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Body art is a modification of any part of the human body for artistic or aesthetic reasons. It can range from the socially acceptable decoration (e.g., pierced ears in many societies) to the religiously mandated (e.g., circumcision in a number of cultures), and everywhere in between. This is a place to share your body modification experiences and ask questions.

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  • InkedGirl303

    Tatt cover ups

    Hi guys n gals- So I have this tacky a$$ star piece on my forearm and I really want a cover up asap. It started out as a single star and then I got crazy with Ideas and it's a semi big piece now.I'll need at least a 1/4 sleeve to cover it up. it's mostly in blues and greens except for one small yellow & purple star. Here's my question. I think I'd like to do black and gray work flowers or...
  • Im planning for a breast augmentation surgery. Do cohesive gel implants look and feel more natural than saline? My friend told me that there is a chance that they might look heavier than saline. She had done her surgery from Sliwin plastic surgery near Toronto. And I am in a confusion, which one is safer? Kindly post your suggestion.
  • deleted_user

    My piercing

    I have been wanting to get a piercing for years, but i am kind of young to do it and didn't want to ask mom because i know she would say no and then tell all her drinking buddies. Especially since i wanted certain parts done and i didnt want my mom talking about those parts with her friends.She never sees me naked anymore so all i needed to do was find someone to do it for me.I tried a bunch of...
  • deleted_user


    I'm ali. I have 26 tattoos, ten piercings... did have eleven but the top of my belly button just really doesn't like me. tattoos are my therapy. I was a cutter for many years, and they help me not to do it. my latest one covered up some scars. I just love the pain. my parents and sister judge me... they just don't get it.. at least it's a healthy addiction. would they rather I be addicted to...
  • deleted_user

    Split the tounge?

    I've gotten all my tats that i've wanted (8) and all of my piercings that i've wanted (8) and now i've been wanting to get my tounge split. Normally I just go and get stuff done. I'd like to get as much info from someone who HAS it done, not just from the guy doing it. A lot of the people around here who does them, hasn't had a lot of people get them done.1) What type of healing time frame are we...
  • deleted_user

    inner bicep tattoo?

    so its my gf's birthday soon and to show her how much i love her im going to get a tattoo of a hockey stick cos she's crazy about hockey ya know but the design is going to be totally upto basically i have 5 tattoos at the moment just want to know is it tender there??
  • Do you think that society judges or discriminates people with body mods now a days? Of course there is going to be some judgement but when it comes to just talking to a person with body mods or any alters to their appearance? I only ask because I can't seem to find anyone to connect with and I get asked if it's because of my "unique look". I don't know, is it? I know I'm a pretty girl but why is...
  • ive got 11 tattoos.. all color. my septum, nose, angel bites(or..double monroe), tongue, labret, and bellybutton. :D
  • angiebettin

    new here

    I have 2 medium sized tats, one on left side chest cross with rose an thorns raped around it. And one 3 roses together one for each of my sons. 6 piercings in my ears. I have pierced my own nose twice Web but they closed up. Had my lip done too but it closed up. I like this kind of stuff dB but my husband hates an sees no reason for it. I am a cutter. So pain dosnt bother me.
  • Hi everyone,I got a tattoo on my inner ankle about a year ago, and I've noticed that it's already starting to fade a little. I was wondering when the best time to get it touched up would be. I heard that, with foot tattoos, once you get a tattoo done or touched up, you aren't really supposed to confine it in shoes or socks, because this will cause a problem with the healing process. Fall and...
  • deleted_user

    Tattoos VS Piercings

    Okay, it makes me sound really lame, but I've never gotten any facial piercings done (other than my gauges) and I was wondering which piercings hurt least, what piercings are there, how do people pierce in tattoo shops, and anything else about piercings. I'm also wondering what getting a tattoo feels like, where it hurts least, and what the difference is between getting a tattoo and piercing is,...
  • Hurtforloving

    Tunnel maintenance

    Hey!I'm sure this is asked a lot but can anyone give me advice on keeping my tunnels clean? They get icky quite quickly and someone had once said get glass tunnels.Any other tips?
  • Ive been thinking about getting a tattoo done that ive been sitting on for a while. It has alot of meaning to me while it might be silly to others. it is a very large tattoo I have in mind and i'm okay with the cost being high concidering I really want high quality work. Does anyone have any suggestions.? I am willing to travel. from Maryland
  • zenmrzlu

    too active for a navel piercing?

    Hey yall,Im really considering getting a navel piercing but dont know if my lifestyle is tooo active to have that type of piercing. To kinda give u an insight of my life activities = Martial arts but currently not doing it right now - dancing, running, yoga, How do u know if ur lifestyle is too active for a navel piercing???Is there some type of questionnaire that I could find online to determine...
  • courtR

    tattoo artist wanted

    okay, after searching and searching, i found the perfect artist to do my tat, but he wont get back to me on my tattoo, he wouldnt even see me in person, now im back at square one this is so hard to find a talented artist. im getting a peacock that covers my whole thigh i mean this is pro going to cost about 900 or so i live in the northwest indiana region