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This community is dedicated to the difficult challenges of transitioning from one career or job to a new one. Especially as we grow older, it can be very difficult to acquire the skills and relationships and take the financial risk to make the switch.

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  • anybody else experience anxiety/ dread  on Sunday nights as the weekend comes to a close and the start of the workweek approaches?I hate my job. Maybe hate is a strong word but it's extremely stressful. In addition I've been having ALOT of personal stress so it's coming at me from all ends...  
  • KB28

    Done hiding

    I'm currently in the process of getting my Master's in School Counseling and have also been working full-time at a small clinic that is unrelated to my future profession. I am the receptionist at our clinic and work on homework when no patients are around. I have been doing this for the past year and have never been told not to. This week, the clinic director passively confronted me about doing...
  • scteach01

    Are resume writing services worth it?

    I need help.I have written and rewritten my resume three times in the past few months, and the number of jobs I have applied for (over 125 at this point) and the number of interviews I have (only 8-9) is driving me batty. At this point, I am open to anything that will get me hired/earn money (short of selling organs on the black market...I am not there...not yet). Does anyone know of a service...
  • I left a job after 11 years because a new director took over and brought in his friends from out of state to supervise everyone who had been there forever and they treated us ike crap. I stuck it out for 3 years but crying every day on the way to work began to take its toll. I got a new job 4 miles from home (used to drive 40 minutes each way) and am now in charge of marketing for a fitness...
  • standbyme

    Always something

    I recently found out that I don't qualify for a company insurance plan at my job. I work part time at 18 hours a week and the HR manager told me that I would have to work a minimum of 20 to qualify. A lot of the time there's nothing for me to do on the job because it's kind of on an "as needed" basis. I'm only bummed because of the current health care law and having to pay a fee for being...
  • pancake72

    toxic and dysfunctional

    I've been a bit of a job hopper. I never really had that ONE thing I wanted to be when I grew up...other than a mom. I was a great student, loved learning, and I am smart though I don't feel it much lately. I earned a bachelors and masters degree so I should be able to do something amazing, right???I was a single mom and I took jobs that allowed me the flexibility to be a present mom. Since 1999...
  • If you want help and support with underachieving  and work issues . here are some contact details: WEBSITE: TELEPHONE MEETING: Friday9pm (GMT) /4pm EST meeting lasts for 1 hour Phone (001) 712 432 1600 AccessCode 987187 #)
  • standbyme

    Never Enough

    I swore up and down five years ago when I had a job working at Target that I'd never take a job where they'd make me pee in a cup for a pre-employment drug screening. We'll fast forward five years and the fact that I need insurance, a new laptop etc I had to go at that again. Needless to say finding and maintaining employment has been a struggle for me, in general I'm in a bad place in my life...
  • innsbruck


    I always thought I wanted to teach forever.  Even when my first year of teaching wasn't the best, I continued on and it ended up being the best job I've ever had.  Stayed there for 5 years....which leads me to now.  I moved to LA to be with my significant other.  Took a job in a rough area..ended up needing to resign because of how terrible it was. NOW, I am completely wanting to do something...
  • BammawRobin

    Need Advice

    Last year I had to quit my job because going through menopause and the terrible side effects of the drugs my dr. had me on wouldn't allow me to work on a computer 8 hrs. straight anymore. Now they won't give me unemployement because I 'quit'.  I'm only 49 so too young for SS and doubt I could get SSI. I can function but just not on a consistant enough basis to hold down a job. I'm faking it for...
  • I haven't been on DS in forever but I finished my LPN program in May and took my state test few weeks ago now job search is on. I had my first interview for new job today. I am nervous as neck here!!! But excited too!!! 
  • Nev

    Changig carrer

    Hi everyone! I guess this group fits me. I am in the process of changing my carrer. I work for the goverment with administration stuff, but I really don't like the way things work in my job and I stopped caring about anything in five years working...So I have seen my area is language. I wish I could work with translation. I am at university, so I work in the day and study in the evenings. There...
  • MendingAgain

    More Training

    I'm wondering if anyone will read this now. Anyway, I have to go to training again and that was for the big boss.  I don't feel I need training brcause I work at a company where everything is unorganized, and really stupid. Nobody knows what the other person is doing, so it's making me mad because I'm wondering if someone is saying something about me to make me look bad. It's just annoying I'm...
  • deleted_user

    web designers

    anyone in here who are web designers that design web pages for ppl? i came up with this great idea about designing web pages for ppl working from home. a teen girl who owns designs web pages and graphic design. i had this idea that i can do this from home (work at home) and design web pages.a guy on myspace told me its not possible cuz ur gonna have clients who are gonna be...
  • serenityspeaks

    finished school

    I graduated last week for LPN...which is only a syepping stone but at 38 with 3 kids going through horrible bteakup thia felt so huge! I wont test till maybe july as its expensive and i am broke but hope in fall to be working aa LPN. I am CNA now have been one forever it seems.