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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) describes a sense of exhaustion and post-exertion malaise, even when you have gotten enough rest and sleep. The disease is characterized by six months of incapacitating fatigue experienced as profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina, and problems with concentration and short-term memory. The cause is unknown, but it is a debilitating condition that makes day-to-day life difficult for those who have it. Join the group and discuss treatment, symptoms, and lifestyle changes that have helped.

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  • raghav

    Sorry for being selfish i come here just for help

    Some of you know me i am a guy 27 year from India. I develop all this cfs symptoms when i was in training and after bad break up I used to be a person who give my friend strength, help and try to make them smile but I think God has different plan for me Now i am in a condition where i got so alone and It is not about getting alone the problem is that no body has solution what i am facing I am in...
  • Hyrulesavoir

    This is getting annoying

    Having CFS and being recently diganosed is annoying. My employer will not swtich me departments when im not doing as much. My back muscles have spasmed and I am unable to be lifting over 10lb my HR still wont budge. He's supossed to call me today to talk about what he can do.
  • Chuckster

    A bit better today

    I am coming through the cycle today.  I feel some sort of life.  I know I'm still around 60% but I'll go with that.  I may be able to do a couple of things today.  Thanks to you guys for being here and God Bless.
  • Chuckster

    Symptom Question

    For the past year I have been experiencing symptoms of fatigue.  My symptoms are frequent but not on going for extended periods of time.  Today I could not get out of bed until 3 pm and am so tired and weak that I cannot function.  Reading or being on the computer tires me out pretty quickly.  I have physical pains.  I am cloudy headed and cannot concentrate.  The longest these bouts have...
  • Bluebonnet08

    Health Apps

    Does anyone use or know of an app that helps you track your symptoms day to day?  Thanks :)
  • jamielynne86

    New here and struggling

    Hi Everyone, I have resisted finding a support group, online or otherwise, since I was diagnosed because I kept feeling hopeful that the doctors would figure out what was wrong with me and I'd be cured. Three long years later, that is not the case and I've lost most of that hope. I was diagnosed with CFS along with secondary hypothyroidism when I was 27. I had been tested for everything under the...
  • Asteroid

    Worried...starting a new job this week

    After seven months of (mostly) unemployment, a really cool company chose me to fill a high-profile role.  This new job concerns me, because of high expectations to perform and it would devastate me to fail.  During my hiatus, it allowed me to do a bunch of enjoyable activities, including getting tons of rest (sleep, naps, lounging, etc.). The position will require me to be constantly alert and...
  • MaxPB

    Wellbeing is the essence of who we are....

    Hi dear friends, just popping in to share some inspiration from my personal blog. wrote it for myself as a morning meditation.  I am expecting, anticipating, declaring my miracle.  I plan to record it to music and play it every morning as I wake.How wonderful to remind ourselves that CFS is not our nature, what...
  • cmiat


    I was just reading an article titled "Turns out the humble appendix actually does something".  I don't know how to put a link to it here, but I found it very interesting, especially in relation to our condition (though it doesn't make any connection itself).  It talks about the appendix perhaps being a reservoir for good gut bacteria and effecting the immune system and says that if you've had...
  • Bluebonnet08

    Self Driving car

    Saw this today and thought it would be so amazing for all of us suffering from this illness!  Driving has been increasingly difficult for me and I would love this to help with my independence!
  • kaylac13

    New to this group

    Hi everyone, my name is Kayla and I am 18 years old (soon to be 19). I am new to this group so I thouhgt I'd do a little introduction and try to get to know some of you as well! My story is kind of fuzzy, since I've expereinced some form of health problems my entire life. I was born 6 weeks premature, and right off the bat I had issues with digestion and respiration. I was diagnosed with asthma...
  • aussiedi

    Hello Any comedians out there ??

    How about some giggle therapy. Does anyone know any jokes or funny stories? Laughter is good for everything .Help me out here.
  • raghav

    leg pains while standing and walking

    I still didn't get diagnosis I have went through all test like mri brain, mri spine, emg, ncv, cpk, hemoglobin level high, esr, ana earlier ana was positive but now all test are normal.I am not getting how to get exact diagnosis but i have pain in my legs only that now occurs when i walk long distance. 
  • Lupin1

    TED Talk

    Brilliant new TED talk on ME, in fact the very first one. I hope this gets some attention online
  • Angel77

    New here...questions about symptoms

    Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed based on symptoms and the high count of EBV in my labs.  I'm 31. I started experiencing symptoms about 6 weeks after I had my son. He's now two. It has been a long road trying to figure out what has been going on. Having a name and reason is both a relief and overwhelming.I just wanted to know , do others also experience delayed reaction time that has kept...