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Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) or Sharp's syndrome is a human autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body. MCTD combines features of polymyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and systemic scleroderma and is thus considered an overlap syndrome. MCTD commonly causes joint pain/swelling, Raynaud phenomenon, muscle inflammation, and scarring of the skin of the hand.

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  • Hallo, For quite a few weeks I have been suffering from fluctuating pain in and around the balls of my feet. Sometimes I can hardly walk, other times it improves as I am walking but it never goes away completely. If I stand still it gets worse and when I move away the pain continues there again. The ball of both feet appears swollen and if I press with my finger on the underside it gives me pain...
  • Katalyzt

    Very depressed

    I feel like I have totally lost this online support group-- like most of my friends just slipped away when the website was redesigned.I'm having a really hard time right now. I can't sleep because of the dysphagia and muscle discomfort, so I can't think straight. I meditate, fall half asleep, gag on my own saliva, wake up. I keep doing all the exercises and self-interventions to regulate my...
  • Neany360

    Diagnosis Questions

    Hello All!! I'm currently in the process of being diagnosed with MCTD. My ANA-antibody test came pack positive, so I'm in the process of trying to get referred to a rheumatologist. While waiting, I'm noticing that my body is having a total melt down. It hurts to go up the stairs, get out of chairs, and/or get out of bed. I had pleurisy and pericarditis this passed year, which is what started this...
  • Emmalee

    newbie post

    Hello, all. New here, was diagnosed with MCTD back in January. I was actually pretty lucky to find out what was wrong so fast. I'd been having joint pain for a semester and finally went to clinic when my feet/ankles swelled up like a baloon. Baffled doctors, but they ran a lot of blood tests including ANA and sure enough that was elevated so was sent to rheumatologist. While waiting to get in (it...
  • MToennis

    What a pain!

    I have been doing pretty well for the last couple of years with the MCTD, UCTD, or Lupus, depending upon which Dr you talk to. Negative labs, controlled pain and swelling, ect. But the last 2 days have been hell. I didnt sleep well for the last 2 night due to generalized pain. Then, had trouble getting out of bed. My back went into spasms but that was just the beginning. Pain in my feet and toes,...
  • One of diseases is MCTD. I also have Bile Gastritis. New this month is Sjogren's and Neuropathy of the left foot and mouth. I also think I now have Scleroderma. My question is: I wake up out a deep sleep (when I can sleep) with severe chest pains. I believe it is Severe heart burn. I have to drink water, drink Gaviscon, and raise my bed higher. I have developed a cough now. If feels at...
  • MToennis

    New site

    What a pain! I am finding this hard to find anything. Plus, I have had to change my password twice! And why is the type so small on the posting area but so huge on the reading area? A couple of days I could not even get on due to the upgrade. It sure will take awhile to get used to this!
  • Katalyzt

    New Website Design

    Guys, I could not retrieve my old account information whatsoever.I wasted SO much time, and it is absolutely not worth it. This new website is really beyond terrible; the layout is so self-evdently bad, there's no point in detailing all its drawbacks.For anyone who does not know, my former handle was Catalyzt, but I have now lost my photos, friends, etc. I may try to talk to the system...
  • I don't get it. I am currently going thru a Lupus/MCTD flare. I have had these dx's for over 20 plus years along with RA, Fibro, Raynaud's, and many more. I am going to a great new PCP. They did boo coo of tests on me. I have to return to MD on Tuesday for an ultrasound on my feet and legs. The test I took I failed so now I need an ultrasound. I just got a call a few minutes ago and was...
  • cap1972


    I swear, each morning you wake up, you just really don't know what's going to hurt, ache, swell or simply drive you nuts on a daily basis do you?!?!? Sorry - just complaining!
  • Does any one else have a normal SED Rate and never test positive for a Lupus panel & test normal to tests for RA? My previous Rheumatologist for 20 years told me I never test positive for Lupus or RA. She told me some people just don't test out for RA, Lupus and MCTD. She said I present with all the symptoms so I have it. I have a new PCP and I don't know how to explain this to him. I have...
  • dawnc4t

    MCTD and PAh

    Saw the chest doc today and he tells me I now have PAH .I was wondering if others with MCTD had this also .I was surprised he could diagnose it without me having the right hand cath which he is organising he showed me a scan which showed a big difference in size of one artery to another he had told me previously he thought I had borderline pah I guess I will find out more after these other tests...
  • Does anyone else have problems waking up or sleeping up to 30+ hours?An alarm won't wake me up when I'm like that. It takes a person practically shaking me to wake me up. Since I live alone and there is no one to shake me I sleep for long periods. I even fell asleep while on my feet and began to sleepwalk.I often get up for some reason and stop and stand trying to recall why i got out of my...
  • MToennis


    Well, you can get inflammation anywhere and the bladder is no exception. I finally got into see a urologist after waiting 3 months for an appointment. I have been miserable and the family practitioner was at the end of his rope in trying to deal with me. The pain has been pretty bad at times.and I am really tired of dealing with it. About a month ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with...
  • speechteacher1

    Swallowing woes

    Hi there friends--Just wanted to get some perspective on swallowing issues. I think I have trouble with food feeling stuck & taking a long time to go down my esophagus. Only it due any happen all the time. I finally got to have a swallow study & of course my swallows were perfect! So that was weird and I'm not sure they are grasping the fact that I'm getting inklings that perhaps this is the...