Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) describes a sense of exhaustion and post-exertion malaise, even when you have gotten enough rest and sleep. The disease is characterized by six months of incapacitating fatigue experienced as profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina, and problems with concentration and short-term memory. The cause is unknown, but it is a debilitating condition that makes day-to-day life difficult for those who have it. Join the group and discuss treatment, symptoms, and lifestyle changes that have helped.

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3 Online
  • aussiedi

    Hello Any comedians out there ??

    How about some giggle therapy. Does anyone know any jokes or funny stories? Laughter is good for everything .Help me out here.
  • dbergstrom

    Great Video, only 2 Minutes

    Millions Missing VideoProtest is only 1 week away.100,000 people joined in on social media in May, please help keep the momentum!
  • article! and links to more good and informative ones at the bottom of that article
  • okiebug

    Short Leg

    Hi Everyone,I went to a chiropractor quite a few years ago for some back problems, while checking me over he found my right leg is a little shorter than my left. He gave me inserts, back adjustments and also treated my TMJ. It helped, but was pretty expensive. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and if so how to do you handle it? Thanks for any help.
  • a lot more coming up.
  • raghav

    A small exercise

    We all know our life is somewhat different from others some people accepted it after losing few things or may be lot of things I am in process sometimes find difficult also because i am still trying hard to keep things in control but still keeping in mind that if things go out of my hands I can accept it and always remain hopeful I know at the age when you are at starting of your career and your...
  • Corey_Aus

    Important recovery tips.

    Hey guys,Just wondering if anyone has a particular part of their recovery process along their journey that they believe helped them most. Be it the 'positive attitude' wrap or GET, etc.
  • dbergstrom

    Special Thanks

    I just want to thank everyone who went out of their way to contact their representative. We set MECFS history by sending a bipartisan letter to the NIH addressing their poor funding of CFS. In the span of two actual business days we gathered at least 47 signatures. Despite the pain, hardship, and frustration this illness brings, thank you for reaching out and making a positive impact for this...
  • FerFer

    Hair loss??

    Hi there, I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced hairloss with their ME/CFS? I've been sick for 25 years but just recently in the past few years have had some substantial hair loss! My hair has always been thin and fine but it's really thin's embarassing! I know meds can cause hair loss but not really sure if that's the culprit! Just thought i'd throw that question out and see if...
  • RichieD


    We have to get the description of ME/CFS in our group header fixed. The illness is definitely not "a sense of exhaustion that isn't caused by exertion". We aren't just people who feel tired for unknown reasons, it's a physical illness with actual symptoms like any other illness.
  • SophieKate


    Hi guys! I recently joined a support group near where I live, however, I found it was difficult to connect to the few that were well enough to come. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about two years ago in my final few years of school. I have tried various aproaches to fix some of my symptoms, however the worst symptom I have had has been my severe headaches (possibly from tiredness?)...
  • deleted_user

    I feel better after 10 at night

    Is it common for people with cfs to feel a bit better later at night ,,,,This is after having a 12-14 hour sleepAlso I find less sleep makes me less mentally sluggish
  • triunfadora

    Asking for what you need

    I want to start a thread about this issue of asking for what you need. We've all heard that priciple of basic psychology that we need to verbalize what we need so that people can step in and provide it. Now, here is my question that I would like to hear your take on: What do you do when you have asked and you still aren't getting what you need? I always say, "God is my source and people are a...
  • Mrswinchester82

    Endless cycle

    I am 34 years old and have given up on Doctors for help in what I firmly believe is CFS. I have been dealing with these terrible symptoms for the past 5 years and have not found any measure of relief. I am a nother of 2 and maintain a full time job as a teacher. However Ive just become very good at hiding my pain and exhaustion with fake smiles and an autopilot mentality. I often want to do so...
  • raghav

    feeling hopeless

    I don't know what to write everyday living with pain and fatigue, tired of seeing doctor, no one to give strength, scared of future of not able to manage job, Nothing seems better place than lying on bed everyday reading motivational story of those who got severe disability and managing life I don't feel any motivation to live like this Every one has some motivation and support for me i feel like...