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This community is dedicated to the difficult challenges of transitioning from one career or job to a new one. Especially as we grow older, it can be very difficult to acquire the skills and relationships and take the financial risk to make the switch.

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  • standbyme

    What the F#(% is up with HR

    I've been pounding the pavement for months, well over a year actually including my search for part time work, in the effort to get a new job. The work environment I'm in has grown toxic and I don't want to be there anymore. The fact that my search has lingered for this long has worn on me mentally and spiritually. I've been looking into Hospitality specifically for several reasons - stability,...
  • prismnineties


    I'm a little hopeless about school. I know there are bigger things going on in the world and with people but I don't feel like I'm anything because I'm a failure with school. It makes me feel bad about myself and not confidant in my future or in myself at all. I do like myself and I do love myself but when I think about school I feel so depressed and like such a loser and the people around me...
  • SMR

    thinking about a career change

    Has anybody else here made a career change in their 30s? I am 33 and am thinking of making a change, but I have a lot of anxiety about changing fields at this point. 
  • shapingsarah

    I'm quitting my job this weekend

    Due to personality differences with my boss and budget cuts, I'm quitting my job this weekend. It's the healthiest thing for me to do for myself. I've had a lot of health issues come up over the last couple of months and have been in and out of the hospital. Needless to say, I've had literally no income. I've drained my savings account to pay my bills and basic living expenses. I'm nervous to...
  • MM1349

    Hello everyone,

    I appreciate your help. I have a good resume. work experience, in university and good person. I am depending on my own.I don't have a job yet. I applied for months but i think i was  down on my luck to get any respond. I am open to any opportunity that helps me to get back on track. 
  • DW28

    Advice Needed

    Hello everyone,I would greatly appreciate any advice that anyone may want to share. Here is my situation. I'm interested in applying for a job at the same place my wife works. She is against me applying. When asking why, she says she believes I would not enjoy the job. When asking for more details about why, she'll give petty reasons such as "alarms go off all day in the office you'll be working...
  • GettingBetterEveryday

    sundays reminder of going back to work

    anybody else experience anxiety/ dread  on Sunday nights as the weekend comes to a close and the start of the workweek approaches?I hate my job. Maybe hate is a strong word but it's extremely stressful. In addition I've been having ALOT of personal stress so it's coming at me from all ends...  
  • abdulmominp

    Support Mackenzie Walters

    Here is an opportunity to support an teenager who has faced adversity and prospered. She holds dear place in my heart and her ambition inspires me. With your help, money should never be an obstacle to stop someone from achieving their dreams.
  • WhatHappened88

    Boss Making me Really Uncomfortable - Help!

    I left a job after 11 years because a new director took over and brought in his friends from out of state to supervise everyone who had been there forever and they treated us ike crap. I stuck it out for 3 years but crying every day on the way to work began to take its toll. I got a new job 4 miles from home (used to drive 40 minutes each way) and am now in charge of marketing for a fitness...
  • KB28

    Done hiding

    I'm currently in the process of getting my Master's in School Counseling and have also been working full-time at a small clinic that is unrelated to my future profession. I am the receptionist at our clinic and work on homework when no patients are around. I have been doing this for the past year and have never been told not to. This week, the clinic director passively confronted me about doing...
  • SurvivorDVEDCFSESW

    Survivor Guilt

    These past few months have been hard and confusing. A lot of turmoil and sleepless nights. I am the oldest of 6 children andwe all lived in a home were the adults portrayed domestic violence on a daily basis. What has been happening is due to mixed emotions of being the girl in the family who chose to go to college and I have worked very hard for my grades and awards. But for some reason I have...
  • scteach01

    Are resume writing services worth it?

    I need help.I have written and rewritten my resume three times in the past few months, and the number of jobs I have applied for (over 125 at this point) and the number of interviews I have (only 8-9) is driving me batty. At this point, I am open to anything that will get me hired/earn money (short of selling organs on the black market...I am not there...not yet). Does anyone know of a service...
  • standbyme

    Always something

    I recently found out that I don't qualify for a company insurance plan at my job. I work part time at 18 hours a week and the HR manager told me that I would have to work a minimum of 20 to qualify. A lot of the time there's nothing for me to do on the job because it's kind of on an "as needed" basis. I'm only bummed because of the current health care law and having to pay a fee for being...
  • pancake72

    toxic and dysfunctional

    I've been a bit of a job hopper. I never really had that ONE thing I wanted to be when I grew up...other than a mom. I was a great student, loved learning, and I am smart though I don't feel it much lately. I earned a bachelors and masters degree so I should be able to do something amazing, right???I was a single mom and I took jobs that allowed me the flexibility to be a present mom. Since 1999...
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