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There are several kinds of hernias, but the all happen when pressure pushes an organ (often the intestine) through a weak spot in a muscle face or wall. Treatment for hernias can be no treatment, to medicines to surgery. Modern surgical methods to treat hernias are much improved over older techniques and recovery times are much shorter.

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  • deleted_user

    Chest pain with Hiatal hernia

    Has anyone had chest pain with their hiatal hernia and if so can you discribe how it feels to you. Sharp? Stabbing? I have had a hiatal hernia for yrs now but lately I have been having chest pain and wonder if it is from this. I also have fibromyalgia and wonder if that may be the cause. Any replys are welcome...thanks
  • Noreen12

    My situation

    I have been diagnosed with a small HH recently ....seeing the Specialist was like going to an assembly line.  No real good information and mixed information (and quick appointments) I understand generally what i have but i still have questions that are unanswered. The main one is a movement inside me just under my ribs (seems to be where i was told the HH is located) it moves around daily and...
  • KatProblems

    Hiatal hernia has gotten worse

    I have GERD, IBSC and more but also a hiatal hernia.  My gastro doesnt think much about it, just lose weight and take my omperazole, which doesnt even work. I feel like I am talking to a brickwall when I talk to her.I had deep chest pain and couldnt burp so I went to ER, had a lot of test the whole routine and gave me carafate. I already dealing with constipation so carafate will make it worse....
  • KatProblems


    I was put on atenolol about seven months ago because when I did the treadmill test my blood pressure went way up.My reflux has gotten worse lately. I read reviews about atenolol and read I wasn't alone. I am having hiatal hernia pain I never had before.i can't even eat yogurt now or anything without acid mouth I am going to get off of it. Headed to dr this afternoon will ask if I need to wean...
  • deleted_user

    Hiatal and bad breath

    I have suffered with bad breath for as long as I can remember. It causes me great anxiety on a daily basis to the point where I want to do nothing but cry. I have tried absolutely everything and when I go to the dentist and mention it they just tell me to floss more or something. I have great oral hygiene and no amount of brushing or mouthwash will get rid of it. When I was diagnosed with a...
  • deleted_user


    How was your HH diagnosed?What's the best means of diagnosis?
  • Kimber1980

    Nissen Surgery-To Do or Not To Do

    Hello!  I have a hiatal hernia, along with reflux.  I am about to have the Nissen surgery and was wanting any advice from others in this group that have had it.  I am so worried of having problems post-op, and keep going back and forth.  My hernia was found twice by an endoscopy, but then I had a barium swallow done, and they did not see it.  After my second endoscopy, I was told it was a...
  • fursecu

    Please help diagnose 3 years old hiatal hernia

    Hello, my name is Alex and I am 29 years old, living in Romania. I went to gym between 2012-2014 and I lifted weights. By September 2014 I began to feel a few burns on the sternum, intermitent cramps. One evening, as I was sitting at my PC, I felt like my stomach moved, like it slipped a little to the left, below the ribs, and appeared like a small bump.I was a big scared, but it did not hurt. I...
  • Jpierce21


    I'm hoping this doesn't sound dumb. 5 years ago I had surgery on an abdominal hernia. 2 years ago I had surgery on the same spot. Now sometime this year I'll need surgery again, same spot. Here lately I've had serious gas problems, to the point where there's intense pain. And I've noticed what seems to be bloating in my belly. I'm just wondering if there's a connection between the gas and the...
  • Hi, I have just been told I have a Hitatal Hernia, after believing I had Barrets Oes for two years. As I got told I had something different rather than HH, I carried on doing sport (I have a PT once a week) and I do medium weight lifting more than I do cardio so 4/5 days a week. I have been told from my friends I shoudln't really do any lifting, squatting, pushing anything really to do with...
  • Nicole11

    Hiatal Hernia Surgery pre-pregnanacy

    Hi, I am a 27 year old woman who is going to need a hiatal hernia repair surgery this spring. Are there any women in this age range who had surgery prior to getting pregnant who could share their experiences? What did your doctors tell you about the risk of getting pregnant after surgery? Did anyone recommend c-section as apposed to natural delivery? Did you expereince failure of your HH repair...
  • Krymie

    Large Hiatal Hernia - Questions before Surgery

    I'm looking for some information please. I'm a 37 year old female and I had an endoscopy on Nov 30 due to bad abdominal cramping, nausea, persistent heartburn. The surgeon told me that I have a "very large hiatal hernia" and also chronic oesophagitis and chronic gastritis, which are a result of the hernia. He suggested that I have the hiatal hernia repaired and also undergo the Nissen...
  • Trisley

    Post nissen fundoplication surgery

    Hello, I am new to the boards and I am hoping someone will be able to help me. On January 30th I had surgery for my hiatal hernia and severe gerd. Over the years, I was having severe breathing issues with not being able to take a deep breath. With time, this only got worse and worse to the point where I always felt like I was oxygen starved. For the most part, I've felt okay since the surgery....
  • Nell101

    Best diet

    Hi,Does anyone know what is the best diet to be on if you have HH?
  • Claire41


    Hello i am new to this group. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia two months ago. The diagnoses was good because i now don t go the ER once a month thinking im having a heart attack but still every day is a struggle. There is not much i can do for the pain and discomfort. I have tried a few different diets ,the gerd diet and the palio diet both helped a bit but not for long. I have atopped...