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Chemotherapy is the use of chemical substances to treat disease. This community is dedicated to those undergoing chemotherapy or helping a loved one who is taking the treatment. Find support, get answers to your questions, and share your experience with others who know what you're going through.

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  • CoastalT

    Blood Clots in leg

    Has anyone had blood clots because of your chemo treatment?  I was limping and have terrible pain in my leg.  Like a charliehorse that never stops.  A forever cramp hurts.   After 3 weeks of complaints and reduced to my walker to move the PA said, just to rule it out let's do an ultrasound.  You have to see your doctor before you leave the hospital always means they found something.  So now...
  • deleted_user


    still in the war but need to must n will win as all of you will. lets set one min at any time today n pray for all of my friend n chemo warriors to feel better and have a pain free day all of the D/S worrior n caregivers let pray God can do it . In Jesus name .
  • mwhitney83

    CIPN (Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

    Has anyone ever had or knew/knows someone who has/had CIPN? If so, have you ever heard of it to happen years down the line, way after receiving Chemotherapy? I've read somewhere in rare cases, it can happen, 1 in a million, usually. Please tell me if anyone has ever gone through this or knew anyone who has, it's very important to me that I find this information out. Please get back asap. Thank...
  • COnana

    Erbitux experiences?

    Hi all,Wondering if anyone has had experience using Erbitux.  It is a possibility for me if gene testing shows it may work.  What I read online seems pretty horrific.  Not sure if I want me last days to be spent battling mouth sores, acne/body rash, etc.  If anyone knows how long it prolongs life (given the negative side effects) and whether it's worth it, I'd love to hear from you.COnana
  • kaitlynwalsh

    Hello, Im Kaitlyn Walsh. A fifteen year old high school freshman. I was a normal kid enjoying a normal life when my life was turned upside down. Like many of you, I lost my mother to a terminal illness. As a matter of fact she passed away a year and five months ago on November 17th, 2014. I lost my best friend that day and every day after has been nothing short of a personal battle. There were a...
  • ronnie3g


    You might be interested in this, about the need to deal with the malnutrition that people fighting with cancer often face:
  • deleted_user

    side effects advice

    I have stomach cancer and they did a surgery and are now finishing up with radiation and chemo. I just had my second treatment today. This isn't my first time with cancer but seems to be the worst in regards to the chemo. Does anyone have advice in regards to the nausea or just overall tired feeling? ThanksJessie
  • Hi, I need some answers here. My mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer about 8 years ago, and since, has been in remission. But about 4 years ago, she has experienced these symptoms:Pain, sharpness and stabbing shooting pain that comes and goes in both her legs and arms.Memory LossMuscle ShrinkageMuscle Weakness in the legs and thighsBalance ProblemsStumbling at times while walkingConstipationShe...
  • petesa101


    First let me tell you that I have lost two wonderful women to cancer What I have witnessed tells me that Chemotherapy is bad for you. Im not saying that people havent survived after Chemo but its not a cure. I personally would not have it,I would rather die than have it. My last partner suffered horrendously after Chemo, affecting her nervous system and eventually her brain. IT kills all...
  • IonaJ

    Sickness from chemotherapy

    Hi everyoneMy husband has cancer and has been trouble eating, just wanted to ask what foods worked to improve or give anyone else an actual apetite? Recipes ?
  • Ricardo101


    I'm posting to the board hoping I can help someone. My friend is a health specialist and wants to run clinical trials for the show SHARK TANK.If you have cancer and interested in finding out what the clinical trials entail, please contact me. Ricardo
  • deleted_user

    Chemotherapy - Side Effects & Depression

    Hi, my husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer in February. At the time, the Oncologist and Radation Oncologist decided to shrink the tumor and have surgery. They then felt he should have more Chemo.. this time the IV kind... He had one treatment on Thursday... and the side effects are horrible and his depression is setting in!! What can I do as his caregiver to help him?? I need to...
  • Blueeyezd1964


    hello was wondering if any one was ever put on or is still on gleevic??
  • Sarah515

    Lashes never came back the same

    I had Hodgkins Lymphoma twice over the last 3 years. I did ABVD, radiation, and an auto SCT.My hair grew back thick and curly the second time, but my lashes are so thin and wimpy. It's been a year and a half since my last chemo and nothing.I found an awesome product that has helped me feel like myself again. If you have any questions, send me a PM.
  • deleted_user

    Fatigue during "good" weeks

    I started chemotherapy for osteosarcoma on July 21. The first two weeks were pretty rough. Lots of nausea and fatigue and loss of appetite. I have lost over 20 pounds in the past month. I am now on my second week of chemo reprieve but am still battling fatigue and appetite issues. I begin another round of a different drug next week but have been told that this particular drug is very well...