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Bullying is the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion such as manipulation. Bullying can be defined in many different ways, but one thing is clear: no one deserves to be bullied. If you or someone you know is coping with bullying, this is the place to share your feelings and get advice.

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  • huggs92

    Bullying at Work- Just a rant

    I don't understand how people think that making a hostile work situation will be beneficial at all. I work as a server in a restaraunt. I am new there, and I was already warned that they do not like new people. Why? Who freaking knows. They act like you are stepping on their turf or something. I'll be walking to a table and one will walk by and just say "bitch" in my ear. They all gossip about me...
  • thislifesgood

    Sometimes I feel all alone.

    I'm dealing with an adult bully (teacher/coach) in a position of authority, who has targeted both my high school age children and even myself. The school is protecting him (even though other kids and families have had similar experiences) and I feel like there is nothing I can do. I have had meetings with school administrators, sent letters to the school district, and still nothing is done. This...
  • Hi everyone I am a mother of five beautiful children that I love dearly with all my heart.  I had my first child when I was 16 and even though I agree that is way to young to become a mom it happened and, I wouldnt change it for anything in this world.  Well with being a young parent comes the part where everyone knows how to do everything better than you just because of your age. What they...
  • YouOnlyLiveOnce

    Thank you to my bullies

    Thank you for making me Stronger. Much stronger.Thank you for making me more compassionate.Thank you for making me an empathetic person.Thank you for bringing out my inner strength that I needed to use to deal with you.Thank you for allowing me to develop inner fortitude in adversity.Thank you for allowing me to realize that I have choices in life -- including the choice to not let you get to...
  • Sisiwowtwo


    My little brother is being bullied...How can i help him?I already tryed to talk to a teacher and he said my brother has to learn how to protect his self
  • DirtTrackQueen

    Bullied Since 3rd Grade...

    I've been bullied since about 3rd grade. Things have been said to my face. It's been said over the Internet. Over the past two years I've been told to kill myself countless times. Someone has been making fake accounts of me. They've gotten so bad that they have started hacking my social media.. Recently, my "best friend" got my crushes snapchat and started talking to him. I told her not to talk...
  • ncgirl4ever

    Is it my fault I am bullied?

    A couple of people in my music class are being extremely mean to me and I'm trying not to let them bother me, but when I talk to my parents about the situation they tell me that it's my fault that people are mean to me and I need to not "isolate" myself from my peers. I have no one else to talk to about this situation. I've been nothing but nice and respectful to my peers, yet they are horribly...
  • Cakeasaurus


    A few days ago, I started receiving threatening messages from someone on a dating app. I didn't know what he looked like but he knew what I looked like. He knew where I worked because he'd seen me there. He threatened to assault me. Threatened to rape me.He kept saying that I was going to get what I deserve. I went to the police but all I had was a username and a first name. They told me they...
  • Hi everyone,My name is Rachel, I'm 16 years old. I have only had an account for 1 day so if I'm doing the wrong thing sorry....I am not entirely sure if anyone will read this but I wanted to tell you my personaly experiance(s) with bullying. I have been bullied my whole entire school life, people might think that is 110% crap but it is true. I am not that girl that gets into fights galore, I am...
  • songstress1

    On Bullying

    Bullying is a vicious, wrong, and senseless act.  Its intention is to cause harm to its victims.  Bullies can be persistent, relentless, and have no moral compass.  They bear no conscience of the harm which they are causing to others, and it's disgusting, truly.  People who are vulnerable and especially likely to be victimized are people with disabilities, myself included.  There is no place...
  • songstress1


    I am being bullied and it's not pretty.  People have been hacking into my Internet accounts (multiple ones, at that), and it is getting ridiculous.  I have been reporting all of these incidents, and getting action taken, but I want it to be stopped.  It is causing me unnecessary stress.Has anyone else experienced this situation?
  • songstress1


    Hello everyone,I know bullying can be a challenging experience.  In my personal opinion, nobody should be bullied for any reason.  What gives someone the right to harass you for reasons beyond your control, for example, race, disabilities, etc.? I'm looking forward to giving and receiving support in this group.
  • richb34

    Help heal yourself

    Hi, i'm a bit of a newbie here, so first of all i'm sorry for over stepping any boundaries for posting herei'm 34 male and the person that picked on me while i was in secondary / high school was a teacher, it seems that it was her modus operandi to pick out the quite kid in any of her new classes and pretty much make their lives a misery.i spoke about this in therapy and we figured that this was...
  • Cakeasaurus


    There's an app I use called Whisper. Tonight I was seeing a lot of posts about people seeing someone beautiful and wishing they had the courage to talk to them. So I posted that I wished someone would Whisper about how beautiful I am. Someone responded, "Try losing weight", and then proceeded to comment on all the replies, saying I'm ugly and basically a loser.I don't know why this person is...
  • cavyqueen


    Hi. So I have Bipolar Depression and in the past I've had mania (of course), experienced with my (now ex) partner and I. Recently I broke up with him. Before this, many times, I have tried to get out of the relationship with him. But he would constantly tell me that I was just experiencing mania, even during times I wasn't. He is now doing it again, and I know I'm not experiencing mania, I know...