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Migraine is a neurological disease, of which the most common symptom is an intense and disabling episodic headache. Migraine headaches are usually characterized by severe pain on one or both sides of the head and are often accompanied by photophobia (hypersensitivity to light), phonophobia (hypersensitivity to sound) and nausea.

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  • WashingtonMom

    New..Need advice on IV therapy for Migraines....

    Hi everyone! I suffer from migraines as well as fibromyalgia. I have tried all the Fibro meds with bad side effects, so I only take Norco for the pain. For my migraines, I started taking Topamax last November (25mg up to 50mg now). I never wanted to be on it, but I was on a chronic migraine last Sept-Nov and was at my wits end. It worked GREAT for a month and then stopped working. I went up to...
  • tasha17

    New Member, College Student w/ Migraines

    Hi there, I'm new to this but I've just been feeling so down lately because of chronic migraines. I've had occaisonal migraines since  I was 14, but for almost 8 months now I've had chronic, almost daily headaches/migraines that severely impact my ability to do work and keep up with classes (I'm a college senior about to graduate). I have a top neurologist, take medications, have made lifestyle...
  • rahasbun

    these symptoms tho

    Hey y'all! I was wondering if anyone here knew or had advice for finding the best solution to relieve migraine symptoms 
  • Lovefromgracie


    Are migraines just long and intense headaches or something more?
  • deleted_user

    Red Dye #40

    I think I've found a major trigger for me!! I'm diligently trying to narrow down my migraine triggers, I have been dealing with these headaches for almost 20 years. I have my FIRST appt. with a neurologist at the end of this month. I am currently taking 200 mg of Topamax and Imitrex as needed. I have on average 4 migraines a week. I had 17 in August and 14 in July. I'll get on a run and have...
  • NoodlesRUs

    Advice on Medicinal Marijuana for pain management

    Hi, I've never done this before but I'm desperate. I'm 19 and I have chronic migraines. I've had them since I was 16 and it's kind of thrown everything off. I barely graduated high school. It's been a year since I've graduated and I don't have a job, no prospects of going to college anytime soon. As it is there's no plan for pain management and every preventative we've tried hasn't had any...
  • MrsNoodles


    Has anyone been awarded disability due to their migraines?
  • shelleyaz

    Relpax vs. Maxalt vs. Zomig

    I have always used Relax as my drug of choice to get rid of a migraine. Lately, it either takes a long time to be effective or the migrane comes back within 24 hours.I used a Maxalt tablet and was very surprised how quickly it relieved my migraine.I just got a prescription for Zomig. I haven't even used samples of that drug. I don't know what to expect.Can anyone compare your experience with...
  • YvetteK

    Who's around...

    I see we have new people in the group, and a bunch of others I haven't seen around for a while. So even if you're just a lurker, let us know who's here.Yvette
  • Bobby5000

    I got rid of my migraines with blood pressure med

    After suffering years with migraines and frequent elevated blood pressure, I got on medication and it dramatically reduced any headaches. 
  • deleted_user

    Neurocardiogenic or Vasovagal Syncope and relation

    I am very puzzled by a horrid circumstance that presented to my wife 3 1/2 years ago, after open Nissen Fundoplication surgery to correct severe GERD. Within a week or two after this surgery, she also had an attack of severe pain in her back that proved with two more visits to the ER that she had a giant kidney stone. Thus within a month, she had to have relief on a Sunday with a ureter stent to...
  • WarriorGal

    Low Body Temp

    Does anyone here notice low body temp with migraines? Mine is 96.3.
  • dhits

    Migraines from a New Member

    I haven't had to take my Migraine medicine in about 3 days. That doesn't mean I haven't had migraines, they just haven't reached the point where I take the medicine. I've had migraines for years, but I only started getting prescription medicine for them in 2011. My migraines increased significantly in 2014 and I was finally diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that contributed to them.  I...
  • RosemaryC44

    New Member

    Hi everyone! I have just joined this site and I am really excited to have a group to connect with. I am 21 and realized my freshman year of college I was suffering from migraines. I feel like I only know a bit about migraines and want to learn how to magage or prevent them if possible. I've have very debilitating episodes causing a great disrutption to my college classes, missing work meetings,...
  • rcski10

    New here

    hello everyone. I'm new to the whole site, this is my first post. I'm 27 and have been suffering from migraines since I was 10. I've tried everything to prevent them, treat them. Every quick fix, to full on medical treatments. Recently my doc suggested stress may be one of my biggest triggers, and suggested I just talk things out. So if anyone here is willing to listen, I'd love someone to talk...