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Foster care is a system by which a certified, stand-in parent(s) cares for minor children or young peoples who have been removed from their birth parents or other custodial adults by state authority. Responsibility for the young person is assumed by the relevant governmental authority and a placement with another family found.

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  • mommyofmany

    New to this

    I'm new to this. We have been foster parents since May. Our Foster daughter is 3 and was pretty easy to potty train. & only on a very rare occasion would she have an accident.  She hadn't had any visits with her mom until this week. Immediately after the visit when we got back home she had 3 accidents in a row. We had been told to prepare ourselves for anything because of how long it had been....
  • chelseawalker

    New and Confused

    So here is a little about me and my situation . I will try to be as brief as possible without leaving out important details.I am currently fostering my niece who is my husbands sisters baby. This baby was born addicted to meth at 34 weeks. She fortunately was lucky enough to have only slight aide affects and needed no medications. She was born 4lbs 12 oz. She is doing great now. She came home to...
  • alysssssssa

    From Auntie to mom

    So I really just need to vent...I am 23 and 2 years into fostering my 2 nieces. The girls are 14 months apart, 14 months old and 28 months. I got the oldest at 3 months and the baby was discharged to me from the hospital. I've been there for all the late nights, seen all the firsts, planned the extravagant birthday parties and nurtured them through every single slight cough and sickness.Taking...
  • momwithlove

    At my wits end

    back on March I found out my cousin had his 3 children removed from his home do to an injury his girl friends child had sustained, the kids were taken in December but I didn't find out till march, my husband and I had already been considering fostering g children and had already taken the classes so we felt this was the lords way of preparing us to take in these children, we fought with social...
  • simplymebp


    is there a group like this but for the children who have been in foster care, who have been adopted, and all the issues that come along with that journey??
  • Lgg91086

    fight the system, per se

    Hi, I'm a foster parent in the Boston area and I'm looking for information regarding disputing a decision by DCF to place our foster son with a relative. I'm new to this site so I appologize if this has been posted about before. It would be super helpful to hear from someone in MA who has done it, but I'd also like to hear from people in other states as well to accumulate as much info as...
  • brianna526

    In my feelings

    Its hard being a foster mom ... to watch this baby grow and been there for every tooth that came in and all the sleepless nights spent trying comfort baby and not being able to hang out with friends or go the gym because you dont have no one to watch the baby.... and the date nights missed because no baby sitter or baby is sick going to the hospital numerous times ... dealing with the nights...
  • Kpoties

    Need help with my oldest granddaughter & behavior

    I am hoping that someone can give me some kind of assistance because hubby and I are totally at a loss. See we are foster parents but foster parents to our 3 biological grandchildren (3, 2, and 1 yo) and their sister (8 yo). Being foster parents was the only way we could get all 4 of them. We also have 2 boys of our own who are 11 and 9 yo. We have had them since July/August of last year...
  • surveygirl


    Hello! If anyone is currently in foster care, or has been in foster care in the past, if you would consider taking this 3-5 minute survey about your experience in foster care, that would be great! If you know anyone who has been in foster care or currently is, please ask them to take this survey as...
  • brieefrost

    I'm scared.

    a few weeks ago December 7th to be exact my kids were taken from me. The day before I rough my youngest into a follow up for a fractured finger with center of child protection doctors otherwise known as CCPC and she all the sudden had a bruised ear. They diagnosed her with pediatric physical abuse she has a twin brother they were born at 23 weeks gestation and a 3 year old sister. My 3 year old...
  • 2x2mommy

    Siblings vs. Relatives

    I know in the world of Foster Care we always want reunification with relatives. I totally get that. I'd say our situation is unusual, however, it seems that EVERY FC case is unique in itself as every family is equally unique.Backstory:  I have 2 biological children. We've been fostering for several years. Both DH and Me work Fulltime. A little over 2 years ago, my little guy was placed with us....
  • newmommatobe95

    In need of reassurance

    My sister has a three year old little girl and is nine months pregnant with a little boy. She has a history of drug use and was repoted to DHS for faiiling a drug test while pregnant. The case worker placed the little girl in my care for 25 days while they conducted their investigation. The 25 days are now up and she has been drug free since DHS got involed, the case worker said that the hospital...
  • zombiedad

    New foster parent

    Let me start off by saying that we didn't plan on being foster parents, we went into this only wanting to adopt legally terminated kids. We wanted to avoid all the drama of court, case workers, biological parents, etc.. Well after months of only getting calls about children that needed fostering we were getting discouraged. Then we got a call about two boys, Lenny and Squiggy, that needed a...
  • family needs to raise enough money to go to circuit court to fight the broken system with DSS. Please read about it in the link listed above.  If feel it in your heart then please donate.  A go fund me page is out last chance we have to fight for her.  Also, my family needs lots of prayers.  Thank you so much!! 
  • Lgb1205

    After a little advice/ info on respite

    We are emergency /respite carers in Nsw Australia and took a placement due to an allegation being made we were told it woukd be short term. We have now asked for a respite ourselves. my question is do we still receiving payments for the nights  the child is away from us.  Also when do they classify a placement longer term and how long does a child have to be with us for ua to be entitled to...