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Dialysis is a type of renal replacement therapy which is used to provide an artificial replacement for lost kidney function due to renal failure. It is a life support treatment and does not treat any kidney diseases. Dialysis may be used for very sick patients who have suddenly lost their kidney function or for quite stable patients who have permanently lost their kidney function.

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  • On January 12th of this year my husband got sick. It started out with a cough and he had flu like symptoms. He took breathing treatments, NyQuil and Ibuprofen. The only one that seemed to help was the Ibuprofen. It brought his temps from 101.5 down to normal again.As time went on he was becoming worse instead of getting better. On the 17th of January I called the ambulance to come get him. When...
  • axelnyx

    Need to Vent

    I've been dialysis for around 8 years. I'm going to be 30 in 2 months and I have no children and am no where close to getting a transplant. I am tired of everything. I am tired of the nurses ,even though most of them are nice. I just have come to the point where I don't want them nagging me or touching me. I'm tired of doctors and answering questions. I've been doing this stuff since I was 9, I...
  • pumpdocmike

    how to deal with lonliness

    Have been feeling alone my family liove afar and its just me I recently moved to titusvlle fl and havent made any friends yet although been going to church
  • deleted_user

    Young people on Dialysis

    I am 23 years old. May of this year I was told I had ckd. I am going tomorrow to get a fistula put in my arm to start dialysis soon. My kidneys are already at 15% so its all happening really quickly and itd just be nice to talk to someone that is going or has gone through something similar...
  • And doing GREAT!  dont Let them keep fooling you. if your kidneys work at all then there is a way to rtest them and see if you don't need dialysis and you can repair them and mimic what that machine does to your body. I know...I have done it. . was a pre med major..I figured it out, been doing and and have even repaired my kidneys. You can reach me at teriwildes@gmail.com.I little know...
  • Hi all,My Mum found out 5 weeks a go that she has stage 5 renal failure. The doctor's said she may only have 6 months to a year to live. Another doctor said 3 months to a year max. Her kidney function has declined rapidly since 2015, now only operating at 11%. She has other serious health conditions such as COPD, type 2 diabetes (insulin dependent), hypertension, high cholesterol, CHF and two...
  • deleted_user

    Need help on treatment days

    Hi, This is my first time on any site like this so this seems a little wierd but I feel like I need support from others that can understand what I am dealing with. I am a 46 year old active male that was just been diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. I have been on in center hemo dialysis for 8 weeks. I have a chest cath for an access and need to get that changed soon. But that is another...
  • My wife started her first dialysis session yesterday. The doctors haven't explained the whole process to me and she doesn't ask questions. I'm extremely overwhelmed by everything. They say once insurance approves she will do at home dialysis and they will put a port in her stomach is this common? Also she has once placed in her upper collar bone area is this common? I was really ok and thought I...
  • debaiedawn

    fed up

    I get so fed up of coming to the Hospital three times a week for dialysis that I feel like giving up sometimes but I know that is not a good way of thinking.I am on the transplant list which a very good thing. what do people do when they get this way? please give me some advice Thank-You
  • Community LeaderWanderingVet

    good news

  • janni1234

    Home from hospital with renal failure

    My 80 year old husband went into the hospital on Monday with renal failure. The level of the Coumadin that he takes for his heart went way up and caused the kidney to bleed. He has only one kidney, having lost the other to cancer in 1992. We know he is looking at dialysis and not a candidate for transplant. He is also supposed to be seen about a pacemaker.They have sent him home with a...
  • deleted_user

    Just venting

    My mom feels like I'm letting a guilt trip on her tonight because she going off to some womens ministry conferance in a couple weeks I didn't even know she was going to sh,e, said oh I'm going to be gone that weekend. I been feeling overly discourage because S.F Nephcure walk was tommrow and I can't go because I have dialysis. Then next week is my birthday and I have to go to dialysis and then...
  • Hi, I am just looking to understand I have been with my bf for three yrs plus, and when I met him, he had undergone kidney transplant, so I never knew him prior to this. We had problems from the get go, sexually bcux he is diabetic, high bp, as well, being new to this life I believed him whe he said it would come back and stuff, anyway I settled and we had alot of affection etc ...He is a very...
  • deleted_user

    New to this group

    Hi, everyone! I am the primary caregiver for my 85 yr. old mother who has end stage kidney disease. She was on hemodialysis for about a year and we switched to peritonial dialysis a few months ago. We were told she would feel better on PD, but so far that's not the case. Her biggest problem orthostatic hypotension. Her blood pressure drops like crazy when she stands and she passes out, falls...
  • ReginaPhalange

    Could do with some advice

    I've just been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and have been told to prepare for eventual dialysis/transplant.What is the best way to prepare for this? How severely will it affect my life? Is there anywhere I can go for advice? I'm in the UK