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Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) or Sharp's syndrome is a human autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body. MCTD combines features of polymyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and systemic scleroderma and is thus considered an overlap syndrome. MCTD commonly causes joint pain/swelling, Raynaud phenomenon, muscle inflammation, and scarring of the skin of the hand.

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  • moR

    New MCTD diagnosis

    has anyone worked with a functional medicine Dr?  I am followed by a rheum but am thinking of augmenting with a functional medicine doc if worthwhile. It is very expensive so would love to hear anyone's opinion/experience on this matter. Thanks!
  • reidlbr


    So... a year ago blood work came back looking off - Dr. sent me to a Rheumatologist who confirmed MCTD.  He says I have no real symptoms (the pain in my hands, knees, and feet do not count) and today I am being told my vitimin D level is at 9.  I have no idea what MCTD even is or what to expect - I have not been able to locate alot on-line.  Anyone want to offer any info?  Thank you. 
  • Katalyzt

    Approved For SCUBA at 60 years old w/ MCTD

    Okay, so, I am an atypical case for sure, but I did not expect this.I got a note from my doctor a few weeks ago approving me for scuba diving, though it will probably be just for this one trip, and I am definitely a "special needs" diver with restrictions: No deeper than 45 feet.  It will also be a very tightly supervised dive-- just me and the guy who runs the tour company.My doctor would not...
  • cariel

    What to do when you can no longer tolerate meds?

    1 was diagnosed initially with Sjogren aged 35. I’ve taken Meloxicam daily since then. When symptoms got worse the dose was raised until max was reached. Then Plaquenil was added and dose raised over the years. Three years ago Methotrexate was started at a low dose. I took it for a year and suffered no nausea but over the winter I suffered many chest infections ending with pneumonia. I had to...
  • Aerokal

    Feeling a bit at the end of the line...

    Hi. My name is Pam. I've replied to a couple of posts, but basically am new here. So happy to meet you, although wish it wasn't due to this!I've been widowed since 48, now in my mid-fifties, with 2 grown daughters, one with severe Crohns and fibro, the other with IBD. I was initially dx'd with Raynaud's, fibro, RA, and recently MCTD w/lupus. I had been on Enbrel x 2 yrs, Cymzia X 1, now Humira...
  • goawayRA

    Pain WHILE drinking alcohol

    Anyone else experience this? I can’t get through a glass of wine without having stomach pain and awful muscle aches in my arms. So weird...I was diagnosed with MCTD (RA/Lupus/Sjogrens wrapped into one) 4 ish years ago, currently on Enbrel.Help :( I google it and of course it says lymphoma.
  • toreph

    i think i'm in the predniZONE

    rheumy started me on a low dose of 10mg daily. pain is soooo much better. but will the anxiousness , hyperness, scatter brainededness, go away. also i totally forgot how to braid my hair which scared me. is this normal with prednisone , and does it get better?
  • MToennis

    for ba1974

    Just so you dont think we are ignoring you, I cannot post a reply to your post. I wrote a very profound letter (LOL) today to you and finally lost it after trying to get it to post for several hours. I tried again and it again went away! I have had this happen before on this site. Anyway, welcome. I will do a better response later when my brain is rested.Mary Ann
  • toreph

    anxiously awaiting

    hello, my name is Renee. i am new here. a couple weeks back my dr ordered test because i have been hurting in my hip and shoulder for about 2 or 3 years. even though i have had some periods of less pain , it always comes back with vengence. i had a steriod shot in my shoulder 2 yrs ago and it helped but only for a while. my pains have gotten worse, my energy level is gone, and i was pretty...
  • ba1974

    do you recognize these symptoms

    Hi, I am Barbara; I am 43 years old. I have had strange symptoms most of my life and have seen countless doctors over the years.I have had stomach and bowel issues all of my life. I have been repeated tested for ulcers and Chrons disease -negative. Growing up and way too often in my adult life  I always had something sprained ankles, wrists, bruises, shin splints , and muscle tears. Ever since...
  • deleted_user

    Anyone else SWEATING excessively?

    I just can't take it anymore. Please tell me if you have to deal with sweating and what have done or taken to help it. At first, it was a little, but if I do ANYTHING, like fold laundry or do the dishes, my temperature goes up (low-grade 99.1-100.2), my cheeks turn red and the profuse sweating begins. Once I stop what I'm doing, so does the sweating. I just can't stand it. I'm so hot one...
  • Helloworld

    Raynaud's phenomenon

    Hello everyoneI have just been diagnosed with MCTD. It's disconcerting that I have had the symptoms for over 7 years with no treatment. My question is does anyone else experience heat sensitivity on top of cold sensitivity. I struggle with both.
  • MCTD1983

    MCTD - Pins & Needles / Slow Circulation

    Hi Guys,Hope you're coping as well as possible! I was wondering if anyone else has had pins&needles/tingling in their hands and feet? I've had it really bad for 6 months now, i got checked yesterday for "peripheral neuropathy" but it all came through clear, so i'm no closer to an answer. I also get very cold hands and feet. Any treatment advice?
  • hearthappy2017

    Pills or Injections - Plaquenil

    I previously wrote: I’m going to start Plaquenil and was wondering whether injections or pills work better. brain is NOT what it used to be! I meant to say “I’m going to start Metheltrexate and was wondering if injections are better than pills.”  Thanks!
  • reillysmom2


    Hi all. Glad to have found this forum, alternating between trying to pretend I don't have MCTD and bawling my eyes out about it. I am newly diagnosed, waiting on an appointment with a rheumatologist. I'm 42 years old, no previous health problems whatsoever. Healthy. No medicaions, active, work full time as a nurse and always on the go. I went on vacation and did a pretty vigorous bike ride. Next...