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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) describes a sense of exhaustion and post-exertion malaise, even when you have gotten enough rest and sleep. The disease is characterized by six months of incapacitating fatigue experienced as profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina, and problems with concentration and short-term memory. The cause is unknown, but it is a debilitating condition that makes day-to-day life difficult for those who have it. Join the group and discuss treatment, symptoms, and lifestyle changes that have helped.

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  • Storm13

    Chronic Pain for 3 Years

    I have dealt with chronic pain for over 3 years and haven't been diagnosed even though I struggle with horrible back, neck and leg pain on a daily basis.  I wonder if I may have fibromyalgia or maybe myalgic encenphalitis because I sufferfrom chronic fatigue and have to push myself to do the smallest activities that used to come so easy to me. Can anyone tell me how you found out/ were diagnosed...
  • kaylac13

    New to this group

    Hi everyone, my name is Kayla and I am 18 years old (soon to be 19). I am new to this group so I thouhgt I'd do a little introduction and try to get to know some of you as well! My story is kind of fuzzy, since I've expereinced some form of health problems my entire life. I was born 6 weeks premature, and right off the bat I had issues with digestion and respiration. I was diagnosed with asthma...
  • SickSince1991

    Just Joined Need Support

    Hi everyone,I just found this Support Group. I'm a 45 year old male who has been sick since I was 20 years old. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for 25 years. And for 3 years now a bad back and hip that they can not fix or diagnose.Besides being sick all of the time I recently got scared yesterday that I have been sick for 25 years. I have not felt this way since I was in my early...
  • Nina1959

    Supplemental Oxygen therapy?

    Has anyone tried using oxygen? I don't have any lung issues that call for it but my O2 is always at 93 in the morning, even using cpap and really never gets over 95 all day. One day out of desperation I put a fresh nasal cannula on my hubbie's machine (he uses it only at night), and low and behold I was up to 98 from 94 in about 20 min. I've started using it 3 times a day and so far each time I...
  • Serce

    end of year thoughts.....and hopes too.

    Hello,You're not alone I promise, chronic illness coupled with exhaustion & pain are not easy to cope with.  It takes time to learn about your body and how it interacts with illness.  For many of us, we have's been a long time now that I've been ill.  Worked with the diagnoses for another 12.5 years and then stopped in 2010.  So I've been retired disabled now for...
  • Bluebonnet08

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all!  I hope this year brings happiness and improved health to everyone :)  I'm hoping this year will be a good one for me.  It's felt like a long road, after 11.5 years of this illness.  I wanted to give a little update on my treatment plan from the doctor at the autonomic lab.. I have to say that I have seen some improvements.  I am supposed to be doing 3tsps of salt per...
  • KarlHungus

    What is wrong with me?

    37yr old male. super active and fit. weight lifting, cycling, yoga, boxing, hiking, etc. super healthy.Sorry for the long story, but I just was reading up on CFS and SEID and it seems to fit my symptoms all too well.I have had little bits of anxiety throughout my life and several panic attacks over the years, but never anything super serious. My dad died 4 years ago and for 3 years I was doing...
  • 2DanceAgain

    Missing The Multitude of Informational Posts

    Hi Everyone who is living with this physically, emotionally, and socially draining illness.  Since the changes in Daily Strength, I am missing all the good informational posts that used to be here.  Even if I didn't have the energy to write a lot, I could at least read about new ideas, treatments, strategies, etc. for dealing with this illness of ours.  Where did all those people go who used...
  • Minimight

    Happy new year

     Wishing everyone a blessed year may this coming year give us the strength we need to get through our daily trials. 
  • 2DanceAgain

    Happy Holidays One and All

    Many people have already done this, but it never hurts to get additional messages wishing you a happy holiday season.  It doesn't matter which holiday or holidays you celebrate, may you find the energy to enjoy the special events of season.  Find the joy in the little things.  Chridren's laughter, the winter weather beauty of ice crystals, a smile on a loved one's face, the color of wrapped...
  • Bluebonnet08

    Autonomic Testing

     I just wanted to post about my experience and autonomic testing.  There is a strong link between CFS and autonomic problems (like POTS, Orthostatic Hypotension, to name a few).  The field is relatively new, but growing.  There are only 6 or 7 autonomic labs in the USA.  I went to Norfolk, VA for testing at the Sentara autonomic lab.  The doctor, Dr. Chemali, used to work at the Cleveland...
  • cmiat

    Quiet Christmas

    It's been very quiet on the site for the last week or so.  I guess everyone is having to save all of thier energy for Christmas preparations.  Usually I'd wait till Christmas Day to post this, but I figure not many people will be on then to see it, being too busy with family and friends.  So:  Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope your day contains far more joy than stress and for the ones like...
  • Bluebonnet08

    Saline IVs

    I think I've posted about this before, but I started doing saline IVs last year as a treatment.  So far, I feel like it has been a help to me.  I get them after I do any bloodwork, after my period, and after dealing with an illness.  It seems to help get me out of a crash state.  It also improves my BP and pulse for about a week afterwards.  It's not a miracle, but it does help manage the...
  • sleepylady

    Hey there!

    Hi all!I've struggled with chronic fatigue, to greater or lesser degrees, over the past 8 years. Today, I manage quite well! I have a pretty normal life - in fact, many would say I'm busy! Even though I am much healthier today than when I was at my worst, I'm exhausted all of the time. I've worked really hard to accept the state of exhaustion and teach myself to work through it (be mindful,...
  • Minimight


     Just a question if you knew but is experienced going through pregnancy with CFS and slew of other conditions. My husband and I are at a point in our life where we would like to start a family we waited while he first got married and we feel very secure now and our life together and it would  be wonderful to have a little bit of each of us in a little person but I have to admit I'm a little...