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Migraine is a neurological disease, of which the most common symptom is an intense and disabling episodic headache. Migraine headaches are usually characterized by severe pain on one or both sides of the head and are often accompanied by photophobia (hypersensitivity to light), phonophobia (hypersensitivity to sound) and nausea.

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  • oceans11

    Migraine glasses....

    So I've been wondering about these so called "migraine sunglasses" now for a few months. I almost pulled the trigger a few times before finally settling on a company called TheraSpecs out of Phoenix AZ. I purchased the model: "Haven Indoors". Got them very quickly & decided to use them at work for which I intended them since I get the majority of my migraines at work most likely due to the harsh...
  • So i was in the ER again a couple days ago with a migraine so intense i could no longer cope with it....however,i've also been going through something stressful,and i asked to talk to someone in the crisis unit. (i live with severe anxiety,OCD,and PTSD).i had assured the triage nurse that i had no intention of harming myself,just that,on the advice of my pyschiatrist,who was away that day,that if...
  • Having suffered from Migraines and Migraines with Aura since the age of 12, I've tried quite a few treatments, OTC & prescription medications, etc., none of which have been super effective, ongoing - and I usually need the cool/dark/quiet "cave" of my bedroom to sleep them off... even if only temporarily. But one thing that has been a bit helpful as a preventative, was recommended to me by my...
  • MrsNoodles

    No relief

    Hi, I've been off the site for a few days only because I have had horrible migraines. I got married and on my wedding day I had to give myself an Imitrex injection just to get through the day. I can't do much as I really only move from the bed to the couch. Every step is pounding. If it's not sharp stabbing pains it's a constant burning sensation over my right eye. I go to counseling to help...
  • MrsNoodles


    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has pinpointed any specific food triggers to their migraines. It is hard for me to establish what may be a trigger due to me having 15-20 migraines a month. I have even tried a diary. I am pretty positive MSG, Soy Protein, Nitrates/ites, peanuts, and maybe certain dyes. Your thoughts?
  • Lately I've been experiencing a lot of aura's but no real pain to follow like my typical migraine's. My migraine typically goes like this:I typically get a migraine once every other month but then sometimes I get clusters of 1 ever week. After that I can go several months without any.15-20 minutes of aura flashing chain link light that starts out small & then grows like a big snake or worm.the...
  • Cindy1900


    Hey Im new to this group. My name is Cindy. The only thing that gets rid of my migrains is a knockout shot at the emergency room. Knocks me and the headache out.
  • I have had migraines for a while now and take meds for it. They have helped some but I still have them around every 5 days so I have rescue meds as well that don't work all the time, but usually takes it to a dull roar. Everytime I have one people tell me to stop and rest or quit doing anything for the day. Even my doctor wants me to stop and lay down for a few hours or longer if the migraine...
  • MrsNoodles


    I recently received injections in the base of my skull to numb the nerves in order to help with my migraines. I have not noticed a difference. Has anyone else received this treatment? If so, what has your experience been like?
  • Loserang

    How to get relief

    Anyone have any suggestions on relief from head pain? I have had Fiornal, imitrex, proponol.. I have had injections to my head..I just can't find any help. Thanks for any suggestions.
  • Scarpagirl

    Right side

    My migraines are always on the right side of my head in the back at the base of my skull. They are completely debilitating. I take imitrex and it works almost every time. I had one last night and suffered until the pharmacy opened this morning. I just am concerned about what causes these one sided headaches. I am so afraid it's going to come back. They have been occurring almost daily. I thought...
  • Do you suffer from migraines? Are you willing to share your thoughts? If you would like to be PAID for your opinions, please email your name, email address, phone number, number of years diagnosed and the medications you may take (Rx or over the counter) to interviews@nvcconsulting.net
  • I've already talked about Red Dye #40 triggering migraines, but iced tea?? I managed to remain migraine free for two days again, so I thought I'd try iced tea and see how I did. I had two glasses between 10 AM and 1 PM. By 3 PM I had the start of a headache that was obviously going to turn into a migraine, by 4:00 I knew I need to take an Imitrex. I was so disappointed, I'm a Texas girl, we...
  • So I am new to this forum, not sure where all my issues would fall under because I have struggled through SO MUCH issues. I have a very depeleted immune system, it all started back in 2012 when my life was RUINED with Mono, I had my dream job, just graduated High School, riding horses 7 days a week, I was living my dream. Then Mono happened, I was hospitalized, and battled it for over a year....
  • I just figured out that I have 6 distinctive personalities. My mom has talked to each one of them and has taken notes. It seems like my migraines are caused by supressed memories. I'm working on writing my Autobiography and most of my childhood was one traumatic experience after another. Most of it I have blocked and am fighting to keep that way. One of my Littles is trying to make me remember...