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Hypoparathyroidism is decreased function of the parathyroid glands, leading to decreased levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH). The consequence, hypocalcemia, is a serious medical condition. This presents with tremor, tetany and, eventually, convulsions. Severe hypocalcemia, a potentially life-threatening condition, is treated as soon as possible with intravenous calcium.

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  • sbz

    recently diagnosed with Hypoparathyroidism

    hey,  I am 23 recently diagnosed with Hypoparathyroidism .I have no symptoms of muscle weakness or anything just little bit of dizziness when I don't take my supplement but the most irritating thing happens to me is that i hear buzzing sound in my rightt ear. Doctor say It is called tinnitus also I have lost 10% of my hearing ability. does any has this also? 
  • Psithurism38

    New to Natpara

    I began my treatment this past Tuesday. After my total thyroidectomy because of Medullary Thyroid Cancer, I became hypopara.  I am praying that this drug will do what the doctor and the reps are saying it will. Living Hypopara has been a nightmare. I think we can all agree on that. I live in a small community and the physicians here really had no idea how to treat me. I am the first patient that...
  • Hello, I just found this group after doing some research into my health. My history... I am nearly 40 and I have had muscle problems (sometimes severely debilitating cramps ongoing) and fatigue since a teenager. Many many tests over the years led my Drs to say it's all in my head :( I've lost jobs over this pain which cycles in and out of my life after stressful events. The fatigue seems to be...
  • RiseAbove15

    I've never known anyone else with this!!

    Can I just say how excited I am to be able to talk with people about this? Heres my long story short:About 12 years ago--well exactly 12 on April 1st--I went into full tetany for 15 minutes. I was only 17 and thought I was healthy until that point. I had to spend 4 days in ICU getting calcium drips and muscle relaxers to ease my pain and tetany! Anyone else ever gone into full tetany? I now have...
  • sperez


    My doctor is wanting me to start taking te Natpara injections. Has anyone taken these injections and how was it? Any side affected?SPerez
  • RainbowLeigh83

    Is this group still active?

    I am new to this group and it seems as though all of the posts are old. Is anyone one out there????
  • Plainville1970

    New to group

    Hello. My name is Stacy. I have been dealing with health issues for several years and for the past two I've been in the hospital every three/four months just to get IV calcium. I was finally told I had hypoparathyroidism in june. I had a roux-en-y gastric bypass in 2000. I don't think it's performed anymore because of the side effects. I'm missing first 18 inches of intestines so I don't absorb...
  • Nikkiboggan

    Hi, I'm new.

    I live in Alabama I've been dealing with this for a little over a year.  It's been the hardest year of my life. 
  • deleted_user

    Type of calcium you are taking?

    Hello! My name is shelly and I'm new to this forum. I have suffered from hyparathyroidism for approx 18 months following the removal of my thyroid. I spent the first 6 months in the ICU because we couldnt' get my calcium under control. We found that I could not absorb the Oscal pills, or Tums... I now take Calcium Carbonate Oral Solution. It's a drink, and it can pull me out of a calcium low...
  • I have lost my ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands to autoimmune disease. I had a slightly elevated PTH reading last time it was tested. Then I developed what they called burning mouth disease and I have trigger fingers and toes and some leg cramping. My concern is that my Hashimoto's started out elevated before my thyroid burnt itself out in parts. Does the parathyroid do the same? My PTH was...
  • eve417

    extremely tired any suggestions?

    hello, i have been struggling with extreme exhaustion since my thyroid surgery damaged my parathyroid glands. my TSH is in the normal range, my calcium is on the low side (just under normal) but i feel so exhausted all the time. anyone have any suggestions or remedies that have worked for them?
  • joybarrowcole

    Memory loss and disorientation

    If I didn't know that hypoparathyroidism caused cognitive decline, I would have myself tested for dementia. I have gotten "lost" while driving in my own neighborhood twice in the last six months. My job as a professor is severely affected by my memory lapses. Anyone else having these symptoms?
  • kgore

    tingling and numbness in legs

    Hi all,I was put on thyroxine a few months ago (50mcg) because of my rising tsh and feeling weak and chronically tired. Generally the thyroxine has made a huge difference and I am feeling stronger within myself. However I have developed an annoying symptom of late that could be related to the thyroxine. I have a strange feeling in my legs. Tingling and a kind of numbness that does not go away. ...
  • deleted_user

    Low Parathyroid Symptoms?

    I've just learned that I my parathyroid is low, during a visit to the Mayo Clinic. During this visit I presumed we'd be figuring out my thyroid hormones, and they tested for and discovered a problem with my parathyroid. I go back in 1 week, at which point I'll ask some more questions of them.For now, of my symptoms, which can be related to the parathyroid problem? (I'm also low on T3, for what...
  • deleted_user

    Does this sound like you?

    Aloha,I am wondering about the symptoms you have experienced with your hypoparathyroidism. I haven't been diagnosed but I'm thinking this could be what's wrong with me. Unlike many of you, my problems are not the result of surgery so it has been a much slower onset. I am experiencing pain and/or tingling in my feet (more so) and my hands. My feet are particularly painful when I first get up...