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Hypothyroidism is the disease state caused by insufficient production of thyrohormone by the thyroid gland. There are several distinct causes for chronic hypothyroidism, the most common being Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism following radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. Advanced hypothyroidism may cause severe complications, the most serious one of which is myxedema.

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  • deleted_user


    5 years ago, during a physical, my nurse practitioner suggested that I might be suffering from hypothyroidism. I had gained 40 pounds in less than 6 months (even though beforehand I'd had an incredibly fast metabolism, never gaining a pound no matter what I ate), was tired all the time, suffering from anxiety attacks, etc. But I didn't get the blood work done that day because I didn't have the...
  • franda123

    Siberian ginseng

    Hi,I just wanted to know if anyone is taking Siberian ginseng elethero and if there were any side effects? And also did it work for the adrenals?Thanks, Fran
  • sm4321

    Hypo + Alcohol

    Hi all -I've been Hashimoto / hypo for at least 10 yrs (just turned 40). I recently had an experience with alcohol that makes zero sense given a history of nothing like this ever happening  I hopped in car after drinking 3.5 beers 2 hours earlier with food, then did not feel well while driving so I pulled over. Police stopped behind me after a few minutes to see what was happening; they made me...
  • BeWhale

    Should I see an endocrinologist?

    I am a 23 year old woman. So as of this year I have been an experiencing an extremely high heart rate of 120-130 resting. I have seen my GP twice this year due to a middle ear infection and the other occasion was severe joint pain. Each time they did blood work. The 1st time my Tsh level was 1.9 reference range is (.04-4.5) the second time it was 2.3 with the same reference ranges. Unfortunately...
  • rebelmoon


    I am a 22-year-old female, and I was diagnosed in December. I know it has not been that long and maybe the medication isn't making its effect, but lately, I feel worse than what I did before I was diagnosed. I start getting a sore throat but it feels different than that. I went to the urgent care because I felt my throat closing up. I get dizzy, I have passed out in the beginning, and most...
  • Sally3

    Having trouble with medication decrease

    Hi I am new to this support group. I have had medication induced Hyperthyroidism for the past few years. I orginally have Hashimoto's disease since I was 20. I felt pretty good on the higher dose and the only symptoms I started expieriencing was a little insomnia. But my numbers were so low and my thryroid was so stimulated that they began bumping me down last year in January. Well I ended up in...
  • loobyloo

    New Results. TSH has risen but T3 stayed the same.

    HiI have just joined and was recommended to come here by someone on a U.K. forum. I am from the U.K. so all my results are U.K. measurements.I was daignosed hypothyroid six years ago but was kept on the starting dose of 50mcg. of levothyroxine for 18 months. I then increased and worked up to 125mcg.I felt O.K. when taking 125mcg. of levo. but felt there was room for improvement. My Doctor then...
  • allmarie23

    Hypothyroidism and coffee

    Does anyone else have energy fluctuations after drinking coffee? Hi, It it nice to meet you all. I am new to the group and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in June of 2015. So being a coffee drinker for most of my life, I noticed that I am no longer able to tolerate it as good I used to. My heart starts beating fast which results in my energy level depleting and I have to rest while my energy...
  • deleted_user

    fluctuating tsh - what can ido

    hello everyone,well its been awhile since I lasted posted. Am still suffering from intermittant severe fatigue and breathlessness, anxiety disorders and depression. Infact today have cried most of the day.Has RAI fro Graves Disease back in Jan 2009 and after many months of being very HYPO I have has blood tests in normal range for five months. However in that time all three of my numbers have...
  • Eating can be fun and enjoyable, but you must know the recipe...first! If you are struggling with a thyroid gland disorder, especially if that disorder is called Hashimoto’s Disease (make sure your doctors are running your thyroid antibodies to determine this), I can guarantee that certain foods will make your health condition worse.I have put together some easy to make, tasty, dinner recipes...
  • Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.  I left a very lengthy post to the group a short time ago that I was not able to edit as I can tell or find under the new DS format so thought being this topic is one that should have some additional attention anyhow and us with thyroid issues might have a shorter attention span as I had a couple years back...  In that previous post I mentioned; diet,...
  • Ladies & Gentlemen of the thyroid support group.  First off, hope you all are doing well and feeling better. Second, I wanted to share some positive info as well as some resources that have helped me personally that I felt compelled to share with you all.  A few things I have done but won't get into all the details is learned to diminish my symptoms and reduce my levels as well as...
  • dawnrose0004

    Can everyone say Hi??

    Hi everyone!I have been missing the regular posts from people before they changed the format on the website. So I was wondering...can the regulars just give a quick hi??? I'love go first!!! Hi everybody!!!Dawn
  • Denay

    New and confused

    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism over the phone last week after having my labs drawn. I received no answers or anything just told to take Synthroid and have my labs redrawn in a month. My TSH was 17.17 and my free Thyroxine was .70I am not sure what to do or if I need to ask for any different labs I just need help 
  • grandmama1

    Anyone here?

    just wondering if anyone still uses this message board? Seems it s pretty dead lately, or has everyone moved to another board?