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Foster care is a system by which a certified, stand-in parent(s) cares for minor children or young peoples who have been removed from their birth parents or other custodial adults by state authority. Responsibility for the young person is assumed by the relevant governmental authority and a placement with another family found.

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  • newmommatobe95

    In need of reassurance

    My sister has a three year old little girl and is nine months pregnant with a little boy. She has a history of drug use and was repoted to DHS for faiiling a drug test while pregnant. The case worker placed the little girl in my care for 25 days while they conducted their investigation. The 25 days are now up and she has been drug free since DHS got involed, the case worker said that the hospital...
  • iantwinsw


    Hi everyone, I am a social work student writing a paper for my diverse populations class. This paper requires us to immerse ourselves in the community we are writing on. I want to understand everyone's perspective of foster care, the system, and your experiences either as a foster child or foster parent. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings. Also feel free to contribute any advice to...
  • I am hoping that someone can give me some kind of assistance because hubby and I are totally at a loss. See we are foster parents but foster parents to our 3 biological grandchildren (3, 2, and 1 yo) and their sister (8 yo). Being foster parents was the only way we could get all 4 of them. We also have 2 boys of our own who are 11 and 9 yo. We have had them since July/August of last year...
  • Hi, I'm a foster parent in the Boston area and I'm looking for information regarding disputing a decision by DCF to place our foster son with a relative. I'm new to this site so I appologize if this has been posted about before. It would be super helpful to hear from someone in MA who has done it, but I'd also like to hear from people in other states as well to accumulate as much info as...
  • leannk1982


    A little backstory. I have grown up as the bio child in a foster family. I have two bio siblings and five adopted siblings. I have always dreamed of having a big family. Lots of kids. At age 25 I became a single foster parent. My son was placed with me at 3 months and was adopted at 18 months. When he was 6, I met my now husband. He has a daughter as well. We talked about having children...
  • brianna526

    In my feelings

    Its hard being a foster mom ... to watch this baby grow and been there for every tooth that came in and all the sleepless nights spent trying comfort baby and not being able to hang out with friends or go the gym because you dont have no one to watch the baby.... and the date nights missed because no baby sitter or baby is sick going to the hospital numerous times ... dealing with the nights...
  • hello, first time foster parent here. Our 2yo FS moved in with us at 24 months 7 months ago. The first couple months of transition were rough sleep-wise but other than that, everything was great. The last couple of weeks though, he has been getting in trouble in preschool. He has been in trouble for telling the teachers no, pushing other kids and taking their toys. He's been in this program for...
  • momwithlove

    At my wits end

    back on March I found out my cousin had his 3 children removed from his home do to an injury his girl friends child had sustained, the kids were taken in December but I didn't find out till march, my husband and I had already been considering fostering g children and had already taken the classes so we felt this was the lords way of preparing us to take in these children, we fought with social...
  • mommyofmany

    New to this

    I'm new to this. We have been foster parents since May. Our Foster daughter is 3 and was pretty easy to potty train. & only on a very rare occasion would she have an accident.  She hadn't had any visits with her mom until this week. Immediately after the visit when we got back home she had 3 accidents in a row. We had been told to prepare ourselves for anything because of how long it had been....
  • MrK

    Question re fostering

    When a child in foster care hides due to a situation that might have arisen, such as voices being raised, this could be for a number of reasons. What the question here is, what is the best response of a foster parent in this situation? More questions like why does the child hide? It's easy to say the child may have experienced some trauma, and the response of the child may be reliving some...
  • lobos7884

    New foster loss

    My wife and I are newly foster /adopt parents we are excited to extending our family. Since we don't have any family in the city our support is mostly friends and coworkers . During the process everyone couldn't wait till we had a little one in our house. Since we've had placement I feel that some of the support has been lost. Since I can only give very vague details about our little girls I've...
  • A couple of years ago my husband and I decided we want to do foster care.  At the time, we lived in a small single wide trailer and there was not enough room.  So we prayed about it and asked God to show us a way to manage to this endeavor that he had placed on our hearts. Well as usual when your ideas do not contradict God he always provides a way.  We found a 4286 sq ft home with two...
  • mdooley1

    need a little advice

    I am fostering my cousin and she is 1yr old her mother and father have to follow a step plan to get her back however the mother is not doing well probibly won't get her back. The father never met her before and is not doing much to get her back. However everyone involved speaks highly of him and are kind of pushing towards him to get custody. My question is how do I prove I am the one she should...
  • Molly_Co

    How does anyone handle this?

    I am fostering a little boy who has been in care for ten months. Mom abandoned him for eight of them but now she has started coming to every visit. Basically has now been meeting her case plan for about eight weeks (missed a visit) and her caseworker is saying he will probably be returned home. I get that the point is reunification but how is that fair to FC? Eight months of nothing and then...
  • DadBrad

    End of our rope

    My wife and I have been fostering a now 19 month old little girl since September of last year. Drug exposed and left laying on a bed for long periods of time were her trauma.We've been really supportive and patient over the last year but we're about ready to be done and give her back to the department.The primary issue we've been having is how manipulative she is and complely inconsolable....