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Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. It is now one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the U.S. Lyme disease is caused by infection with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, and is primarily transmitted to humans as well as dogs, horses and other domesticated animals by the bite of infected ticks.

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  • Lymie2012

    Which books or treatments do you use?

    I'm new to this group but not lyme. Hello fellow lyme warriors. I see so many newly diagnosed sorry but welcome to an unexpected life journey. As you research this disease you will find many people who want to sell you one thing or another ... some are real some is snake oil. So to help save you some steps here are some reliable authors: Stephen Buhner " Healing Lyme" Natural...
  • sarmstro22

    So many questions...

    Hey Everyone! I am writing with a few questions I have concerning Lyme.To give you a better understanding of where I am at, and where I am aiming to be, I will fill you in on some of my background.I am a 25 year old, who should be living a healthy active lifestyle. As many of you know - lyme takes its toll and often prevents that from happening. I have had typical Lyme symptoms for the past 15...
  • margaretc42

    Help I'm vibrating

    Hello everyone, Im new here and I have been vibrating for 11 months everyday.  It started after a stressful event in my feet and then my legs and know I vibrate from my core as well Im not in any pain at all. I've been to several doctors and finally went to a functional medicine doctor who believes it to be lyme even though all my blood tests have come back negative.  She offered me antibotics...
  • elizabethashley

    Feeling lonely

    I'm new to this group so hi everyone. I am a senior in high school and really struggling with keeping up with things in school. I was diagnosed with lyme about 6 months ago but likely have had it around 2 years. Its hard to explain to people what im going through because they always tell me i dont look sick. A lot of days i miss my morning classes because i physically cant get out of bed and...
  • kes


    hello everyone, i was just diagnosed with lyme disease in  sept 2016, tested positive on first blood test, i went for emg in july 2016 and i have neuropathy, which is affecting the nerves and muscles. i have been very tired for last year and a half. i have a lot of mood swings, depression, cloudiness, consentration, sleeping issues, mucle spasms, anxiety, chest pains, pain in my back- rip area...
  • sydneyi

    discovering lyme disease

    Always weird to start talking about yourself in general, you kind of assume no one wants to listen. But that is why i am here. I am 20 years old, when i was a sophomore in high school I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and just this past weekend got the results back that I have chronic lyme disease. In between this time i was diagnosed with so many thing, beginning with the fibro then chronic...
  • Rosi

    Happy Holidays and a Good New Year

          I know there are some new people on this site.   I wanted to send good well wishes to the members here.       I'm also curious to know how you are all coping with this season.    Since the change over to the new site,  I've      noticed that a lot of previous people haven't posted for a while.            As for myself,  I was challenged with a difficult viral...
  • TheWizard

    Age 30, 14 yr Lymie and very alone

    I'm a long time Lymie but new to this forumim just looking for support from people who get it. Anyone out there?
  • hopesprings

    New and Struggling

    Hi there. I'm so glad to have found this group. I'm just going to jump right in. I believe I was bitten (had a small bull's eye mark on stomach while camping in PA), about 4 years ago. It wasn't until last July, 2015, that I started developing odd symptoms. Neuro. ones, joint ones, fatigue, and mood. This past July, 2016, I got so sick I ended up in ER several times in 2 months. I may have been...
  • FeelingRough

    New herx or is worsening of Lyme?

    With more joints joining in the cacophony, including even my toes when I walk, and now my left shoulder too, should I assume Lyme is continuing to spread? Or is it a new herx 5 weeks in to massive antibiotc treatment? I should add that swimming, which is against the rules outlined in the "Hints" manual, may be working my joints more.Thanks everyone in advance. I'm really curious about why all...
  • Joyful

    Please help...

    I have been diagnose with mold and lyme disease for almost four years now. For the last three years, I have been driving three hours to see a  dr of integrative medicine who is using the Klinghardt protocol to treat my lyme and co infections. Fortunately, we have the mold under control. When all of this started, my only symptoms were nerve pain in my teeth and fullness in my left ear. That was...
  • IntheEyeoftheStorm

    Finding a Job with Lyme...

    Hi All, I'm new on here and was wondering if you have any advice in regards to working with Lyme.I've been sick for over 3 years with Lyme/coinfections and toxic mold illness.Unfortunately, I became sick soon after college so I don't have a lot of experience.I took a Marketing position several months ago and quit because the commute was around an hour, and I felt incredibly mislead in terms of...
  • lasers

    need good advice

    for some years now..say around 3...body has gave me hellbladder/bowels/near deaf in 1 ear/dizzys/vertigo and very bad c.f.s..i kept thinking it was fibro until i looked up my horror i seen a photo that looked so much like a sore just above left wrist..that also around the same time i got all these problems...can someone tell me if this sounds like a sore from a was near round...
  • robby85


    I'm new here so hi everyone!!!I had 2 negative tests for Lyme. My nightmare started in December with the following symptoms.Burning tongue, blurred vision, super red bloody eyes for 3 days, Both calves very painful 24/7 and weak, intense and severe burning in the entire body, tingling in the left side of my face, arms hands and feet, muscle spams in my whole body, muscle pain almost everywhere...
  • cocowyo

    Your best advice for a newbie?

    Hi all,I am seeing an MD who practices integrative medicine. He has diagnosed me with lyme + babesia via muscle testing. He can run lab tests, but my impression is they are unreliable. He believes that lyme/babesia are contributing to my autoimmune and psych issues and I will have the option of homeopathic treatment and/or low dose antibiotics once my autoimmune issues are better controlled. ...