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This community is dedicated to people who suffer from an illness that has been difficult to define. As advanced as modern medicine is, there still exist many cases where doctors cannot pinpoint an exact cause for pain or other symptoms. Suffering with any illness is certainly difficult, but suffering with an illness that cannot be identified can be especially difficult and trying.

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  • wscottm

    Please help with my medical mystery...

    About 10 months ago, I noticed that at the end of the day I started to have double vision (diplopia). I just assumed it was because I was exhausted from my demanding travel and work schedule (I travel Mon-Thu every week and work 60+ hours a week). Then about four months ago, my double vision became 100% of my day and became extremely double (my double vision is vertical). It only goes away if I...
  • deleted_user

    My daughter isnt doing well

    Well, when my daughter was 7 weeks old she, she was really sick. I went through 4 doctors telling me that it was just a milk allergy. Now, she is my 4th child and I knew that it was more than that. I fought with dr. after dr. and finally found one to help her. Turns out she had malrotation of the bowels and a midgut volvus. Which basically means that her bowels and intestines didnt develop right...
  • Jess1995x

    Unknown Illness

    Hi All, Please bear with me as this is only my second posting to a group on this website. I am 21 years old and have an undiagnosed illness and seem to be getting no-where. When I was a child I was underweight but healthy until I got to age of about 7/8 when I gained weight, I was then sent to see a Dietician to try and loose the weight with no luck. When I was 16 I started having severe pain...
  • Crystalenia

    Antibiotics causing side-effects on large bowel

    Here's another one. When ever I take antibiotics I have severe side effects from the large bowel. My gastroenterologist said he has never heard of something similar before and that he can't imagine how antibiotics could cause those effects. Anyone who has heard of this before?
  • Minimight

    I just want the diagnosis Is that too much to ask

     I'm on a few groups here I havechronic urticaia,Cfs Epstein-BarrI have essential tremorsI have fibromyalgia  I'm a nonmethylater  which means I just don't absorb folate and B vitamins adequately  And now I have been given a diagnosis of narcolepsy I'm very tired I just want some answers I have several autoimmune conditions and I've seen a lot of doctors and the majority of them tell me...
  • Leshy

    Lower back pain.

    HI i am not sure if I am in the right  group. But I have had lower  back pain most of my life. I have had xrays done but don't show any evidence to suggest something  is wrong with my bones. Been back and forth  to the doctors but the don't have a  answer to what is causing  this pain have thier opinions  but they are only guessing what is wrong. My lower back is  very weak and easy to...
  • Nirah

    Unexplainable symptoms

    Hi! I joined this group because I'm starting to feel like most doctors (here in Belgium, at least) are failing me. I am diagnosed with a very, very mild case of progressive scoliosis (currently at 16 degrees, so nothing to worry about yet) and I've had surgery on my left knee done because my lateral collateral ligament was too short. According to the doctor who performed that surgery I should...
  • lisa4shane


    Anyone out there have dysautonomia with no known cause? I have been diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction among other things. My symptoms are widespread. I have extremely low blood pressure (as low as 40/20), either too cold or too hot, widespread pain, vision problems, fainting, headaches, excessive fatigue. I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, migraines, pancreatic insufficiency,...
  • I know everyone on here has struggled with so many of the same things that I have. I have been plagued with illness for what seems like my entire life. Severe digestive issues, female problems, severe depression and anxiety, chronic pain, and a million other things. I got to the point where I finally gave up and just though that was how I was going to have to live that way. And I had even decided...
  • A search for pursed lips shows determined looking faces with breathing through the nose. A stiff upper lip stance gears up the system in a handy way. This can be explained by acupressure (acupoint gv26).But how come that the standard medical explanation with relatively slack lips is so different? R.Friedel
  • deleted_user


    I am here out of utter desperation after suffering from this for almost a year now. I have seen four urgent cares, two general practice doctors, two allergists, a dermatologist, and an ER. Some have given me medications to help suppress my symptoms, but none have been able to tell me what is causing these relentless symptoms. My story is a long one, so I sincerely thank any and all who take the...
  • neocortex27

    Painkiller resistance?

    I must have tried about 30 different painkillers by now - from mild analgesics to opioids (at the hospital), nothing works on me and it never has, same thing with local anastaetics. I don't even get any side-effects.I am prone to accidents (I've lost count of the times I've dislocated something or pulled a tendon) and suffer from migraines with aura and allodynia (every touch is extremely...
  • Hi, I saw this website on good Morning America a while back. It is a website that helps you find out what may be wrong with you when no one else can. It has many different dr's and you pay what you can in a donation. It is called I wish everyone well and I hope this infomation about this web site helps you get some answers and helps you get your life back.
  • equinegurl

    Shot in the dark

    Hello, I just thought I'd throw this out there, my doctor has no idea what's going on and I am miserable so I would appreciate any and all advice. I have had chronic join pain for years, about 5 years ago I had started noticing it more in my hip, which became far worse last year. Had an MRI that showed a labral tear and bone cyst. Went to surgery, ended up fixing multiple larbral tears, removing...