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Human papillomavirus is a diverse group of DNA-based viruses that infect the skin and mucous membranes of humans. More than 100 different human papillomavirus (HPV) types have been characterized. Some HPV types cause benign skin warts, or papillomas, for which the virus family is named. HPVs associated with the development of such "common warts" are transmitted environmentally or by casual skin-to-skin contact.

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  • I am 25 years old male. On Feb 15th on frustration of not having girl friend for years, I paid a women for sex and she gave me unprotected oral sex and protected sex. Next day, I seen red spots on my penis head. I went to doctor, he cannot determine what is it but he said let him know if I have any blisters. I got one blister today and I am going to doctor tomorrow morning. I am terrified, I...
  • Melbel


    so I'm a 24 year old female and today I found out I have hpv high risk but my dr doesn't want to do anything she said it usually clears up on its own and come back in a year for a Pap smear but I read online about a colposcopy and I'm just so scared should I be just waiting I can't stop crying!
  • glade18

    Can Gardasil cause genital warts?

    Last March, I got my first of 3 shots of Gardasil. During end of the month, my vagina and anus started itching, and I also noticed a small growth which I suspected to be just a skin tag or a keloid from all that scratching. When I went back to my ob for the 2nd shot, I complained about the itching and upon inspection, I was diagnosed with genital warts. My doctor said it could not possibly be the...
  • insecure101

    Accepting my faith....

    Where do i even begin?It all started when i was 16 and i made the biggest mistake of my life. There was this guy i was speaking too and he invited me over. We had spoken several times and i explained to him how i didnt wanna have sex and someone i trusted him. I went to his house and we started to kiss and stuff, normal right? Then he started to get touchy but i didnt mind because i never been...
  • cas123

    GW and Relationships

    I decided to join this group as I have not told anyone that I am dealing with GW. It has caused so much depression in my life. I have read up on treatments, etc but what I am most concerned with is my romantic future. I want so badly to fall in love and have a family. I am 28 years old and I just feel like no man would ever want to touch me or explore a relationship as I am damaged goods. Since I...
  • Lilyani

    Diagnosed with HPV

    Hi guys, I was recently diagnosed with HPV... Right after the call I texted the two partners that I had within the past 6 months. I asked both to get tested because there are two circumstances in which Hpv could have been transmitted. #1 The 1st guy could have given it to me & Ignorant as I could have been I may have passed it along to my new sexual partner. #2 my new sexual partner could have...
  • deleted_user

    Just Curious....

    I guess I'm starting a poll. Anyone care to tell how long they have been battling gential warts regardless of treatments?
  • Aba26

    HPV and passing it to a new partner

    I was diagnosed with HPV roughly 8 years ago (the kind that causes GW). Since that time, they have cleared after the very first episode and have not reoccured. I am divorced now, and seeing a new partner. What's the chances of him contracting it since it's been so long and with no new symptoms or outbreaks?? 
  • deleted_user

    I hope this helps someone :)

    I found out I had GW not too long ago (btw I'm a 21yr old female), and when I first discovered it, I freaked out!! But, I have done a lot of research since then and I just came back from my first appointment with my gyno, and I just want all of you that are worried, scared, confused, sad, angry, etc... to know that it is not as bad as you think it is! My GWs are clearing up on their own....
  • Sam.mayer

    My Story With HPV

    just wanted to share my story with HPV and how i beat that annoying virus and i kicked it in the teeth.it all started 5 years back when i got this from my partner. she told me about this after she gave it to me. when i told her that i started noticing bumps on the base of my shaft. it was a horrible moment but yeah i do thank GOD every moment it was only HPV.i started the regular protocol of each...
  • deleted_user

    HPV Hope and Success

    To all the wonderful people that are on this site and are dealing with HPV, I want you to know it's going to be okay! :) Thanks to this support group, I was able to seek confidence and answers when I felt lost when I was first diagnosed with both low-risk and high risk HPV back in 2012. I feel like its my turn to share my success, and give hope to others. So here's my story:Back on September 23,...
  • ScaredinCollege

    Life changed...

    Hi , I am a senior in college 21 yrs and about to graduate in May. Before two days ago I was carefree and finally excited to start life as a real adult. Until the results of my first ever Pap smear came back as 'postive' for hpv. The hypercondriac in me has been looking up info even ever since I've been diagnosed. Ive had no bumps or warts neither has my partner ( together for over a yr) so I'm...
  • Armywife

    Getting diagnosed

    I found out today that I have hpv. I've always been so careful. I was tested years ago and got a clean bill of health and since then only have been with my husband who has never cheated. I had a bump that was an ingrown hair and I even saw a hair come from it. it turned into a smaller bump and never went away. my doctor said he can't be for sure unless they do a biopsy of it but he's pretty...
  • btb2000

    Just Diagnosed and Feeling Scared and Alone

    I got a call from my doctor on Monday to say that I have HPV. I understood very little about it and didn't know what to ask. I formulated a list of questions to email my doctor the next day and the only thing she responded with to say was to just wear a condom and that she'd be out of the office for the next week and there would be no way to reach her. I tried talking to my boyfriend who...
  • anxiousbird

    Anxious to heal

    I've recently have been diagnosed with a low grade hpv that recently had results with me getting genital warts. I'm still devasted that I have to write that about myself or say it out loud to my partner after nine years . He's been so great but I feel disgusted and ashamed of myself. I'm 26 female and don't like to think of me having this all my life. I was just diagnosed because I go yearly for...