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Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. It is now one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the U.S. Lyme disease is caused by infection with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, and is primarily transmitted to humans as well as dogs, horses and other domesticated animals by the bite of infected ticks.

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  • donnadoolittle

    What type of specialist?

    Hello group. I am new to this group, though have been on DS in another group. I happened to see Dr Neil Spector on a talk show recently. After listening to him and his own late finding of Lyme Disease, it makes me question myself. I am early in this process. I know I Iwork and try to be as normal as possible. I have various things that happen/ed with me. I haven't had the time recently to...
  • jlove09


    Hello, I am hoping to not get any judgments but I have been very sick for the past year and my doctors think I have lymes even though my tests came out negative due to my symptoms and the fatc that I was taking doxyxyxline for acne and it helped a lot fo my brain fog and body pain.Here is my question.... I am pregnant and too sick to have a baby, can I take the abortion pill even though I have...
  • Long video, but such a great story of love and support for a woman and her family suffering with Lyme disease
  • margaretc42

    Help I'm vibrating

    Hello everyone, Im new here and I have been vibrating for 11 months everyday. It started after a stressful event in my feet and then my legs and know I vibrate from my core as well Im not in any pain at all. I've been to several doctors and finally went to a functional medicine doctor who believes it to be lyme even though all my blood tests have come back negative. She offered me antibotics...
  • Hi I designed these tees to help bring awareness to Lyme disease and to help support my treatment. Please take a look at my shop!
  • Good afternoon!I have started on 75 gammas of IV ozone therapy to treat Lyme, and my LLMD (Dr. James Novak) reccomended doing 20 treatments (1-2 times a week) depending on how hard I herx.I also have been doing rifing once a week that was targeting parasites, mycoplasma, bartonella, candida, and lyme . (432 is a very popular Lyme frequency for rifing).My main Lyme symptoms are extreme bloating...
  • From several Lyme forums, an important question is “ Can Lyme Disease be treated successfully?”. Other forums ask similar questions.Like “can I hear from Lyme patients that have gotten over this disease?” and “Is their treatment different? or “" what they did beyond the conventional medicine?”I too have this in my mind and have searched for more info what...
  • catherinesotomayor

    New here

    I joined the CFS support group months ago and just this week got a positive Lyme Disease test result. My primary symptom (besides brain fog) is exhaustion. I have no idea when I got Lyme, but have experienced the exhaustion since late 2013 (I crashed). Since then the exhaustion has only gotten worse, forcing me to give up working (I was working toward licensure in mental health and getting my...
  • deleted_user

    Vocal Cord Paralysis

    I was diagnosed with unilateral vocal cord paralysis last year, after at least 3 years of useless doctor visits for a chronic handicapping cough. But it wasn't until I finally did some of my own research, found a LLMD and got the Western Blot back, that my OWN diagnosis was confirmed -- the paralysis was from Lyme. Now I'm being treated for the Lyme (Doxy, Azithro, Plaquenil, diet) but have no...
  • jayman2016


    Hello I am new around here. I was around about a year ago but forgot my password and email. It's been a long odessy, and I don't expect answers here I just frustrated and need to vet. In 2010 I had a sudden episode of nerve problems. It started with feeling like electric shocks going down the spine, followed by weakness, numbness, blurry vision, and muscle spasms. It last for a month or so. I had...
  • wheretheredwoodsgrow


    I have read that Bartonella (not sure I spelled correctly) the sometimes Lyme co-infection can cause your feet to swell in the mornings. My son has been sick for a few weeks with a bad cold. For a few days his hands have been swelling first thing in the morning and one day his feet first thing in the morning. Does anyone know if Bartonella can make your hands swell as well? And does anyone know...
  • cocowyo

    Your best advice for a newbie?

    Hi all,I am seeing an MD who practices integrative medicine. He has diagnosed me with lyme + babesia via muscle testing. He can run lab tests, but my impression is they are unreliable. He believes that lyme/babesia are contributing to my autoimmune and psych issues and I will have the option of homeopathic treatment and/or low dose antibiotics once my autoimmune issues are better controlled. ...
  • lasers

    need good advice

    for some years now..say around 3...body has gave me hellbladder/bowels/near deaf in 1 ear/dizzys/vertigo and very bad c.f.s..i kept thinking it was fibro until i looked up my horror i seen a photo that looked so much like a sore just above left wrist..that also around the same time i got all these problems...can someone tell me if this sounds like a sore from a was near round...
  • robby85


    I'm new here so hi everyone!!!I had 2 negative tests for Lyme. My nightmare started in December with the following symptoms.Burning tongue, blurred vision, super red bloody eyes for 3 days, Both calves very painful 24/7 and weak, intense and severe burning in the entire body, tingling in the left side of my face, arms hands and feet, muscle spams in my whole body, muscle pain almost everywhere...
  • artsysteph

    Advice on Finding LLMD

    I am new to this site, but I have every symptom of lyme disease and each day I get worse and worse. I went through 5 doctors already and they were no help so I made an appointment with an LLMD in PA, but my appointment isn't until June because that was the only open spot, it's just really hard to wait right now. I am new to all this but I was wondering if all LLMD's are this long of a wait or...