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Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer or bowel cancer, includes cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix. Many colorectal cancers are thought to arise from mushroom-like growths that are usually benign, but some may develop into cancer over time. The majority of the time, the diagnosis of localized colon cancer is through colonoscopy.

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  • Sunrize78

    One year later

    Hello everyone. I was 38 when they found my tumor in my colon. It was removed and I had a left colectomy it didn't spread anywhere else but I had 6months of chemo in case. My first colonoscopy a year later it came out clear in sep 2017 I have my first scan but for now I am NED. I wanted to know if anyone still has problems with their bowels? I can go 6 times a day to being constipated I don't...
  • deleted_user

    Colon cancer cured

    I was diagnosed with colon cancer last summer at 43 years of age. I was blown off by doctors for 5 years due to my age. I finally had 9 inches of my colon removed in July. No chemo or radiation was needed and I am supposed to be cured. I fear that cancer will return one day but for now I am thankful. Don't let any doctor tell you that you are too young for colon cancer. Get a colonoscopy if you...
  • yorman1

    4 yr check up

    Just got back from oncologist she says all the results from blood and CT scan look great.... She scheduled me for an appt in July and told me to continue doing what I have been.  Prayers and Faith along with sensible eating and a bit of exercise. Surgery was done 12/28/2012..
  • fibrefletch

    Sigmoid tumour battle

    Hi, I am due for my first chemotherapy on 15th Feb - i guess then it will become more 'real', although I have been through considerable torment with a stent proceedure in my Sigmoida few weeks ago, (1.5 hours on a trolley with only gas!) and still no firm biopsy report after several attempts including from liver (it has spread, not sure how much, I think just a little) The stent took a week at...
  • satinydragon


    Hi everyone. Had surgery on April 7th of this year. Diagnosed with colon cancer. Everything happened so fast. Diagnosed in March,  and surgery in april. It all just seemed like i went through a fast dream. I didnt need chemo or radiation. I guess i am one of the lucky ones. Just having some trouble with comprehending all that I have just gone through. Yes, I seem to be coming back to my old...
  • sharon64


    Just want to say hello to anyone that's been checking in!! Hope everyone is doing well and staying positive! sending Hugs to you all!
  • Linds30

    Little Advice

    I just went through my first round of Chemo for Stage 3, I am having a hard time with the side effects, wondering if anyone had tips on how to handle nausea and jus tthe over all crummy feeling?
  • yorman1

    Happy Easter

    Wishing all of you a Joyous Easter, may the good Lord bless us all.
  • CoreyB

    Looking for any real experience info to help pls

    Went in for indigestion and ended up with a diagnosis of aneo metastatic colon cancer, stage IV.  Have to say lot of info seems to be grim I been getting so looking for myself for real info on what to expect, progression, timeline, treatment stories and thought or anything really.Currently it was diagnosed in the liver is where they see it, 2.5cm sizes, not sure where that stands on size or what...
  • Aronia

    Long term stage 4 remission

    I wanted to share this for those of you fighting to stay alive.. 12 years ago I delivered my second child while just 1 floor up in the hospital my 73 YO FIL had a 5 cm tumor removed from his colon. I worked in health care and I knew it wasn't going to be good when the doctors announced that he also had mets to his liver and lung. I brought my baby with me to show him before I left the...
  • melissa2487

    6 to 18?

    My father had colorectal cancer back in 2014... went thru 2 rounds of chemo, 2 rounds of radiation, surgery to remove part of his colon, etc. He was doing fantastic after the surgery and went into remission. About a year ago they found some spots on his lung scans which were extremely small and couldn't even do a biopsy on it plus all his tests were still coming back great. He had another...
  • sadandunsettled


    My father passed away on the 17th February 2017 after a long battle of metastatic colorectal cancer. He suffered badly.But he never complained he was always playing his illness down, which annoyed me at appointments, he never wanted to cause a fuss.Now my world has been torn apart I no longer can speak to him or text him. But i am assured that he knows I will always love him.
  • tigger2512


     First let me say i have anxiety....lots of it...i am also in a leukemia group here ...i just lost my finacee 5 weeks ago.After he passed i figured it was time for me to get a checkup as i was due for my yearly...just turning 50 the dr wanted me to have a colonoscopy.  I refused and he gave me a "cologuard" test which checks dna in stool.  Well of course it came back positive. needless to say...
  • trishatrixie

    Newly Diagosed Sigmoid Colon Cancer

    I just found out that I have Colon Cancer in my sigmoid. The tumor was so large, I had to stay on soft food after the colonscopy and they got me into surgery right away. I had a Robotic assisted Sigmoidectemy and the tumor was fully removed and they did a colon ressection. After testing 22 lymph nodes they found 7 had cancer in them. The oncologist said this moves me to a Stage 3b and I will need...
  • powerless

    stage iv colon cancer in colon wall

    Hi  my son was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer he is 32 ywars old and has 2 beautiful kids 6 and 11. I was wondering if anyone on has has had ant experince with chemo and if they were successful on becoming cancer free. I would love to hear from you all. Ty