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Hypothyroidism is the disease state caused by insufficient production of thyrohormone by the thyroid gland. There are several distinct causes for chronic hypothyroidism, the most common being Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism following radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. Advanced hypothyroidism may cause severe complications, the most serious one of which is myxedema.

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  • avishay


    did any one know about natpara side efectes and what the risk for long time?? what helpes treat side efects ? and any information that can help?? tnx
  • rubyc

    Is T3 helpful and where can I buy it in U.K.?

    Hii have been taking levothyroxine now for seven years and my dose keeps increasing. Recently (apx nine months ago) despite taking 225mg per day I still do not feel quite right and my weight is increasing despite walking for all 11km per day.  Is it safe to take T3? Does it work taking alongside my other medications? How much is recommended and where can I buy it from please?
  • Simpson09

    Hypo Symptoms

    HelloI have nevered research any medical topics online but I have to search out knowleagable people who are living with this illness for question,my husband was diagnosedwith hypothyroidism 5 weeks ago and was put on 0.05mg of levothyroxine, his doctor said he have to start at a small dose take another blood test in 6 weeks and maybe increase. My husband was first diagnosed as depressed,which I...
  • deleted_user

    Ladies: Please share your favorite beauty products

    Most of my life I have had unusually dry skin and hair and in recent years have developed cracking heels and my scalp itches unless I wash my hair almost every day. I do lots of research on skin care and hope others will step forward with their tips and products.Please list the products that work for you. Here are some of mine:1. CeraVe facial cleanser. I used to stick to generic cetaphil ONLY...
  • Ive swapped back to 3 grains (powder capsules) of NDT from a slight higher dose of synthetic t4/t3 which wasnt raising my ft3 levels.Anyway I have a bit of a frontal lobe headache and woke up jittery the first morning and find it hard to fall asleep.?Because its powder its impossible to accurately titrate and it cost a fortune. So should I just stick it out and get a blood test in a couple of...
  • utahgal


    I know it takes 4-6 weeks to optimize T4 with each dose increase. Does anyone know how long it takes T3 to reach its peak with each dose increase?In other words, when would I *feel* the maximum benefit after increasing?
  • HipHappy

    Ive tried em all, no hormones work, help!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys and ladies.Been out of the threads for a while.Last year I came off my meds, I wanted to see where my thyroid was at, in 4 months I put on 16kg. My TSH flatlined at 45 and my FT4 was 6, I forget my FT3.Anyway, I had tried Synthetic T4, I then tried Whole Thyroid (compounded), I tried Whole Thyroid with Synthetic, I tried Synthetic T4 and T3. I tried Synthetic t3 only.Still my symptoms...
  • dbean

    Advice please??

    Hi,i have felt very unwell for the last 12 months. GP diagnosed GAD as I have suffered with this in the past. However despite trying different anti-depressants I still feel unwell. I also feel very different to how I have done when I've had anxiety in the past. I have had a tsh test done twice both coming back fairly low but in normal range. My mum, grandma and auntie all have hypothyroidism. My...
  • Fly304

    Mixed symptoms

    I just found out that lithium can cause hypo. Why is it that ive been on this drug for years and no one mentioned this? I just saw an allergist and he told me!! Ive been having problems for awhile, been tested once maybe twice, ...nothing. in the past year ive had problems with exteme sweating and getting hot, sleep problems, anxiety, chronic constipation, extreme fatigue, weight issues, and just...
  • missd12932


    I am stopping my T3 until I see my doc next week. I will not put up withthe palpataions on 2 1/2 mgs. I feel like I'm running a marathon for 4-6 hours every morning. Then I am totally wiped out. Enough.I was doing fine on the T4 only. but my FT3 was not very high.But this is no way to live.
  • kklim

    Where to buy T3 online?

    Hi folks. Can someone point me to websites where I can buy T3? Was diagnosed last August but have had the symptoms for several years. My endo manages TSH levels, not symptoms, and it's diff to switch to another one (insurance, etc)Tried extra virgin coconut oil and just started on selenium and awashghanda. On 37.5mg T4 daily. No longer get leg cramps and pins and needles in fingertips are less...
  • fallingleaves

    Sinus problems?

    I've been having awful sinus problems for the last 6 weeks.It just wont clear up.I was reading online and read that sinus problems can be connected to thyroid problems.Wow! i didnt know that! I'm not sure how that is connected,but it could be.Anyone else a chronic sinus sufferer? have any tips for chronic inflamation?
  • TwoBoyz

    Help with Test Results

    Hi folks -Not sure if this is the best place to post - if you think it might be best somewhere else, please let me know!  I have a complicated symptom history that includes unexplained hair loss (on head and body) and unintentional weight loss and inability to gain no matter how much I eat.  My thyroid has been tested hundreds of times at this point.  Anyway, I've noticed some weakness and...
  • Tinker123

    Armour Thyroid and heart palpitations

    My endocrinologist had just changed my medication to armour Thyroid 90mg. I use to be on levothyroxine but always felt so tired. I've noticed about the second week of taking Armour that I have been getting heart palpitations and I called my Endocrinologist to let him know. He wanted me to come in for labs so here are my results...he wants to decrease my dose down to75mg. Is this a normal TSH?0.156
  • deleted_user

    Celiac Link?

    So I'm digging deeper into my research now, preparing for my next appointment later this month. I am seeing a TON of information linking Celiac Disease with Thyroid Disease. . . Are any/many of you also diagnosed with Celiac? I read in the Journal Of Gastroenterology (March 2007..vol 13 I believe) that those diagnosed wit hthyroid disease are recommended to be tested for CD, whether they exhibit...