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Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) or Sharp's syndrome is a human autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body. MCTD combines features of polymyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and systemic scleroderma and is thus considered an overlap syndrome. MCTD commonly causes joint pain/swelling, Raynaud phenomenon, muscle inflammation, and scarring of the skin of the hand.

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  • Praise


    Hello everyone,     I have a diagnosis of MCTD of which I had symptoms since my early 30s but did not understand what was happening. In 2015 my mother and grandmother died of which I began to have flares that appeared to be in overdrive. I am happy to be a part of this group and look forward to supporting one another.
  • BeccaW

    Hello. New to Forum

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, but super glad I found it. I have posted to several threads but wanted to start a hello post to tell everyone a bit about myself. I am a 40 year old female. I was diagnosed with MCTD about 4 years ago. I had symptoms for roughly 4 years before that. However, my doctor insisted it was age or the amount of kids I had that was cause the symptoms. I was 32...
  • jessiT


    Hi everyone. I haven't been on for a long time but decided to come back to the forum. I was on plaquenil but had eye issues so the dr put me on methotrexate. It scares me to death to take it. Has anyone else taken it and if so does it really make a difference.
  • Jen75

    Hello from new member

    I'm a new member, female, almost 42 and living in Toronto, Canada.I have been reading a lot of the postings on this board and wanted to say "Hello" to everyone.  I see a rheumatologist on August 2nd and have been waiting since beginning of May when my ANA and anti-RNP came back positive.I have had quite a few strange symptoms in the last year and a half and it is not the first time that they...
  • MCTD1983

    MCTD - Pins & Needles / Slow Circulation

    Hi Guys,Hope you're coping as well as possible! I was wondering if anyone else has had pins&needles/tingling in their hands and feet? I've had it really bad for 6 months now, i got checked yesterday for "peripheral neuropathy" but it all came through clear, so i'm no closer to an answer. I also get very cold hands and feet. Any treatment advice?
  • reillysmom2


    Hi all. Glad to have found this forum, alternating between trying to pretend I don't have MCTD and bawling my eyes out about it. I am newly diagnosed, waiting on an appointment with a rheumatologist. I'm 42 years old, no previous health problems whatsoever. Healthy. No medicaions, active, work full time as a nurse and always on the go. I went on vacation and did a pretty vigorous bike ride. Next...
  • Stacy458

    Still trying to understand...

    Hi everyone,I'm new to this support group but I sure am glad I found you all!  I have big weight gains and loses in a week.  Sometimes I can go up 6-8 lbs.  Then in a week or two, I'll finally go back down the 6-8 lbs.  I'm taking Plaquenil twice a day...does it affect anyone else like this?  Or is this just a part of MCTD?  I was diagnosed with MCTD in April and I'm still trying to figure...
  • ValleyofSun

    new to MCTD and in possible flare-up, need help

    I was just diagnosed with MCTD in February of this year, saw a rhematologist, said was mild and was put on plaquenil. April I'm offered a job across the country, move end of May. Now 3 months later I hadn't found a new rhemi here yet and 3 weeks ago had a severe allergic reaction (or so I thought) that required the ER, a shot and steroid and antihistamine pills - followed by 3 more episodes...
  • Suki


    My husband and I enjoy a drink once in a while.  The past few months when I have a drink, in an hour or so I get the chills so bad I need to get under a ton of blankets untill it passes, usually within 2 hours.  Has anyone else had this problem.  Is alcohol a no no with MCTD? I only was diagnosed a week ago so this is all new to me and somewhat of a mystery.
  • mrb2223

    ANA and RNP positive, but no symptoms

    Hi All, Thank you for reading and any input! My name is Mia. I am new to this board. My husband is believed to have mild ITP (low platelets at the 96k range but no official diagnosis yet), and had additional blood work done by an immunologist because of mildly elevated IgE levels. Back in November (2016) he tested negative for ANA. However, in the blood work that was just completed at the end of...
  • miamisun


    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has taken this drug Aclasta.I was offered to take it for a 3 year course to build bone density but have read up on some of the side effects and am teffified.Any information will be greatly appreciated
  • operalene


    Does anyone have osteoporosis with this? I have it now and am trying to figure out what to take if anything since I can't take any of the biophosphates. My rheumy and PCP keep prescribing Reclast infusion but my dentist tells me my jaw isn't healthy enough so the lab won't give it to me because of potential complications (nasty ones). Keep getting back to square one with this. I haven't...
  • MToennis

    Pain, pain, pain

    I got off all steroids after 10 years on them. Now, the pain is back and gradually getting worse. I always had some even while on the steroids. The steroids and the Plaquenil combination worked the best along with Celebrex, but I cant take Celebrex every day and cant take the Plaquenil anymore. I had cardiomyopathy and cant take many of the other drugs for MCTD, so, here I am. I was always...
  • Littleone37

    Medication: Prolia

    Due to a bad bone density test, my Rheumatologist is putting me on Prolia.  The medication is due to arrive in just a couple days and I was not given any information on side-effects so did some research on the Internet.  Their list of side-effects scared me to death, but it would help to hear from someone who has been on it.  I heard from one person and she has had no problems.  That eased my...
  • Littleone37

    Look For Support Group (MCTD in Bradenton, FL Area

    I'm new to this group and I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kidney Disease 3 and Migraine Headaches among other things.  I have had this disease at least six years but maybe longer.  Only the past two years have my doctor's taken interest and have tried me on a couple of medications.  Most recently I was put on CellCept but you have to go off if you come down with...