Cerebral Palsy Support Group

Cerebral palsy or CP is the most common childhood physical disability. It is a permanent physical condition that affects movement. There is no cure for cerebral palsy, but various forms of therapy can help a person with the disorder to function more effectively. If you or a loved one has cerebral palsy, join the group to share your experience or get advice from others.

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  • DeborahhLeary23

    Cerebral palsy and physiotherapy?

    Hi all, Can we treat cerebral palsy with physiotherapy? One of my cousin’s daughter is suffering from cerebral palsy and they had been trying various treatments to reduce the complications of it. She was exposed to maternal infection and that is the cause of her problem. I read an article on the effect of physiotherapy on cerebral palsy (...
  • greeneyes1128

    Footwear & CP

    Hello my fellow CPers,I am in search of finding some really good shoes that hold up well to my high demands of CP. What shoe brands does everyone where? Nike, New Balance, Asics?What is everyone's thoughts?
  • tommy59

    Mild CP and getting older

    Hi! I am new to the group and am busting at the seams. I'm 56 and everything is going fast. First question for now.I work out, strengthening, 3 times a week. Then I ache the rest of the time. I can barely walk and just hurt. My thighs are the worse culprit.I believe strenthening them makes me hurt and hard to walk. push me, pull me! Is this a problem for people?
  • EmmaRose88

    dating and CP

    I don't understand how others can be so shallow. Disabilities come in all forms. I don't let my disability define me but don't hide it either. Another thing that guys keep bringing up is my height. It shouldn't matter. 
  • k_rayne


     Hello everybody, I'm quite new to this site. I'm 16 and have moderate spastic diplegia. I thought I'd post something because I've been very frustrated the past little while and needed somewhere to talk where people would be able to understand. So lately I've been hurting really bad every day. Hips, knees, and almost everything else. Normally I'd just live with it because pain is nothing new,...
  • Booky63


    Does anyone else with CP have a problem around speed, perhaps going too fast in a car, over bumps, round corners? I've always had this problem, know it has something to do with my brain, don't quite understand how or why because there is nothing out there to verify it, but know it happens.
  • msmandy0912

    Gastro problems

    hi everyone,Im a 30 y/o woman with mild cp. lately ive been experiencing more gi problems (slower motility, ibs, gerd), my gi thinks i have a hiatal hernia. anyone else experiencing gi issues too?thanks ;)
  • spreciado

    Feeling depressed

    Hello everyone I'm new to this. I decided to give this a try because i have been really depressed because of my cerebral palsy. I feel people look at me weird because of it. I have gotten bulied because of it as well. Over all I just feel that people look at me in a weird way because I walk with a limp and that has gotten to me and I don't know what to do. Due to my cp I have low self esteem and...
  • ears99

    Exercise and CP

    I'm 15 years old, (soon to be 16!) and i have spastic quadriplegic hybrid cerebral palsy. (that's a mouthful!) It affects my limbs, mouth, and throat, but thankfully, physical and occupational therapy have helped a lot. But, here's my problem: I don't have any muscle tone!I can't run, i can't do more than a few push-ups, i can't do sit-ups, etc. I'm not really a "sporty" person, to be honest. I...
  • Ranter

    Bent over

    I am a 63 year old male with mild CP and have never really had any problems until about 2005. I started being bent over at the waist and continue to go down even further. I thought it was my back but I went to a surgeon and he said it was my hip flexors. I have an appt. at Duke University to talk to a specialist neurologist in about two weeks and have had to wait for seven months for the appt....
  • kellyann811

    "Wheelchair Day"

    Hi everyone!My name is Kelly and I am fairly new to this group. I am currently a grad student at NIU and I turn 25 in a few weeks. Things have been going pretty well for me recently. Like I said, I'm in school, I'm making new friends, and my job is going pretty well. That's why I'm so frustrated that I'm not happier!When I was a teenager I coined the term "wheelchair days." On these days, I feel...
  • kimjones


    I've been thinking about something. I understand with CP it effects different people. Some of us don't leave home much etc. I'm not asking for anyone to sign up, but if there was a video meeting for all the handicaps to join, would you find that interesting or not?
  • deleted_user


    Hi I am new here I wanted to know if there are any women with cerebral pasly that have able body boyfriends and how do they you make it work and do you feel that just because you have cerebral palsy that you also have to date someone who has cerebral palsy too
  • dkrank

    Could CRISPR Help?

    I was recently reading an article about the gene editing technique CRISPR and the site (http://www.abclawcenters.com/crispr/) suggested that CRISPR may be used in the future to treat CP. It's unclear how much it will help, but it could be worth keeping an eye on? 
  • BeautyinStruggles

    CP and Antidepressants

    So my depression has become a problem again and last week I was put on Zoloft as an antidepressant by the nurse at my college. and hours after the first dose I ended up in the ER because apparently some antidepressants can cause muscle spasms, and with my muscles so tight already it got so bad I could barely walk on my own. Needless to say now we're not sure what to try. I was wondering if...