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Methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant drug used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Methamphetamine is highly psychologically addictive. Like most stimulants, large doses of methamphetamine can result in a strong feeling of euphoria at the expense of physical fatigue and a strong "come-down" as the drug's effect wears off.

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  • deleted_user

    is my husband on meth?

    Hi, I am so confused. My husband and I have been having difficulty for over a year now. I know he has become an alcoholic but I'm afraid there is so much more. His brother and nephew have both been busted for labs and his sister is recovering from meth. I have not seen physical signs but his moods are off the wall, which I've always attributed to the alcohol. I've talked to his sister and...
  • finallyfree

    Finally Admitting!!

    I am definatly new here. I have never admitted to anyone or even myself that I have a problem. I am addicted to meth. I will start from the beginning. I never did drugs growing up. It wasnt until I turned 40 and the BF i had then was into drugs, that i expieremented with drugs. I was influenced by my BF and did some stupid things. All within one years time i tried snorting perks, to smoking crack...
  • debbie0617

    my husband of 26 years is a addict Please Help Me

    Ive been married for 26 years. The first time I learned of his drug use we were in deep financial trouble that was 15 years ago we have worked so hard to rebuild our lives. Now I have learned hes been using again for at least a year. How could I have been so blind? I am so angry and hurt by his lies and deciet. He gets verbally abusive when I try to talk about what hes done to not just me but our...
  • ericmk30

    Is there life after meth?

    My meth addiction started two years ago after my divorce. From what little information I had on the drug, it would kill me the first time I shot it. I was mistaken. Instead it has caused a downward spiral of my life over the past two years. I am ready to be done. I am alone with only my parents to turn to. If I keep going the end result is death or prison. I want to cry out, "god I want to live...
  • Falling

    Relapsed again

    Please i need help the last several months i have been back at it already starting the hustle again . haven't lost it all yet.  But im close  sitting here with a loaded bowl been up all night and have to be at work at 8. 
  • Ricky96

    Methamphetamine addict

    Hello I am looking for someone to talk to for advice and help and dealing and overcoming my addiction to Crystal please
  • deleted_user

    no hope

    i live in an illusion . i am in complete denial about what meth is doing to me. at my age i worry im going to die, but not enough to stop. due to circumstances and not having to pay rent for over two years and having your dealer be your best friend its been years since i have gone one day without it. why do i do it? i have suffered from depression since i was a kid my family life had its...
  • Rosebudrc

    My brother in jail

    Hi - I need some input. My brother has been lost  to us on meth for about three years. He called me today from jail begging to bail him out - he's picked up on a warrant and is probably going to start detoxing soon. He swears he's been off it lately and I can see some evidence that he's made a bit of progress in his physical space. I told him we'd bail him out if he'd go into rehab and he...
  • deleted_user

    Nightmares and Dreamscapes

    I have been sober for ten months. I get through the days pretty simply, better than I thought I ever could. I have improved so much upon my person that it's been like a dream. The months go by quickly and I have had one relapse in a year.I don't know what to do... I can't deal with my nightmares. I'm well enough used to having drug dreams, chasing or running away from the monster, but until...
  • Tasha0405


    Me and my boyfriend has been together for almost 3 yrs and recently had a beautiful healthy bsby boy. I used a couple times durning pregnancy and he got taken at 5 days old. We r both clean now and getting him back this month. But im still fighting for my boyfriend. I done some stupid things on drugs but nvr cheated. I fight every day to win bck his love and try to show him that person is really...
  • deleted_user

    8 months pregnant and still using.

    Only a meth user undertstands how hard it is to kick this nasty, evil habit.... I've been using through my whole pregnancy.. I pray to god my baby will come out healthy & fine.. My other main concern is CPS... My docter mentioned she found meth in my system because every time i go there they ask to leave a urine sample. She didn't sound too concerned she just suggested i have nothing in my...
  • Anonymouschild

    I need help please

    I have a drug addiction to meth for the longest already, when I found out I was pregnant I stopped doing it ,now that I'm 35 weeks pregnant I couldn't help it and I've been doing meth for almost a week straight now.. I'm scared they might take my baby away at birth... How long until the drugs leave my baby's system? Will they take my baby away if I stop now and get clean ? I need to know please...
  • Alih0206


    My fiance as a meth addict. When I first met him I was a lonely single mother of 3 boys. He was very open and honest about everything. He hasn't kept nothing from me. I see this great man that wants to be able to live and support. But I see the struggle he goes through everyday. He has slipped here and there. His mood are always the same. He is this happy go lucky guy that works so very hard. He...
  • Marr

    Meth Withdrawal and After Effects

    My son has been off Meth for a few weeks. He has periods where he seems lost. The paranoia has lessened.  Do you know how long these syptoms will last and if there is anything that may help with focusing?
  • Make2216

    Facing facts

    Hi im new here. If anyone were to ask me in person i am not an addict... But i think i need to face the facts. I do stupid things to get a hit and even though u can go a few days or a couple weeks without it has its effects. I dont want this to hold me down my whole life... Im only 20 and this cant be what the rest of my life is like right