Families & Friends of Gays & Lesbians Support Group

This community is dedicated to parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends of someone who is either gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual orientation. The purpose of this community is to help families and friendships grow and maintain positive relationships with gay sons, daughters, family or friends.

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  • deleted_user

    Hard to accept lesbian sister

    I recently found out that one of my younger sisters is lesbian. I was disgusted by the news and haven't spoken to her about it. Just last week our youngest sister had a baby shower and I found myself doing everything I possibly could to avoid her. My mother and other siblings have told me that she wants to speak with me about it but I am just not ready to accept the reality of it.I mean she had...
  • Maggie_M

    I found out my sister/ brother is trans gender

    To start of my name is Maggie and I am 13. Today (the day after saint.P day, the 17th) I found out my sister is trans gender. She is now going to become a boy. It is so hard for me to process this, like I know what begins transgender is but I've never experienced it befor. She (or he I think) doesn't evan know I know yet, my mom told me. Don't worry my mom had permission. But it fells like a...
  • ctlovr

    Transgender Son

    HelloMy 27 son recently opened up to me that he is transgender. It came as a complete shock to his sisters and I. I will always love him and support him, but I have to admit I am finding this all very hard to accept. He is seeing a psychologist. Looking to find support/advice from others who have experienced this.Thanks
  • jenlovesjohn23


    Hi everyone,My 18 year old son recently came out to me as transgender.  He shared with me about 6 months ago that he is bisexual, which I have no issues with.  I have many, many gay and lesbian friends and family.  I was not expecting the transgender conversation.  It was very hard for him to tell me...his chin was trembling and he said he was afraid I would kick him out of the house. ...
  • MomofLorna2017

    Daughter having gay online relationship

    My 14 year old daughter is having an online only obsessive and all-consuming relationship with a 17 year old girl in another state. they met on tumblr. they have never met in person or even spoken. The relationship was shut down by the parents of the girl for awhile but now it is back on. My daughter says she isn't gay. Says the word "lesbian" is disgusting and screams at me if I ask if she...
  • Charity6262

    Transgender husband

    Hello everyone,I am here looking for advice, support, and encouragement. I married my wonderful husband 2 1/2 years ago, and I knew from the get go that he was bisexual (we had been friends 10 years before we got married). After the wedding (don't remember how long exactly) he brought up that he hated his body and the he felt trapped. I didn't know exactly what he meant until later when he...
  • lovegrows

    I support my transgender wife

    I stumbled across this site and found a lot of people who are in need of advice, support, or pretty much just help with understanding how to help loved ones. Let me start off by saying this, my wife and I had known eachother for over a decade before we married. Did the on again off again thing until almost three years ago we were both just ready to be in a marriage. It was no secret to me that...
  • blueraincoat123

    Holiday trouble

    Hello, I'm wondering if I could ask some advice of the other side, from those of you who are family members of lgbtq. I am gay. I have been with my girlfriend for about 2 years. She has met my family and my family loves her. I have yet to meet her family. She has been very afraid to introduce me because she says that her parents will not only give us trouble about her sexuality, but also...
  • JennaMitch316

    I need advice

    My baby sister announced the day after my son was born that she was getting married. Normally this would be amazing news to my entire family but she's marrying a woman and everyone in my family is christian. She has been dating the girl for the past two year and when she first told me they where seeing each other she explained it in a way that made it sound like they where just friends that...
  • This letter is not only for my son - but for every person - struggling to navigate their personal safety against being who they are. Please read and share if you think it might be helpful.Love will Prevail.http://www.elephantjournal.com/2016/06/an-open-letter-to-my-gay-son/
  • deleted_user

    Coping with my daughter's news

    My 21 yr old daughter informed us a couple of month's ago that she had a girlfriend. Looking back, there was never an indication that this might happen. (Of course I wasn't aware that one of her boyfriends was physically & emotionally abusing her.) It was a shock for me since we are especially close. How do the other parents cope with this? She's still the same person -- we still get along...
  • my stepdaughter just told me she believes she is a lesbian and I told her it will be fine but did not tell her I am bi and also one of her older friend had flirted with me should I tell her .
  • shemei

    an Apologia

    The Apologia Being gay in Africa has not necessarily been a walk in the park, quite the contrary, while the whole world is waking up to the reality of homosexuality Africa as usual is left behind, I have witnessed firsthand the ugly side of homophobia living in Uganda, a country which was at one point referred to as the worst place to be gay. For instance I received a lot of criticism from my...
  • christinaleahanneric

    I need help

    My best friend of two years recently came out as bisexual. She had a girlfriend and everything was going good until she told her mother. Her mother threw her out and my friend lived with her girlfriend for a couple weeks, until her mother started getting in contact again. She did terrible thimgs to my friend and her girlfriend until they broke up and my friend moved back in with her mother. Loads...
  • brightshinninglight

    Please Help!

    Hello everyone,This is my first post. I have a 25 year old daughter who came out about 8 years ago. The first years did not go so well. She was angry, depressed, withdrawn. She ran away from home. I now understand reason she experienced these behaviors. When found out, I did not approve, but as years went on, I have educated myself and to learned to focus on my love for her and not the life...