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Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness and fatiguability. The hallmark of myasthenia gravis is muscle weakness that increases during periods of activity and improves after periods of rest. Although myasthenia gravis may affect any voluntary muscle, muscles that control eye and eyelid movement, facial expression, and swallowing are most frequently affected.

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  • migurl

    MG on Grey's Anatomy... who saw it?

    In the opening scene Meredith mentions doing a Thymectomy (partial sternotomy) on a Myasthenic patient.  It's not often that our little disease makes it into mainstream media.  It may have been brief but I was happy to hear someone on a national show talking about it.  Honestly, I was shocked when I heard it.  I wasn't sure that I heard it correctly so my husband backed up the show and sure...
  • Thanks, everyone for sharing. My current neuro thinks I may have MG due to my double vision and light sensitivity. I had my initial consult with him a few months ago and he basically said he thought the blood test would be negative at that point but to make another appointment if my double vision did not improve, or if other symptoms started. He seemed think I would be back. Otherwise he...
  • Love_is_kind

    Not so sure what to do.

    Hey! Since last night my chest has been feeling tight and heavy , it's not unbearable I feel I am breathing fine but it is noticeable and I can hear a LITTLE wheezing in my voice. Should I go to the hospital tonight or soon? Or is this a NORMAL mg symptom PLEASE RESPOND soon Thank you 

    Anyone from North Carolina ?

    Where is a good place to find a doctor in Raleigh,Durham that treats myasthenia ?
  • AbegailS

    Partial Sternotomy

    Good Evening Everyone! Saying "Hello"  from Toronto! Hope all is well with everyone and that these days will be easier on all of us!  I met with the Thoracic Surgeon today who advised me that a Partial Sternotomy would be the best recourse for my Thymoma and Myasthenia Gravis.  After reading the Patient Information to prepare me for the surgery and after reading some dialogue on Daily Strength...
  • Love_is_kind

    ..... question

    I woke up with pain behind my eyelids it hurts pretty bad, is this part of the mg? It's never happened before 
  • Hi group.  This is Steelplayer and I finally made the effort to join the new site. I had several posts on the old site. As many know, I started down the typical road with starting out on Mestinon and then Prednizone and nothing was working well so I ended up going to a Neuro specialist at USF in Tampa FL. The neuro placed me on Imuran and started me on IVIG infusions. I was doing pretty well...
  • Hello group, it's been an interesting few months. I reached out to this forum about 6 months ago trying to figure things out (here).When I was started on Prednisone, it was a wonder drug. My strength came back, my eyes straightened out, my eyelids stood at attention. Life was good!This was at 20MG every morning. I didn't sleep well on Prednisone so my Nero also prescribed me Zopiclone (7.5MG...
  • Hi, new here and looking for some advice from people who have previous experience or knowledge. A little background first:7 year-old daughter is awaiting tests for MG after being referred to a neurologist for bilateral ptosis. Neurologist seems reasonably confident that she may have MG, though has indicated ocular MG only at this point.She has always got tired very easily, to the point where we...
  • Quen1966

    Newly dx with MG

    Hi everyone I wanted to introduce myself to the group. I was recently dx with MG I have double vision, drag my right leg, severe muscle weakness in my right hand, both shoulders and digestive problems. After a year of test I was finally dx. with MG.  I was trying to work and was at the end of my rope, when I collasped at work. My job is really stressful so I'm not sure if  I'll have a future in...
  • musical99

    Nicotine patches

    Has anyone used nicotine patches to quit smoking and experienced MG symptoms? Cant work out whether MG symptoms are flaring due to patches or maybe because I have quit for 8 weeks it's changed my chemistry and perhaps I may not need as much Mestinon or its just MG revisited? I have not had double vision for at least 2 years and now it's present again, also heavy arms are back and sons nausea....
  • Hey!  20 years old and was just diagnosed a little over a month ago but had been dealing with the symptoms for about 8 months before! It's been really hard for me lately physically and emotionally the past few days I've been really depressed and angry feeling like everything has been torn away from me I can no longer live up to my own expectations. I could really use a friend , someone who will...
  • ttmmkk001

    Tooth Infection with MG

    I was diagnosed with MG 1 month ago. Now i have breathing problem, tighness jaw. The thing is that i have 1 big tooth infection which needed to be extracted. What should i do? Extraction or not either way will wosen my MG. i do not want to be in crisis. Has anyone here ever had dental work during your MG years? What was your experience? Really appreciated for any reply!
  • Love_is_kind

    Down heel from here.

    Hey BEAUTIFUL people! Like ive said before things have been pretty bad for me since being recently diagnosed and coming back from my crisis right now I'm unable to work and sadly being an irresponsible 20 year old I don't have savings blah right now I'm in the process of losing my apartment unless I can find a way to get some income I'm too weak for work or school right now so I can't go out to...
  • Meng

    Year and a half without a diagnosis

    Just wondering if others have had the same experince. I started with double vision in 3/15 and by 7/15 had leg, neck, trunk and arm weakness too. Saw my PCP and waited until the end of 9/15 to see a neurologist.  She did ay one point think I had MG and prescribed Mestinon. IT WORKED!!! But she would only let me take 3 60 mg pills a day and when I told her I felt I needed more she determined I...