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Degeneration of the intervertebral disc, which is often called "degenerative disc disease" (DDD) of the spine, DDD is in fact a condition that can be painful and can greatly affect the quality of one's life. While disc degeneration is not a normal part of aging and for most people is not a problem, for certain individuals a degenerated disc can cause severe constant chronic pain.

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  • Charlottep1

    Can you help?

    Hello, Im 20 years old, Last year i got diagnosed with DDD, I dont really know what too say i just want too know how others experience... Because mine is literally out of control! In August i had an epidural, They said it would ease the pain and it would start to work in a couple of months so now im here 8 months later with no letter or anything from the hospital and im in Absolute agony the pain...
  • melgar

    DDD with lupus and fibro

    hi all,just joining the group. My mom suggested I Join for support .I am 40 years old and was 37 when I was diagnosed with DDD from there I had a spinal fusion on my lowest disc as it was ruptured , but before the fusion I was put on epidural injection put through a disco gram and finally had surgery. After surgery is when my lupus and fibro decided to come and visit. Took me two years to get...
  • Hello,When I was 17 (back in 1994), I was diagnosed with grade 3 Spondylolithesis and cosquently had an L-5 S-1 spinal fusion (2 rods, 6 screws & 2 plates) at 18. I have experienced chronic pain my entire life and continuous spinal degeneration. Last year I was in a car accident which fractured my left posterior harrington rod. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced having surgery to remove...
  • CF89

    Young and suffering

    hi guys I'm new to this support group thing! I'm 27 and two years ago I had a discectomy of L5/S1. I had multiple steroid injections after as the pain wasn't going away. I was then referred to a pain clinic where I was told I have nerve damage and it is going to be a chronic condition. I ended up In a and e a few months back (I work there) and had another scan. The scan show I have DDD. My disc...
  • deleted_user

    16 year old daughter with JDDD... Help

    Hi! I am new to this site and thought I would try telling my daughters story to see if I could find someone else that has gone through the same thing or has a child that has or is going through the same thing also. My daughter was 14 when she started complaining of her back hurting. After a couple of months it got worse with hip and leg pain now. I took her to the sports medicine phyisician. He...
  • sharch

    multi level Disc Degeneration Disease

    anyone else have multi level DDD I'm 35 was diagnosed at 22 following a fall, a disc rupture and a pars fracture. I now have DDD L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1. So despite being told for years that discs repair themselves and that it wouldn't progress, it has and my condition has deteriorated. I can't work. I am in constant chronic pain, have to use a cane most days some times a chair, it's very debilitating...
  • tulafae

    DDD and nerve impingement

    I was diagnosed with DDD and nerve impingement 3 years ago, at age 30.  Since then I have had worsening nerve and back pain, and my most recent MRI (performed in August of this year) showed the damage as "mild"... but sometimes I feel like that can't be right because the pain is downright unbearable some days.  I've found that exercise helps somewhat at times but not always.  I'm currently on...
  • ramakhawam

    Is it possible to have both DDD & scoliosis?

    this summer, my back got worse and I started crying every night because how much my back hurted me so my parents decided to take to another doctor, the first doctor said that I had DDD and I researched it for weeks and I felt every symptom so I felt it was true. Anyways, it got worse so they decided to take me to another that told me I had scoliosis and i was late. I don't know exactly what I...
  • KayleighMarie

    Frustrated with doctors

    I have been trying to get a second opinion on my back problems. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed my degenerative disk disease and they told me there was no treatment options. I am not doubting the diagnosis but I do not believe that there is nothing they can do to help with my condition. I am 19 years old and they told me that there is nothing they can do and that I will live my whole...
  • stressisreal


    Hi everyone :-)I am new on here. I have DDD and have been dealing with it for years. I am married and my husband is out of the country currently. I also have two autistic children. I also have been blessed with Fibromyalgia so I am tying to make the best of everything. I am feeling really discouraged and struggling quite a bit right now. I hope everyone is doing the best that they can. Sending...
  • KayleighMarie

    Just diagnosed with DDD at 19

    I am 19 years old and I have had chronic back pain since I was 12 and today I was diagnosed with DDD. My doctor told me there is no treatment except for PT, and I have done PT before with no relief from my pain. Is there really no treatment? Because I find this hard to believe. 
  • redang2424

    New to the group

    Hi all I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with ddd two years ago, but was told I have had it for about ten years. I am now 30 and still feel like I have most of my life ahead of me, but when I was first diagnosed I had a lifting accident that laid me up for almost 2 years. I recently had a lamenectamy and fusion of t5-t8 with 2 rods and 8 screws put in place. And even...
  • Heather77

    Mom of 9 year just dx with JDDD

    I am wondering if any memebers were diagnosed at a young age? Our son has hypermobility as well and for the longest time we thought the back pain was associated with it. However after 1 year of PT and no relief on his back we had the Ortho due an MRI. His entire back has it. We were told that he has a back made for motion. We took that advice over the summer and had him walk, bike, run, and...
  • Dragonleigh

    Hi :-)

    Hi everyone, I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to HI :-)A little about me: I have been dealing with Degenerative Disk Disease in neck & spine, several facet joint arthropathy in neck and spine, thinning bone in spine, osteoarthritis for almost two years now. If that is not enough I am also going through menopause. To say these conditions have an impact on...
  • RossHomes

    Has anyone used a Specific Chiropractic for ...

    Cervical spine issues ? Like DDD , bulging discs , pinched nerves , stenosis? I'm not sure if I've asked this on here or not .If you have , what was your experience ?I am considering it and would bevglad to hear some feedback .Thanks !