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Foster care is a system by which a certified, stand-in parent(s) cares for minor children or young peoples who have been removed from their birth parents or other custodial adults by state authority. Responsibility for the young person is assumed by the relevant governmental authority and a placement with another family found.

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    teen fostering

    are there any foster parents here who foster teens?
  • lmcz


    My husband and I have been caring for my two nephews and neice since January, prior to that they spent about 10 months with their grandmother. Plan still stands as reunification despite what seems like little progress by parents. There is a very estranged and distant relationship between the parents and us, however we do our best to cover that up for the kids. We've had a great, trusting and...
  • mrsruthjackson

    New here

    Hello all! My name is Ruth Jackson and I am 57 years old. I am married and have 2 children of my own, both of whom are married and have kids of their own. I have 4 grandchildren, 2 from each child. I have been fostering in Arkansas for about 3 years now. I have always been super stressed and wished I had friends who were also foster parents to relate with. I currently have 2 girls, who are not...
  • Hello all. I am currently in year 12, and for my Community and Family Services Independant Research Task I am investigating the impact of Foster care on Adolescent Wellbeing. If you could all please answer my questionnaire it would help me out so much, all answer are 100% completely anonymous so please try and be as truthful as possible.
  • Jd524

    Normal behaviors?

    Hello all. Im new here and looking for some advice/support/experiences. I received my nephew through foster care in the middle of July. My sister suffers from neurological problems and mental illness and has had a downward spiral, some of the damage is permanent. After speaking with cps, foster care, and lawyers there is no intention of my sister getting her son back. There are several things...
  • Rydawgmhs


    We have siblings and we don't like our oldest who just turned three. It's not that we don't care for her or have love for her but we don't seem to be able to get over it. We lost two pregnancies and we seem to resent her. We only want to adopt the baby and not her. Is it normal to feel that way?
  • We have 2 older children who we adopted privately at birth.  We want to expand our family, but can't afford the private route this time.  We have had a placement for 4 months now.  He is now 14 months old and a sweet, adorable, happy little boy.  My issue is the fact that our goal is to adopt.  I love this little boy, but I find myself resenting him (irrationally) and not feeling the same...
  • Snaps07

    Overwhelmed New foster parents

    Hi, so me and my husband got our first placement , a 4yr old boy (who has speech delay and communication issues, being tested for possible autism next week) and his sister who is just 1 month old. We are feeling so overwhelmed with little man. He is sweet but is hard to understand and has a minor behavioral issues. He has severed attachment with mom and dad and is constantly wanting them. This is...
  • NCFosterParent

    At Wits End

    Good morning.  My wife and I are newly licensed foster parents.  We got our first palcement 5 weeks ago.  An almost 3 year old that was described as high energy, excetpional behavior, no medications, etc.  Keep in mind, including his biological family, we are his 5th placement in 10 months. He was short term with the goal of reunification by January/February. The first week was great, as...
  • Jacks-ar

    How do i prevent this!

    Had a surprise bday party for "a" and mom showed up in unauthorised. Gave them hugs and nearly lied every word she spoke to them! She even knew she wasn't supposed to be there!How i do prevent this from happening again?  What if next time she tries to take them? What if she tries to find my house? (We live in a small town and she only lives about 7 blocks away from us.)
  • JustTired2

    Broken System

    The system is so broken! People talk out of two-sides of their mouth. They talk about trauma and yet they are the ones that cause it. They tell you that siblings need to be together but what they really mean is you keep this child with their sibling but we will move her and the bond that that they have doesn't matter because one sister has been adopted already. They act like you have no say so...
  • scarpetta80

    New to Foster Parenting...

    Hi Everyone,My husband and I took in three foster siblings a couple months ago. We knew it would be a challenge taking in that many, but we also knew how hard it is to keep siblings together. My husband was a foster kid his whole childhood, and having been separated from his sisters, it made taking in these three especially meaningful. But being first-time parents, especially with foster...
  • NewtoFC

    Has anyone every experienced this?

    New to the group. HOpe someone can help us. Me and my partner received our foster liscense early this year. It wasnt something we set out to do but my nieces and nephews needed help. Fast forward to this May we received a call for a child to foster. After some deliveration we said yes. 14.5 years old this boy had been smoking since 8 yo and smoking weed since 9yo. Hang with the wrong crowd etc...
  • Snowbadger79

    Does a full sibling make a difference in adoption?

    We currently foster parents. We have a 20 month old girl ("L") we have had since she was 15 months. She is coming up on six months with us and her case worker is starting to discuss permancy plans. A month after we got her, her mother ("M") gave birth to a daughter (we'll call "S" for sister) that she had already made plans to place for adoption with a family (darn we were a little late on that...
  • Andrea11

    Looking to give a support system

    I am in the Farmers Branch area.  Anyone here foster parents, and would like respite, to share advice, and just connect?  Thanks!