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High cholesterol is the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood. It is not a disease but a metabolic derangement that can be secondary to many diseases and can contribute to many forms of disease, most notably cardiovascular disease. If you have high cholesterol, join the community to find support and share your experience.

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  • sptrout

    No link between high LCL and mortality in elderly

    Big Pharma suffered another setback with the publication of a large study that compared mortality rates in people over 65 and their LDL cholesterol levels. In fact the study shows that people over 65 live longer with high levels of the so-called "bad cholesterol" than those with low levels of LDL. Take that stupid Crestor commercials! The first link below takes will take you to a quick summary...
  • patrick99

    Need some support

    I am M/33 and have been struggling with high cholestrol for a couple of years now. My doctor has tried so many things but it did not help. He called me yesterday and asked if anyone in my family died of heart attack at an young age. That just freaked me out and was looking for some support. None of my family members have this problem.1. Few years back he started me on Atorvastatin 50mg. It helped...
  • DrWaz

    How to lower cholesterol naturally ...

    Hi there everyone,I am new to these forums and wanted to share information to get your feedback on it. Basically I am a doctor and we treat a lot of people with high blood cholesterol. I want everyone and not only my patients know that there are natural ways to lower it and only SOME ways have been shown to be effective.Thats why I made the attached docsIf you find it useful or want to see more...
  • dpressedx2


    I've been on pravastatin only a week and feel nauseous and weak. Doctor said get off the pravastatin but how do I treat the side effects?
  • ray2500

    armolipid plus

    i need advice on this , does it help in reducing cholestrol , does any one takes it here 
  • ray2600

    ok so here it is please read

    some time ago i went for me lab and my numbers were cholestrol at 201 and tryglcerides at 235 if i recall my doct said well you need to take astorvsstatin 40 mg one pill a day now reading what i read here and seeing what a statin can do for u i was naturally scared ..i must say that i also have diabetes and AFIb .for that i am on metformin and blood thinners.any way i did couple of things , i...
  • sptrout

    Saturated Fat Finally Vindicated in Buried Study

    If you think replacing saturated fats with grain oils (a.k.a. vegetable oils) is a good and healthy idea, then you should read the articles at the links below. Grain oils (why are they called vegetable oils when they are all may from highly processed grains?) were know years ago to be deadly, and even today big pharma and the AMA do not want you to know the truth; way too much money at stake for...
  • markwynne

    Weaning off statins

    I plan to ditch my statins. Is it a complex procedure to wean off or can I just stop taking them?
  • sensations8457

    New to the group with question.

    My Cholesterol has been getting higher over the past 5 years, the doctor has been trying to put me on lipitor, I did try it for a while, and got terrible leg cramps so I stopped. 2 years ago, I found out I have fatty liver.My diet doesn't seem to make a difference. Just got it tested. these are my results.Cholesterol 238 last year they were 207Triglycerides 50 last year 94Hdl - 63 last year...
  • missd12932

    Fish oil

    My Doc said he read of two major studies [double blind] that showed2,000's of fish oil twice a day lowered Cholesterol. So I am trying it.I will let you know in probably March how it turns out.My cholesterol has run in the 300's for many years.
  • mobeen42

    I am new here

    Recently i have done test for my lipid profile and the results are belowCholesterol 219Triglycerides 260HDL 36LDL 130VLDL 53Cholesterol / HDL Cholesterol ratio is 6.4Is it very high. I am 30m and should i use medicine to lower it done. Please advise
  • ray2600

    triglycerides 233 . cholestro 201

    I just got my labs and i am not happy .I am not on any cholesterol lowering drugs .Any help and guidence will help thanks ray
  • ray2600

    atorvastatin 40 mg

    I have asked by my doc to take the ATOVASTATIN 40 MG ONCE A DAY ANY OPINION ON THAT RAY
  • deleted_user

    Very high cholesterol

    Hello, I was hoping to get some advice please. I am a 34 year old male, I am 510 and I weigh approximately 100kg(220lb). My entire life I have been overweight and my weight has fluctuated between 80kg 100kg. I did smoke for approximately 8 years, however I quit about 5 years ago. I would consider myself a light drinker, however there have been periods throughout my life where I either havent...
  • ray2600

    garlic tablets

    does it help to buy garlic tablets help in cholesterolthanks