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Foster care is a system by which a certified, stand-in parent(s) cares for minor children or young peoples who have been removed from their birth parents or other custodial adults by state authority. Responsibility for the young person is assumed by the relevant governmental authority and a placement with another family found.

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  • Hi I know we can say ''who are we to judge?'' BUT when you have done everything you can to keep little one safe especially if vulnerable and then it seems the law is on the parents side not the childs it can be very frustrating indeed!...I am kinship foster carer for my Grandson as my daughter is an alcoholic , 4 months clean after 3 years of her child being in care , so suddenly she is super Mum...
  • Amanda4711

    Considering Fostering

    Does everyone who fosters want to adopt, or end up adopting in the end? I would really like to have my own children. We currently foster dogs, and I have always wanted to foster horses. I do it because it is saving dogs from being put to sleep. I have recently been thinking about fostering kids. Of course, no one is putting them to sleep, but they still do need somewhere to go. We don't have any...
  • MSWResearcher

    Research on Foster Care Adoptions

    Attention foster parents, adoptive foster parents, and individuals training to be or in the process of becoming foster parents. My name is John Hanson and I am an MSW student at California State University, San Bernardino and I am completing my research project investigating the influence of direct-to-consumer genetic test results on the finalization of foster adoptions. Companies such as...
  • mommaof3crazies

    Separating while Fostering

    hi everyone, I am in desperate need from anyone who can help me. I've been with my significant other for almost 7 years. We have three biological children together and are fostering my niece (my brothers child) who is 12 and this is pretty permanent. I'm a stay at home mother, but I have had a pretty steady career with the option to go back to my old company if needed. My brother has no intent of...
  • BurlyTeacher

    Wife and I Fostered for 3 years

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to share my wife and I's story abotu foster care.  I am hoping that by telling my story it will give strength to those that are in simialr situations.  I posted it on my YouTube page so you can check that page and videos down below. YouTube Page: (Burly Teacher)Life isn't Fair Part 1: Story...
  • Jezebelshara

    New to being a foster parent

    My story: Hi I'm Shara. I'm currently married and have a daughter of my own but recently went through the foster journey about 6 months ago and just was placed with our foster daughter this month (Feb). Since I have inferitility and PCOS I am unable to get pregnant again and therefore my want for another child was destroyed. Fostering to adopt became an option and we have gladly accepted the...
  • amanda33

    Newly certified foster parents

    Hello! I just found this group :) My fiancé and I are newly certified to a agency, were super excited but nervous! We are unable to have kids of our own without IVF so we've decided to try foster care and see where it goes. I would love some feedback on placements with agencies VS being a foster parent through the state? It seems like the state ones get a lot more placements as they are first in...
  • heavychicken68

    frustrated , worried and full of questions

    My husband and I have been trying to adopt our fs who we have had in our home for 10 months . He has had no contact with his mirth mom since 18 months of age  and the court still has not terminated rights. Our fs had been raised by his birth dad who severely abused and deglected him. We have been told for months that all we were waiting for is for the state to find birth mom  although the...
  • laurasnewkid

    Laura's kidney struggle

    I am posting on this website because it seems like this is a good place to turn. Laura has lived her life as an advocate for others, she raised a child as a single parent who went off to college and joined the Navy, began foster parenting and over the past 15 years has fostered over 70 children in the RI foster care system!  She even adopted one of the children she had been fostering for many...
  • brianna526

    In my feelings

    Its hard being a foster mom ... to watch this baby grow and been there for every tooth that came in and all the sleepless nights spent trying comfort baby and not being able to hang out with friends or go the gym because you dont have no one to watch the baby.... and the date nights missed because no baby sitter or baby is sick going to the hospital numerous times ... dealing with the nights...
  • I want to be completely transparent. I was a foster parent for several years in Florida, and now reside in North Carolina. Based upon my experiences as a foster parent, I decided to write a educate those thinking of becoming foster parents, and to show support for those who are or have been foster parents. In the course of writing, I realized my story was one of many, so after I wrote...
  • About 8 months ago, my husband and I took in his 16 year old brother after my father-in-law decided he was too much to handle. They placed him in a boys' group home and he was kicked out due to trying to run away and various fights with the other boys. The honeymoon phase has ended and we are really struggling with him. We can't seem to motivate him to do anything, he is failing school and won't...
  • kat101

    Still so sad

    My partner and I fostered a friend's niece from the time she was 4months old until she was 4 1/2 years old.  The intent was always to adopt. We went through the whole adoption process and were approved we just needed to wait for my partner to get her permanent residency papers in order to proceed.  In the month or two while we were awaiting the papers, my partner had a depressive episode and...
  • mommyofmany

    New to this

    I'm new to this. We have been foster parents since May. Our Foster daughter is 3 and was pretty easy to potty train. & only on a very rare occasion would she have an accident.  She hadn't had any visits with her mom until this week. Immediately after the visit when we got back home she had 3 accidents in a row. We had been told to prepare ourselves for anything because of how long it had been....
  • chelseawalker

    New and Confused

    So here is a little about me and my situation . I will try to be as brief as possible without leaving out important details.I am currently fostering my niece who is my husbands sisters baby. This baby was born addicted to meth at 34 weeks. She fortunately was lucky enough to have only slight aide affects and needed no medications. She was born 4lbs 12 oz. She is doing great now. She came home to...