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Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. It is now one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the U.S. Lyme disease is caused by infection with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, and is primarily transmitted to humans as well as dogs, horses and other domesticated animals by the bite of infected ticks.

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  • TickedoffTom

    Hello to all Lyme Members

     Hi, I am new here and I have Lyme disease. I'd like to talk with any and all Lyme patients that want to talk with me. Thanks!
  • kes


    hello everyone, i was just diagnosed with lyme disease in  sept 2016, tested positive on first blood test, i went for emg in july 2016 and i have neuropathy, which is affecting the nerves and muscles. i have been very tired for last year and a half. i have a lot of mood swings, depression, cloudiness, consentration, sleeping issues, mucle spasms, anxiety, chest pains, pain in my back- rip area...
  • margaretc42

    Help I'm vibrating

    Hello everyone, Im new here and I have been vibrating for 11 months everyday.  It started after a stressful event in my feet and then my legs and know I vibrate from my core as well Im not in any pain at all. I've been to several doctors and finally went to a functional medicine doctor who believes it to be lyme even though all my blood tests have come back negative.  She offered me antibotics...
  • mazeu

    Hello I'm new

    hello wonderful peoplei was bit by a tick and diagnosed by site of the ringed bite about a year ago. I thought since I was treated with antibiotics right away it wouldn't be an issue. Blood test at that time came back negative. I went to a naturopath after feeling some joint pain some months later who tested me and found that I had in fact built the antibodies for Lyme though my infection wasn't...
  • SpaceHorse

    Pushed Antibiotics too hard?

    I'm new to this group, I was diagnosed with lymes around two years ago, when I started college. Due to school work I've always been bad about compliance as stress compounding with herx related symptoms was tough. Anyway over the past month I was really good about all my antibiotics (doxy, pen) and probiotics. Last wednesday I ended up in the emergancy room with a what they thought was gallbladder...
  • Lymie2012

    Which books or treatments do you use?

    I'm new to this group but not lyme. Hello fellow lyme warriors. I see so many newly diagnosed sorry but welcome to an unexpected life journey. As you research this disease you will find many people who want to sell you one thing or another ... some are real some is snake oil. So to help save you some steps here are some reliable authors: Stephen Buhner " Healing Lyme" Natural...
  • deleted_user

    colorado springs LLMD

    Please let me know if there is an LLMD or a good pain management doc in colorado. I would like a rx for medicinal marijuana. I have lyme, fibro, neuropathy among other fun stuff that Lyme has caused.
  • Amadge

    Support needed

    Hello! I have just joined this group. This past November I was diagnosed with Rocky mountain spotted fever as well as Lyme. I started treatment right away with my PvP. After the month of high doses of doxycycline I had no improvement and was referred to a Lyme literate doctor who I continue to see. Who then found that I have babesia, M and C pneumoniae, high levels of yeast in my blood stream,...
  • Red3536

    Need help supporting husband

    My husband has undiagnosed lyme disease for 9 years and will be starting  treatment with an old. Currently he's the main bread winner in our house and we have a small child that I stay home with.  I'll be going back to work to help with expenses.  I've made all his meals to help accommodate his disease and try to keep and sugary foods out of the house to resist temptation.  I see that he...
  • elizabethashley

    Feeling lonely

    I'm new to this group so hi everyone. I am a senior in high school and really struggling with keeping up with things in school. I was diagnosed with lyme about 6 months ago but likely have had it around 2 years. Its hard to explain to people what im going through because they always tell me i dont look sick. A lot of days i miss my morning classes because i physically cant get out of bed and...
  • Tonyaraven

    Herx or flare cont.

    Hello again, I think my last post was cut off!! I increased my herbal drops for babesia on Saturday (crypto plus and bab1) and for the past few days I feel like I've been hit by a truck!  My head hurts so badly and my neck, my back as well.  It will move around with different intensities.  This is the worst it's been in while and it's very scary.  I'm trying to detox as much as possible but...
  • Tonyaraven

    Herx or flare?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I'm desperate for some help!  I was diagnosed with Lyme almost a year ago and babesia about 3 months ago.  I started antibiotics (doxy and azithromycin) plus herbs.  I started crypto plus and bab1 about 2 months ago for babesia and has a hard time increasing the drops, I'm now at 10 drops 2x a day (supposed to get to 40 3x!!!). I've been feeling pretty good...
  • Lindee13

    New Lyme warrior

    Hi my name is Linda. I am 35 yrs old and just received my Lyme diagnosis even though I have had it 30 yrs. My health and quality of life has been decreasing very quickly in only the past 6 yrs. I was only correctly diagnosed by being my own advocate because it seems most m.d.s are clueless. So now I'm sitting here with my prescription of doxycycline but from what I read antibiotics don't really...
  • landm

    Getting out of a bad cycle

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this group so I'll give a summary of my life with lymes up to this point.  I'm currently a 21 year old pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering.  I was diagnosed with lymes late in my senior year of high school, so I'm not new to the disease.  I've recieved heavy doses of antibiotic treatments (both IV and pill) and continue to take light doses of antibiotics...
  • sarmstro22

    So many questions...

    Hey Everyone! I am writing with a few questions I have concerning Lyme.To give you a better understanding of where I am at, and where I am aiming to be, I will fill you in on some of my background.I am a 25 year old, who should be living a healthy active lifestyle. As many of you know - lyme takes its toll and often prevents that from happening. I have had typical Lyme symptoms for the past 15...