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Cerebral palsy or CP is the most common childhood physical disability. It is a permanent physical condition that affects movement. There is no cure for cerebral palsy, but various forms of therapy can help a person with the disorder to function more effectively. If you or a loved one has cerebral palsy, join the group to share your experience or get advice from others.

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  • jerraw81

    Leg pain/weakness

    I have spastic CP which primarily affects my legs.  I've always been able to walk (with a limp) but lately, I've been having severe pain and weakness in my right leg.  My leg feels like it wants to give out and I've fallen a few times as a result.  I've been doing adaptive CrossFit for 1.5 years now and I don't know if it is helping or hurting at the moment.  Stretching and working out tends...
  • jerraw81

    Chiropractors and CP

    Does anyone go to a chiropractor?  Have you ever gone to a chiropractor?  How did your body respond to it?  Would you recommend it?
  • Sweetheart22


    Hi I'm 25 and I have mild cerebral palsy I'm wondering if anyone on here can help me I can walk but with help like I can walk if I'm using a walker or if someone is holding my hand I use a wheelchair sometime but I don't want to become dependent on it I have no one who understand what I'm going through if anyone can help me it will be appreciate and if anyone has done the surgery on there hips to...
  • I have mild cerebral palsy on my right side. I walk but with a limp . i stopped doing stretches several years ago. Will stretching help improve my condition? Will lack of stretching for several years damage my ability to have good results?
  • ralph1965

    Getting worse - want to hear from others

    Hello,My name is Ralph, and I have Spastic CP. I will be 50 in October. I am in an electric wheelchair, and have a significant speech impairment.About 3.5 years ago, I got a baclofen pump. I have mixed feelings about it.About two years ago, I had to get an indwelling catheter, as out of the blue I could not urinate anymore. I am sexually active, so I got a supra public cath.Over the last few...
  • Foxredlab

    Brand New to Group

    Hi Everyone,I am a 54 year old woman with mild cp. I am currently struggling with bilateral leg pain despite Zanaflex, Botox, and Cortizone in my left hip.The pain is so fatiguing! Thanks for listening!
  • Hi,I have CP and have been struggling with having to go pee alot.  My doctor referred me to a urologist, whom, while she is a very kind person has admitted she does not know what to offer me for help.I'm extremely sensitive to medication.  So far the various meds for bladder have caused my to retain urine and create the oposite problem, creating much more spasming and, I can't go!I'm wondering...
  • kimjones

    Living with parents

    I live with both of my parents because I can walk. It's not that they're not great cause they are. It's just that my mom tends to worry a LOT even if she doesn't admit it or not. She thinks of everything that could happen or might happen and so forth. Though she is so easy to talk to but if you tell her something she can go into mood at times. I love her but I have to keep things from her. My...
  • medengineering

    Challenges using a cup

    I'm a medical engineering student working towards designing a customisable cup for individuals with cerebral palsy. In particularly, the aim is to design the cup so it is useful for those with limited grip strength and dexterity. The cup is primarily designed for use at home and in private settings, but is intended to be more discrete than other assistive drinking devices on the market. I'm...
  • guitarman79

    Bad Anxiety

    My friend's brother has downsyndrom,  And I'm supposed to meet up with then in april.  Her Bother play's guitar (last time I herd) And so do I,  and my Friend's brotherFeel's like he has to have everything I do (he think's he's my big brother) And his parent's don't do anything about it,  But my mother does give in.....and will ask me if he have a guitar or whatever he want's, and Lately, she...
  • tommy59

    Mild CP and getting older

    Hi! I am new to the group and am busting at the seams. I'm 56 and everything is going fast. First question for now.I work out, strengthening, 3 times a week. Then I ache the rest of the time. I can barely walk and just hurt. My thighs are the worse culprit.I believe strenthening them makes me hurt and hard to walk. push me, pull me! Is this a problem for people?
  • DeborahhLeary23

    Cerebral palsy and physiotherapy?

    Hi all, Can we treat cerebral palsy with physiotherapy? One of my cousin’s daughter is suffering from cerebral palsy and they had been trying various treatments to reduce the complications of it. She was exposed to maternal infection and that is the cause of her problem. I read an article on the effect of physiotherapy on cerebral palsy (...
  • greeneyes1128

    Footwear & CP

    Hello my fellow CPers,I am in search of finding some really good shoes that hold up well to my high demands of CP. What shoe brands does everyone where? Nike, New Balance, Asics?What is everyone's thoughts?
  • EmmaRose88

    dating and CP

    I don't understand how others can be so shallow. Disabilities come in all forms. I don't let my disability define me but don't hide it either. Another thing that guys keep bringing up is my height. It shouldn't matter. 
  • k_rayne


     Hello everybody, I'm quite new to this site. I'm 16 and have moderate spastic diplegia. I thought I'd post something because I've been very frustrated the past little while and needed somewhere to talk where people would be able to understand. So lately I've been hurting really bad every day. Hips, knees, and almost everything else. Normally I'd just live with it because pain is nothing new,...