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Heart attack is a serious, sudden heart condition usually characterized by varying degrees of chest pain or discomfort, weakness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and arrhythmias, sometimes causing loss of consciousness. It occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted, causing death and scarring of the local heart tissue.

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  • summerbda19


    Hello,Over the coarse of a couple weeks in the gym I became increasingly short of breath. So I went to my GP who sent me for a calcium Ct scan..... well my test came out horrible. My score is almost 400. I am 50 with a little girl 7 that needs me to be alive!!! I am beyond scared!!! I was a big drinker ( quit 10'years ago) and an ex smoker as well.....my father and grandfather both had heart...
  • markscura

    Hi introducing myself to the club

    Hi everyone My background I suffer from ptsd with panic attacks for the past 7 years. During this time I have been to the Drs and the ER for multitude of tests which have always been normal. My symptoms were chest/ back pain high blood pressure and generally in a state of panic. After the stand ard  tests I'm given an Ativan and sent home and told you are having a panic attack. Just last year I...
  • Kerryo

    New here

    Hello everyone! I found this group and have been reading through the posts and have found a lot of solace in them. I had a very mild heart attack on January 11th and I have been home from the hospital for two days.My back story very briefly (or not so briefly), I am a 54 year old female with no previous history of medical problems, most likely because I suffered from extreme anxiety and was very...
  • TatianaC

    Severe torture/abuse by Canadian law enforcement

    I have been put through severe torture by Canadian law enforcement causing heart damage, they bring my attention to loud sounds and torturing with them making my heart race and blood rush to the head giving heart attack and stroke symptoms, these are loud sudden and constant sounds from extremely loud and sudden to constant causing atrial fibrilation, it doesnt stop and they keep me in a heart...
  • jody0385

    Sadly after 9 years on this site...

    I'm out. The change to this site is not user friendly at all, not easy to navigate and the regulars have already left. I have patience so I waited it out a bit longer than most. It doesn't seem the people in charge care much about the complaints at all. I have complained thru the dailystrength facebook page and even though they answer back nothing has changed. I know several others have done this...
  • Eddie

    panic attacks post stent

    Am coming up on 30 days since my heart attack/stent placement to fix a 100% blocked RCA.  FELT GREAT in the first weeks afterwards with a 'go' from my cardiologist to resume moderate (120 BPM) swimming/biking/running.  Within the last 2 weeks have been experiencing chest pain that have all tested out to be negative after 2 different hospital ER visits which included a successful stress test....
  • Rangers13


    Back in May, I had a few instances where I would feel very flush (warm) and my legs felt shaky and weak. This feeling lasted about a day and then went away. I had a visit with my primary physician who said it was probably an allergic reaction to something I ate. I was skeptical since I monitor my diet.  This same scenario continued to happen in June. Primary still insisted it was an allergic...
  • marrude

    Open Heart Surgery and Depression

    MY husband recently had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery. I've heard that "depression" often occurs in the patient after the surgery. I would like to know if the depression occurs in and of itself from the actual surgery, or if the patients experiences this just because he is unhappy because he had the heart attack, etc.?  Thank you,callalily123
  • jody0385

    Please read and comment

    Please read this and tell me what you think.. http://www.hlfteam.com/statin-scam-exposed-cholesterol-drugs-cause-rapid-ageing-brain-damage-and-diabetes-2/This line particularly grabbed my attention: Cholesterol-lowering drugshave been directly linked to over 300 side effects, which include neuropathy, anemia, chronic fatigue, thyroid disruption, and diseases like Parkinsons, Alzheimers.Just not...
  • LifeChanging4Carl

    From Athlete to Unable to Exert More Than 3 Mins?!

    Jan 2014 I had a heart attack and required 1 stent be placed. May 18 of this year, 2016, I began noticing I was so winded just during every tennis point of a tennis match? I have gone to my primary doctor and told my cardiologist's office about this and each time I visit them I appear normal? Still...I went to the ER on May 22 because of chest pains not going away and again on June 1 and both...
  • jeffneedshelp

    Bypass surgery recovery

    My father had a heart attack a week ago. He's scheduled to have triple bypass surgery next week. I will be providing home care for him after he is discharged (5-10 days?)Anybody here directly experience this and can shed some light. I've read what's online. Looking for experiences.Much thanks.
  • ag16

    Heart Attack, Disability

    I had a heart attack back in September 2015. I had a 100% blockage and now has damage my left lower ventricle. Had a stent put in and an implanted defibrillator. I was let go from my job while under doctors care. Has anyone ever gone back to work? Has anyone applied for disability and denied?
  • feliciac

    Heart attack 2 weeks ago - please help

    I had a heart attack 2 Monday's ago and without going into all of the details I need help. I had complained about things to my doctors for the past year and they wouldn't listen to me. 2 months ago I had chest pain and my jaw was killing me. I joked to a friend how I was having a heart attack and when I went to the hospital 2 weeks ago it turned out it was my second one and I was correct about...
  • So I've had very bad reactions to Met. and Los. feeling like I wasn't breathing deeply or getting enough air... Lis. caused the "smokers cough" even tho i'm not a smoker. Fun times trying to find an equivelant to these I can tolerate long term.. It sometimes has taken months to feel those affects. So for the newbies.. Realize it may take time before you feel any effects of a medication good or...
  • strengthsa

    Nervous about statins

    I had NSTEMI 3-1/2 weeks ago. Appears to have been mild with minimal damage. They found 3 artery blockages and 2 were stented. Physically I feel fine now. But emotionally is another story.Among other fears, I'm now on Lipitor (and other meds of course), started at 80mg but had some leg discomfort and now on 40mg since a couple of days ago. I've read some of the horror stories of some of the...