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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) describes a sense of exhaustion and post-exertion malaise, even when you have gotten enough rest and sleep. The disease is characterized by six months of incapacitating fatigue experienced as profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina, and problems with concentration and short-term memory. The cause is unknown, but it is a debilitating condition that makes day-to-day life difficult for those who have it. Join the group and discuss treatment, symptoms, and lifestyle changes that have helped.

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  • master4thdegree

    The root cause...where are you focusing efforts?

    ME/CFS sufferer here, no profile yet but here is my short story.  Symptoms started (mild) after a MRSA infection years ago.  For last two years, fatigue has set in managed by exercise and stimulants.   Last year worse again, added Kratom for pain and epinephrine for when I just needed to be on my feet. then in December I had a stomach bug that kept me in bed for two weeks and I was groaning...
  • Hope2Heal

    Is ME the same exact thing as CFS?

    I don't understand what ME is in conjunction with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Anyone have a simple explanation?
  • master4thdegree

    Hope this helps someone. You can live again.

    So someone I know has discovered great results by injecting Vitamin B Complex (mostly 6 and 12) and Vitamin D3 (which actually is a hormone too).    This is easy to do/try by getting the vitamins in a sublingual form and disolving in distilled water.  Vitamin D3 you can find already in little jell caps (like little footballs) you can inject that oil. Getting insuline syringes online is easy...
  • Hope2Heal

    Seasoned Chronic Fatigue Sufferer

    Hello!  I'm new to this support group.  I was in a study group for CFS back in the 1980's at National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado.  (Back then it was called Epstein Barr Virus.)  The study was headed by Dr. Jim Jones.  There have been times since I felt the illness was over, only to have it return again and again.  For about the past five years, it's been a challenge with the...
  • deleted_user

    Mouth Sores

    I have a question - might be a little weird, so I apologize, but I figured this would be the place to ask.So, I am not really sure when or how my CFS started. I did have mono about 13 years ago, but recovered normally from it. I was diagnosed with CFS about a year ago, although had been dealing with general fatigue for a few years before that. I know that my CFS Dr. did say that she found that...
  • PG307

    CFS and Depression in Relationship

    Hi, all.  My husband of 19 years was diagnosed with CFS 8 years ago or so.  We have had our ups and downs, but we've survived one way or another most probably because there's a lot of love and understanding between us.  I'm healthy, active, very involved with our children, and am having a hard time right now.  For the last 8 years or so, he's been okay.  He has been able to work a few hours...
  • PG307


    Hello to all.  My husband and I have been married for 19 years and he was diagnosed with CFS 8 years ago.  Although he is very good about taking care of himself, and I try to help him as best I can and to the extent he allows (he's very independent), he still struggles emotionally.  Personally, it kills me to see him when he's in that funk.  I'm not certain this is the right group, but I...
  • triunfadora

    Update on vertigo

    Hi, everyone.  I just wanted to give an update on the vertigo.  I really appreciate everyone's input.  It turns out it was the issue that several of you mentioned about calcium crystals in the ear.  I went to the neuro who sent me to the PT for treatment.  The PT was able to diagnose it when I went there.  She was able to get the crystals to move and then I had to keep my head still for...
  • mhillqt

    Not sure if this is CFS

    HII have suffered from panic disorder/anxiety and sometimes depression for many years BUT in the last few years, every spring I end up getting a flulike disorder ie feverish(but no fever), exhaustion even after 12 hours sleep, mental haze and muscle psychiatrist thinks they are somatic symptoms to my anxiety BUT Im anxious during other parts of the year and dont have the CFS...
  • Bluebonnet08


    Have you had an experiences flying since you've gotten this illness?  Do you think it will lead to a severe crash or relapse?  
  • CFIDSgirl

    Job discrimination experience?

    I'm going through a rough patch, as my employer is threatening to fire me (I've been on medical leave for a while, and it's not clear when/if I'll be able to come back).  I'm trying to figure out whether I might have grounds to file a discrimination claim with the EEOC.  Does anyone have any experience arguing that CFS is a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act?  Thanks in...
  • cmiat

    Fibromyalgia source of pain discovered

    This isn't letting me copy and paste an adress, so I'll just tell you that I came across an article which claims researchers have identified the source of the pain experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers.  (I only have CFS myself, but thought others might be interested.)  It's on USA Heathly Life website and titled Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved under breaking news (listed as posted three...
  • Bluebonnet08

    Your daily routine

    Just curious about what your daily routine looks like?  I know everyone will differ.. but do you stay in bed or in the house most of the time?Some days are better for me, so it varies.  Regardless, I still have to lie down quite often!  I wish I could be "out and about" more often.
  • Beccibex96

    Unsure of health problems..

    Hi guys, I need some help in opinions and diagnosis.Last year I had pneumonia and it affected me very badly leading to depression. Thankfully I am now over that. But have some other health issues. I am having frequent pains in very random places in my body, it feels like my bones hurt and I need to click my joint, however if I can/do click them the pain doesn't go.I get these pains almost every...
  • Bluebonnet08

    New research

    I've been following his research and it seems like some interesting things are begining to emerge.  He's already made more progress on understanding CFS in a year than others have in decades!