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Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer or bowel cancer, includes cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix. Many colorectal cancers are thought to arise from mushroom-like growths that are usually benign, but some may develop into cancer over time. The majority of the time, the diagnosis of localized colon cancer is through colonoscopy.

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  • delton

    Abdominal pain new to group

    hello everyone, i had open colorectal surgery to remove stage 3 colon cancer tumor. That was October 2015 and had Chemo which I completed June of 2016. I recently started having pain abdominal pain which moves from left side, to under belly button, and sometimes under left ribcage. It's worrying me and I have colonoscopy scheduled for this Wednesday 10/25. Wondering if any of you ever have...
  • yorman1

    Results from CT scan and blood work

    Just got back from my semi annual appt. with my oncologist. It appears that all is well (thank God).. I found that the time does not begin until completion of chemo...In my case surgery on Dec 28/2012 chemo started in Feb. And ended  in year one was July 2013 so of course July2017/represents 4 years cancer free. I will be getting another CT scan in January and complete my treatment in...
  • ChemoinKenya

    choosing chemo regimen

    After emergency surgery to remove a tumor a month ago, I am about to embark on a course of chemotherapy. I have two good doctors who have recommended different regimens: XELOX and FOLFOX. Does anyone have any insights into which has fewer (easier) side effects?
  • mrsvfox75

    New to the group and recently diagnosed

    On Sept.13th I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to the liver. I haven't started chemo yet. I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has any idea what is in store for me. I know not all people are the same or react the same but I would like to have an idea of what's next.
  • DarknessEmbraced

    Still cancer free!!!

    My doctor's office called to tell me that I'm still cancer free! I am still going to keep the October 5th appointment to go over the scan in case to see if it showed anything else. I still don't know what's causing my stomach issues.
  • Glennat


    Hi. Im new to this group. I am only 34 and have a 6 month old baby 4 year old and 6 year old. I had a colonoscopy in which they found a large mass. I had a MRI right away and am waiting on biopsy results. I have a feeling thisbhas been there for years. Im scared and this waiting is really hard. 
  • DarknessEmbraced

    Worried because of ct scan moved up

    I'm feeling worried because the hospital called and told me that the doctor wanted my yearly ct scans moved up from September 22nd from October 30th. I called the doctor's office and they wouldn't tell me why. I do see that doctor tomorrow for the rheumatologist referral so I will ask why it was moved up. I have been having more digestive issues lately. Even when my CA 125 was a little higher my...
  • Oldwoman

    End game

    Has anyone had experience with the end game experience with friend, loved one or patient with rectal cancer?  I do not intend for this question to be insensitive, but it looks like this is something I will be expereincing up close and personal and any information would be appreciated.
  • fibrefletch

    Sigmoid tumour battle

    Hi, I am due for my first chemotherapy on 15th Feb - i guess then it will become more 'real', although I have been through considerable torment with a stent proceedure in my Sigmoida few weeks ago, (1.5 hours on a trolley with only gas!) and still no firm biopsy report after several attempts including from liver (it has spread, not sure how much, I think just a little) The stent took a week at...
  • Sunrize78

    One year later

    Hello everyone. I was 38 when they found my tumor in my colon. It was removed and I had a left colectomy it didn't spread anywhere else but I had 6months of chemo in case. My first colonoscopy a year later it came out clear in sep 2017 I have my first scan but for now I am NED. I wanted to know if anyone still has problems with their bowels? I can go 6 times a day to being constipated I don't...
  • deleted_user

    Colon cancer cured

    I was diagnosed with colon cancer last summer at 43 years of age. I was blown off by doctors for 5 years due to my age. I finally had 9 inches of my colon removed in July. No chemo or radiation was needed and I am supposed to be cured. I fear that cancer will return one day but for now I am thankful. Don't let any doctor tell you that you are too young for colon cancer. Get a colonoscopy if you...
  • yorman1

    4 yr check up

    Just got back from oncologist she says all the results from blood and CT scan look great.... She scheduled me for an appt in July and told me to continue doing what I have been.  Prayers and Faith along with sensible eating and a bit of exercise. Surgery was done 12/28/2012..
  • satinydragon


    Hi everyone. Had surgery on April 7th of this year. Diagnosed with colon cancer. Everything happened so fast. Diagnosed in March,  and surgery in april. It all just seemed like i went through a fast dream. I didnt need chemo or radiation. I guess i am one of the lucky ones. Just having some trouble with comprehending all that I have just gone through. Yes, I seem to be coming back to my old...
  • sharon64


    Just want to say hello to anyone that's been checking in!! Hope everyone is doing well and staying positive! sending Hugs to you all!
  • Linds30

    Little Advice

    I just went through my first round of Chemo for Stage 3, I am having a hard time with the side effects, wondering if anyone had tips on how to handle nausea and jus tthe over all crummy feeling?