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Hypothyroidism is the disease state caused by insufficient production of thyrohormone by the thyroid gland. There are several distinct causes for chronic hypothyroidism, the most common being Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism following radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. Advanced hypothyroidism may cause severe complications, the most serious one of which is myxedema.

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  • red102167msncom

    Thyroid scan results

    My sonogram results: Any input? Still new to all of thisThanksFINDINGS:The thyroid gland is heterogeneous in echotexture with prominent vascularity.The right lobe of the thyroid gland measures 3.9 x 1.2 x 1.5 cm. The left lobe of the thyroid gland measures 4.1 x 1.3 x 1.6 cm. The isthmus measures 0.3 centimeters.RIGHT LOBE:Nodule 1: In the right lower pole thyroid, there is a relatively...
  • I've been reading the Recovering with T3 blog. The below link leads to a post which states that the benefits of T3 may only be temporary for some people. Adding the T3 may cause a decrease in T4-T3 conversion in their body. After a few weeks they will find they begin start feeling bad again. They increase the T3 dose, feel better for a short time, and then degrade again.Has anybody here...
  • ralpert

    Hypothyroidism and Medicare

    Can anyone advise me on Medicare coverage of thyroid blood tests? I have an aunt who was diagnosed about 8 mths ago and she hasn't had any further blood tests. She is convinced Medicare will only cover one test per year. I've been trying to find online information but am just finding generic maintenance testing info.Would she be able to do more frequent testing in order to optimize and be assured...
  • ThusFar

    Air Hunger question

    I have had SOB on exertion and gasping at night for 10 months.  I was recently diagnosed hypothyroid and have learned about the breathing problems associated with that.  I've been on 75mcg ofLevothyrosine for 12 days and am hopeful I will finally get some relief.  I am hoping my treatment isn't as complicated as what I am reading it has been for so many people.  I would like to know if anyof...
  • SB1111

    Labs Help

    Hi everyone, Was hoping you could help with interpreting my labs. Was treated for subclinial hypothyrodism in the past. I am always cold and have fatigue. Thank you in advance!T3 Total - 80 (71 in February 2016)TSH .75 (February 2016 1.25)T4 Free 1.1 (same as Feb 2016)
  • fallingleaves

    Sinus problems?

    I've been having awful sinus problems for the last 6 weeks.It just wont clear up.I was reading online and read that sinus problems can be connected to thyroid problems.Wow! i didnt know that! I'm not sure how that is connected,but it could be.Anyone else a chronic sinus sufferer? have any tips for chronic inflamation?
  • Hi everyoneThis group is moving slow but thought i'd say hi.Ive been freezing cold,like teeth chattering cold and than so hot.My body temperature is fluctuating wildly.I am way past menopause and the hot flashes for that stopped years ago.I'm guessing its my thyroid..Next week I go for my annual ultrasound to see what the nodules are doing.i'm hoping and praying nothing is too big ,as I dont want...
  • DeeP

    Also new, Hashimoto's

    Hi everyone! I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's after almost a decade of suspecting I had a thyroid problem. Every time I went to see my primary care provider to get labs done, the tests came back "normal". So I started to think I was bipolar bc of the nasty mood swings. A few months ago, the test with the regular labs showed my thyroid overfunctioning and during my visit to the...
  • queenmakeda

    Overactive Thyroid

    last month, i got diagnosed with hypertension thyroid been struggling with the side effects the most lately huge chances such as loosing lots of weight, nasuesous, dizziness, excesive eating, loss of concentration the list just goes on I am very scared it could potentially be cancerous. Here i am 23 years old and have excessive high blood pressure all the time it got so bad that i ended up in the...
  • bm63

    Would this be enough proof

    https://www.aacc.org/~/media/practice-guidelines/thyroid-disease/thyroidarchived2010.pdf?la=en       on page 40 at the top in the box it says Ft4 must be in the upper part of the range. I am thinking about getting a copy and give it to my daughters not so savy doctor
  • heatherm

    New to Group: Hashimoto

    Hi. I have been reading links posted here and am seeing that my Hashimotos Disease is likely the culprit of my years of battling depression, anxiety, and mood changes. I have been prioritizing my mood meds since I cant stand feeling "crazy". I skip my thyroid meds often just because I didnt really get the connection. Yes, the hair, nails, skin, and fatigue. But mental?? Oh my goodness. To think...
  • bm63

    Hate doctors

    I have been trying to get a doctor to start my daughter on thyroid meds but no luck. Her TSH is 3.69....Ft4 is 1.11  in  a range of .93 to 1.70. All three docs thinks that is fine and they wont listen to me. She is going to get her own meds. Feeling sorry for all the people that are suffering because the doctor is not educated on thyroid, or they dont give a crap or keep us sick so they can...
  • ralpert

    Nearly 3 wks on Cytomel...

    The transformation is amazing. I feel better and better every day. I didn't realize how much of my flexibility and balance I had lost. I'm getting it all back along with my strength and stamina. Even my eyesight is sharper. This morning I felt so good that I went for a walk through my neighborhood. There is a 1 mile loop that I haven't been able to do for years. Today I went around twice. I feel...
  • 2magicman

    Doctor said

    I was at the doctor on Saturday for lab on my thyroid. He told me that I have to loos some weight and watch my carb intake. Dose anyone now how to eat low carb and or what should I avoid. Thanks.Scott
  • Recent

    First dose.

    Hi everyone. I was just diagnosed with graves.  They have me on methimazole and metoprolol.  About to take first dose. Wondering what to expect. If anyone could hepbthat would be great.  Thanks!