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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory, multisystem, autoimmune disorder. It is a disabling and painful condition which can lead to substantial loss of mobility due to pain and joint destruction.

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  • I just got my old user name I am no longer bigtimefun...but billwfriend again....woot woot
  • but the changes I could not get in under old name yet and so created new account...anyway I had my surgery on left shoulder Tuesday...they did nerve block and it was weird to be paralyzed on arm but could move fingers....LOL I came out of nerve block last night around 8pm and pain has been below 4 since...took Aleve last night and again norco this morning but I know I probably don't...
  • sweetpea222

    in so much pain

    i have oesto arthritis in my knee. i had a injection a few weeks ago in it to doctor told me to rest it for a couple of days to give the injection time to work. but my partner refused to help me at was 3 days before we was due to go on holiday and as you can guess alot to do. my knee has got worse. my elder brother wanted a wardrobe and bed from my lates aunts house i kept telling...
  • akacountrygirl


    Arthritis runs in my family but.....I can't remember one time where someone hurt so badly that they complained. Are we getting weak>??
  • Dawter

    Arthritis in Hands & Feet

    I have osteoarthritis in the base of my thumbs. My feet hurt too. It started with plantar fasciitis. When I went for a full body scan, they said my feet have arthritis too. Is it not odd that both hands and both feet have it? Does anyone else have it in both their hands and feet?
  • awinstontn

    New here.

    Hi, just joined conversation. Diagnosed a month ago in 4 areas. Family connection with arthritis 4 generations back. Just trying to deal everyday with exercises, food, and when I can't take pain, ibuprofen.
  • I am a 58 year old woman who has arthritis, I have had two neck surgeries two shots in one knee,, having a lot of pain in my thumb area on my right hand with swelling hoping that it's just going to be a cortisone shot and I'll be good to go. I have been told that I have DDD, which I know that I do I'm just wondering cuz it just keep going on and on like what is going to happen next. what's going...
  • i have Arthritis in my neck, ive been told by the doctor that i have to keep doing neck exercises or my neck will stiff up. Im worried that it will get worse when im older. Just wondering if there is a cure for it.
  • I was just recently Dx'd with RA. So I am new to this group and the disease.Hope I can give and receive good info from the group. I was referred by my Oncologist to a Rheumatologist that I will see for the first time in a few weeks. I don't know what to expect. I have in addition a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma called Waldenstrom that has been in remission since 2007. I find it interesting that the...
  • linda50

    Horrible support group!

    No one ever gets back to you. Know one ever answers questions The site is slow! I'm moving to a better GROUP,WASTE OF TIME HERE!
  • billwfriend

    shoulder MRI today

    results were not expected but I thought torn rotator cuff...nope....Partial tear bicept tendonLabrum tear at posterior inferiorArthritic changes at ac jointthe lady said the Labrum tear was worst portion of this too arthritis is ever present thru my body I guess...showing up in shoulder now....hugs
  • I have arthritis in the base of my thumbs for several years now (am 57). I have tried everything to make it better, spending a couple hundred a month on supplements and then physio too but nothing has helped. Now the doctor is suggesting surgery if these last cortisone shots don't work or when they wear off.I have been on disability for three years for numerous reasons. My job heavily involves...
  • said I am doing great and come see him at one year from surgery...TKR was Sept 4 2015 so I see him again in Sept....glad to have had this surgery pain meds now but gabapentin which I will be off on thursday this week....tapered down to just one thursday...
  • TC40

    New pain...question?

    I have had arthritis in both knees for several years. Lately I have been getting a searing pain in my right knee, like a hot iron. It happens when I am doing nothing, just sitting there. Also, if I sit too long at work, I literally cannot walk. I have to stand for a minute until I can put weight on it. My dr won't give me pain meds and nothing over the counter seems to do a whole lot. Has anyone...
  • Hello group.I'm new to the group. I'm diagnosed with ra and arthritis. My question is relating to wrist pain with arthritis. I would like to know what suggestions people in the group have to lessen the pain in the wrists? I do wear wrist braces during the day, but last couple days or so my wrists hurt and feel swollen. More my left than right. I been using a little bit of ice to my wrists seems...