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Human papillomavirus is a diverse group of DNA-based viruses that infect the skin and mucous membranes of humans. More than 100 different human papillomavirus (HPV) types have been characterized. Some HPV types cause benign skin warts, or papillomas, for which the virus family is named. HPVs associated with the development of such "common warts" are transmitted environmentally or by casual skin-to-skin contact.

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  • I first noticed that I had warts about 8 months ago but it took me another month of denial before I told my doctor. My treatment started with liquid nitrogen, fucidin cream and the Guardasil vaccine. After 5 agonizing months of treatment and MANY liquid nitrogen application they finally went away. All was going fine until last month when I noticed there was another outbreak in another location....
  • deleted_user

    Struggling with suicide from HPV stigma

    Hello everyoneI am a 39 year old male who found a few small genital warts about 2 years ago. I've had them frozen off, they haven't come back yet. I'm otherwise healthyNow I'm stuck with the reality that if I am to stay true to my own character, I have to tell my potential partners about it. Until I've had no outbreaks for five years, I feel it's my responsibility to share it. In lieu of a...
  • Cursedforlyfe


    I was diagnosed last year around the same time, November December. I was cleared by a full blood test which confused me at first due to red spot on the side of my head (penis). Went to a dermatologist after it did not go away and basically hit me with the worst possible news. Still hard to believe but it's haunting me and I'm having a hard time adjusting and getting rid of these small red spots...
  • xolovelyonexo

    19 Newly Diagnosed

    My doctor literally just called me a hour ago stating that my papsmear results came back abnormal and that it's HPV, I'm 19 years old, haven't had sex in a year, I've had cervical exams before and no one said anything? I'm in college, wanting to be a teacher, is my life over? My doctor said she will set up an appointment with an OBGYN. Any advice? Will I have a normal life?
  • hopeful4567

    Genital Warts and Marijuana

    Hey dailystrength people,I'm new to this forum:I have had genital warts for about 4 months now. IT SUCKS. But what sucks about it even more is that I can't even smoke marijuana to help me cope with it all! Every time I smoke marijuana My genitals get itchy all over and the next day I notice more growths.I have been keeping my immune system healthy, I smoke maybe once a month now in which I do not...
  • sarasimon1

    Passing it on

    hi I had an outbreak of warts for about 4 or 5 months and they went away on their own. before they were completely gone (a couple were still there, barely visible) I slipped up and had unprotected sex, it was only one time. did i pass hpv to my partner? Is there any chance that I didn't? Please help 
  • Oddesttt

    Im not sure if this is throat hpv

    In June I begin experiencing issues with my throat. Itchy inner ears, dry cough my teeth/jaw were hurting me so badly i couldnt swallow or eat really. I was a heavy marijuana smoker i contributed most of my symptoms to having an allergic reaction i always felt like i had something caught in my throat after smoking id have a very dry cough.. One day the cough stopped but the feeling of something...
  • Hi! I am a 24 year old woman living in California. I am sexually active and have been with one partner for over four years. (He has only been with me, too.) I was sent in to my gynecologist recently to have a pap done. My PC was concerned over a 2inch cyst on my right ovary (I have PCOS, so I thought it was to be expected.) Anyway, the pap came back with one positive result: HPV mRNA E6/E7,...
  • Pretzel13

    My millennial friends

    I'm 47 yrs old single mom working full time and I'm in sandwich generation which means I'm taking of my child and elderly father. On my days off I'm always doing fun stuff with my family and friends. Yes,  I'm a busy woman finding a time slot for dating it's a a lot of work lol. It's my personal choice not to get involved with someone. If Gods will if I meet someone that I can't resist and we...
  • Allison8585

    HPV Question - Please help

    About a year and a half ago, my Pap smear came back abnormal as well as detection of HPV. I had no evidence of warts, and was sent for a colposcopy soon after.  The results of that came back negative for pre-cancerous cells. Last week I had another Pap/hpv screen done and the Pap came back normal and hpv was undetected. What does this mean exactly, am I rid of the virus? And with these...
  • Wellhell

    I believe I have hpv

    So about 8 months ago I had got into a relationship with a guy and the day after we had sex everything burned and I went to the doctor and got a std check and everything came back normal. They did more tests and said it was BV and some yeast but after treatment I still felt off and they just kind of treated me like I was crazy. After 3 months I did the std check again just to make sure it wasn't...
  • SpeedBumps

    Genital Warts

    I feel like a disgusting human being. I've had these things for quite a while, very tiny. And i know i should get them treated. But i'm just not in the right mindframe right now to do it. I'm so embarassed and alone.  Every once in a while i feel very lonely and i think about dating and sex.  But i can't bare the thought of even really considering dating anyone for a serious realationship,...
  • Disillusioned

    desperate for hpv guidance

    I’m a gay man who was diagnosed with HPV 6 years ago after someone slipped something in my drink and took advantage of me.  I had one wart removed from inside my anus, which resulted in a chronic anal fissure that I can’t get under control.  I have severe OCD as well, with contamination being my primary obsession.   The hpv caused my ocd to spiral out of control. The hpv is a primary...
  • HPVsucks

    2 HPV cures to try at home

    what's up guys, i am a 22 year old male and i contracted hpv when i was 19 from one of my past girlfriends. Now what i wil be talking to you about in this post is how to get rid of these warts once and for all but before that im gonna talk a little bit about me. i started off with genital warts then it somehow got to my lower back where my back meets the crack of my butt thank god i dont have it...
  • positiveoutlook14

    Confused and wanting some hope

    Hello,I recently discovered my husband of five years was cheating on me.  We both already have HSV, genital herpes.  It's been a long time so I am actually alright with it.  I have come to terms with it and haven't let it ruin my life.Fast forward, my husband cheated on me and had a full out affair with someone else.  We have been separated since.  I had a sexual partner and contracted HPV...