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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory, multisystem, autoimmune disorder. It is a disabling and painful condition which can lead to substantial loss of mobility due to pain and joint destruction.

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  • CarolineBerb4

    Chronic pain

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  I am sick if being on pain killers. I want to lead a more holistic life and being addicted (bc after a few years lets face it, im addicted to it). Im scared of coming off them bc i know it will be the worst pain ever. And then what do i do? Live with even more pain then im in bc i dont want to take anything? I guess what i want to know is how do you...
  • milklover


    I am just at my wits end. I really do not know what to do. I joined this group with no response. I am going to try again. I have had several injections in my back because the asthritis in my back is very bad. Some days are better  than others and then the pain will kick in.I take TREMIDOL 2ever 6hrs. as needed for pain. Got a STERIOD INJ. in my lower back where I have a disc that i mashing flat...
  • lucy0100

    Amniofix sports med

    Has anyone tried this type of injection?  Considering it for low chronic back pain due to OA.
  • deleted_user

    Fibro and Psoriatic Arthritis

    Hi Guys! Anyone here experience both Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis? My doc is going back and forth with this but I believe I have both conditions because I have muscle aches, tender points as well as symptoms associated with PsA. Thanks for your input in advance
  • 55alive


    hi. I've had a preliminary diagnosis of Seronegative RA. Going to see the Rheumatologist in November. Any tips?After the diagnosis, I started looking at RA symptoms and was overwhelmed. I realized that this is what I've been living with for probably a decade. Rough day today. Seems like the doctor diagnosed, and the thing decided it was time to go full speed. 
  • crafthappy

    Heading to a new rheumatology doctor this month.

    Wondering if others doctors have done x-rays to help diagnose? Hoping this one is a little more pro active in helping me. I have been on Enbrel injections for a few years but it seems to not be working as well now. I have psoriatic arthritis and now believe I may have axial spondylitis in my lower back at my hips. I am a housekeeper in a nursing home so my job is terrible for my condition but...
  • elaine250

    I am loosing it!!!

    I went in after a lot of testing cause I have such sever arthritis and i am told I have ms...I am not handling this well!! I am freaking out cause the symptons are coming on so fast.  I had cancer twice and honestlly, I handled it better than this.  I am scared to death to become a prisoner in my own body, a burdon to my family and a person my husband doesn't recognise. i am scared so scared i...
  • worldofblah4

    going to dermatologist again tomorrow

    Hi. I posted this on the psoriasis group too but I thought that this group may be able to help too! I have had scalp psoriasis and little patches on my knees for about 9 years and for the past 7 months or so increasingly I have been extremely ridiculously exhausted and increasingly worsening of joint pain especially in my knees and fingers. Within the past 3 months my fingernails and toenails...
  • surgivisor

    how to control arthritis pain?

    Here are some ways to soothe joint pain with heat and cold at home:Warm bath. Taking a warm bath can bring immediate pain relief to sore and stiff joints. ...Heating Pad. ...Heat wrap. ...Alternate warm and cold. ...Wax. ...Cool it off.
  • pinkyc


    I'm 35 and I've only recently been diagnosed with arthritis, in my ankle after a very bad break in 2016.. after already 4 operations and plates and screws in my ankle and 6 months in recovery I'm still in constant say arthritis too advanced for injections and have referred me too have more surgery arthrodesis. Im really unsure if I should go down this path as more surgery and again...
  • Hello Friends, I am new here and this is my first post. I am Mona and I am an acupressure specialist. I have designed my own acupressure massage wooden tools to treat different types of body pains naturally. I have named these tools " Balls of Bliss". I can help people who are suffering from sciatica, spondylitis, headache and migraines, muscle spasms, herniated disk, stenosis, pain related to...
  • SophiaTheElf

    Weather affects arthritis?

    Am I the only one who's RA gets worse during certain seasons and when it rains or the pressure changes. There's a cold front coming into where I live and I can definitely feel a flare right now. does anyone else experience this?
  • Fly304

    Weird symptoms, can you help?

    My moms had osteoarthritis for several years. Began having odd symptoms, went to many drs, thought she might have ms..did testing and no one could tell her the problem. Right now shes having bad problems with her feet. They tingle, burn, and hurt...basically drives her crazy. Sometimes this effects her legs or hands. Does anyone have any clues as to whats happening? Or is this just a side effect...
  • linda50

    Spondyloisthesis..who has this??

    I have degenerative disc disease along with spondyloisthesis, my short word for it. I don't tk there is a support group for this. I believe it plays in with the DDD. Any advice from y'all wld be great! It's really hurting my bk bad.I do not want surgery! I'd never be the same, or worst.
  • jojored

    Arthritis? Wierd finger issue.

    Hi, I have been having something wierd going on with two fingers of my right hand since Tuesday of this week.  I'm 54, female, in good health.  A little background, several years back I had an ultrasound for a stomache issue I was having, and during the procedure the tech said that it looks as if I have osteoarthritis in my right hip.  Huh, I thought, I was in my late 40s at the time and...