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Foster care is a system by which a certified, stand-in parent(s) cares for minor children or young peoples who have been removed from their birth parents or other custodial adults by state authority. Responsibility for the young person is assumed by the relevant governmental authority and a placement with another family found.

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  • 3scram

    I wish this could happen

  • Andrea11

    Looking to give a support system

    I am in the Farmers Branch area.  Anyone here foster parents, and would like respite, to share advice, and just connect?  Thanks!
  • mommagain

    Advise please!

    ok... little about us.. my husband an I have three grown children... we have had custody of our gson for 9 years he's 10... we have adopted a fam member after having her from birth to 2 then again from 3 1/2 years later until we adopted her at age 7... she is 11... April if 2016 my God daughter who could not have children took custody of a distant family member on July 4 she left her with is (due...
  • 3scram

    I wish there were more people like him

  • okay so we have had our foster child for 2 years with the mother not working her case plan at all. no family came forward till they talked about removing the mothers rights. The mothers right are not removed and they moved our foster daughter with the great aunt that came forward even though we are filling for adoption. The jusge did not want to move her till the adoption agency chose who would...
  • Momintraining


    Hello,My husband and I are at the beginning stages of being approved to become a Resource Family.  I've wanted to foster to adopt since I was little, but it took my husband several years to get on board.  The more and more I reseached and shared with him, the more he felt drawn to it. We recently have battled infertility and although there is still hope, we feel drawn to help a child in need...
  • Huckleberry

    Considering foster parenting

    I'm single, never married, no kids (just nieces).  I'm considering foster parenting.  My career is going well, but I've been feeling the need to give back and do something more with my life.  I've always wanted kids, it just hasn't worked out and I have been very busy with my career for the last 8 years.  I don't always have an 8-5 job because I'm in a national role.  But I figured alot of...
  • Fierce

    First Home Visit.

    I have my first home visit or study. Not sure of the correct term. What should I expect?
  • ChainBreaker4

    The funniest word today and why

    Verbal:Oral utterances.    This word and definition made me chuckle. In fact, I want to get this put on a t-shirt. When we go places, it’s very noisy. Our trips to town are quite amusing. I have one child in the back, my sassy princess whom I adore, but she has this habit, she squeals all the time. She squeals when she’s happy, she squeals when she’s mad, and she squeals for no reason...
  • Jennjenn129

    New here, new to fostering.

    Hey all, I'm jennifer, I'm 23, and I'm new. I found this page while surfing the Internet for tips and facts about foster care. My mother and I have started our process at the same time. I am so excited but at the same time so nervous to bring a child into my life. I'm here for the inside scoop, so to say. I am eager to learn and happy to be here! 
  • essemem

    New to parenting and foster parenting

    My husband and I recently became kinship to a previous student (11year old) of ours (we work in schools), it was something we had discussed for months and she had spent a few weekends with us prior to the "official" move. We did everything to prepare and feel pretty prepared for things, but are struggling with the huge change from it just being us to having a kid. Nothing crazy has happened or...
  • Auntloves

    Relationships with the birth mother

    Hello. I am new to the group and I welcome your advise. 2 months ago I found out that I was a new Aunt to a 4 month old baby girl. My alcoholic brother and his junkie girlfriend chose to keep her a secret because she was taken into CPS custody after her birth. They were ashamed and embarrassed. My brother is trying to reunify. His girlfriend was refused services (this is her 3rd child involved...
  • Fierce

    New Foster Parent

    Greetings...Im currently getting ready to be a foster parent. I live alone and do not have children. I am a social worker and I work with the foster care system. Im taking older children. Any advise would be great.
  • Amanda4711

    Considering Fostering

    Does everyone who fosters want to adopt, or end up adopting in the end? I would really like to have my own children. We currently foster dogs, and I have always wanted to foster horses. I do it because it is saving dogs from being put to sleep. I have recently been thinking about fostering kids. Of course, no one is putting them to sleep, but they still do need somewhere to go. We don't have any...
  • eferden

    Thinking of becoming foster parent

    Hi all, so my husband and I are thinking of starting foster care training within the next year or two and I just wanted some advice to make sure we're ready. I want to start because I love kids and want to do what I can to help them. It sickens me reading these stories about kids who are abused or neglected and can't get out of their parents care. I'm hesitant because we currently have 2 little...