world...

    I strongly dislike the new format for this site. I can't overstate that, but my need to verbally splurge has overtaken me so I thought I'd give it a go, general post-wise. Still can't do regular small's been weeks since mine was relevant but I can't find a way to change it. HeySo.......and 5 mins typing in and poof all my words vanished. Thought this was supposed to fix that??? Still...
  • I decided to post my story with the hope even one person can be helped - that would make it worth it.  In 1991, without any warning, I was sitting in a chair typing and couldn’t get up.  I literally couldn’t walk from the pain and had to crawl down the hallway.  Over a few days, I was able to stand up and walk and obtained a PT order from my family doctor.  The doctor didn’t really know...
  • HaveFaith123

    New to here & new to this pain!

    Hi all! So my first episode of this ungodly pain was feb 2016. I suffer in my left trap peck and scapula. bad days... (which is often and currently while I'm typing) - I just want to curl up and cry. (And sometimes I do) i went to a ortho and some PT appointments and they did nothing for me. I paid out of pocket for personal massage therapy and that seems to be the only thing that really makes me...
  • tiredgurl

    Jessie's threads for new ppl

    I went back and found some of the threads jessie was kind enough to post for new ppl, so that it will all be in one place. We seem to have quite a feww newbies:In my other thread, I listed vitamins and minerals that can be essential to people with MPS. Here are just some ways that people releive the muscle pain and stiffness without drugs but that can help you cope or feel better. . A hot Bath:...
  • deleted_user

    Overall best book to buy ?

    I am always researching new ways to help alleviate my pain, I have considered purchasing a nook book specific to myofascial pain, some are inexpensive, some are quite expensive.Anyone have opinion as to the best book to buy ? Almost all my pain is left Pec, and left sided Trap.Ty !
  • mohwerr

    I think what i have is called MYOFACIAL PAIN SYNDR

    Hi every one ,first of all i'm diagnosed as Irritable bowel syndrome 10 years ago , 1 year ago my symptoms exagerated with persistant lower abdominal pain on the left side with diarrhea ON/OFF , plus low back pain for the first time , all invistigation was done with negative results including colonoscopy ,exept for the MRI of my spine there was small bulge between the vertebra L5-S1 and my doctor...