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Atherosclerosis is a disease affecting the arterial blood vessel. It is commonly referred to as a "hardening" or "furring" of the arteries. It is caused by the formation of multiple plaques within the arteries... Pathologically, the atheromatous plaque is divided into three distinct components: The atheroma ("lump of porridge", from Athera, porridge in Greek,) is the nodular accumulation of a soft, flaky, yellowish material at the center of large plaques, composed of macrophages nearest the lumen of the artery, sometimes with Underlying areas of cholesterol crystals, and possibly also Calcification at the outer base of older/more advanced lesions. Arteriosclerosis ("hardening of the artery") results from a deposition of tough, rigid...

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  • dhits

    Arteriosclerosis Brain

    Carotid arteries with arteriosclerosis, am I in the right group?  I'm going in for 2nd angiogram in as many years to check progression.  Looking for all ways to help control risk factors with multiple health issues.
  • RufusZerep

    New to attacks of the heart!

    Just started this new adventure on the morning of December 25, 2016. My first ever ambulance ride in my 55 years of being on this blue, green and white marble. My initial blood tests indicated that my troponin levels were low to moderate. Vampires withdrew blood from me every six hours. "They" sent me home.The continuing adventure occurred on the morning of 27 February 2017. I received two stents...
  • dxat59

    X_Ray Results: Aorta: Atherosclerotic

    I had a chest X-Ray done this week for a cough I've had for over 2 weeks.  It came back clear but on the report, it said  Aorta: Atherosclerotic.  The doctor didn't even mention it to me so I asked him what it was.  He asked about my cholesterol and my good is really high and my bad is really low.  I don't know if this is something I should be concerned about.  I take a calcium supplement...
  • Lesa

    Anyone here?

    Checking to see how many stayed after the migration? Do you like the new format?How are you?
  • AdminTeamDS

    Angioplasty for Arteriosclerosis

    Tell us about your personal experience with Angioplasty as a treatment: Has it worked? Have you had any issues? Any recommendations or tips?
  • mega54

    blood thinner scares me

    I do not think of myself as a wimp, but using a blood thinner scares me. Initially my Cardiologist said it would be for one month. Less than two weeks have gone by and it has gone to 90 days. The idea of a small fall or cut causing a lot of bleeding is very scary to me, I can deal with other peoples blood, but the sight of mine makes me feel funny. I am trying to be practical. I realize that I...
  • LauraCG

    Mesenteric Ischemia?

    Does anyone suffer from ischemia/blockage in abdominal arteries?I have systemic lupus and the heart disease that goes along with it.At age 37 I had 3 mi's and stents in 3 months. After losing almost50 pounds very quickly due to nausea and pain after eating, I wasfinally diagnosed with a blockage and atherosclerosis in my mesentericartery.I feel alone in this. I wonder if anyone in this group has...
  • maxirose

    Magnesium Chloride Oil

    This is amazing stuff. Has anyone tried it to dilate stiffen arteries?My neighbour suffered from Arteriosclerosis. She was limping with pain in her right foot. She showed me her stiffen vein, it runs right along the curve on the bottom of her foot. I use magnesium chloride oil to massage her foot for 10 minutes. The vein got soften and the pain disappeared. She has remain well ever since.
  • deleted_user

    Stent Folks?

    I had three stents put in back in 2010. I was only 39 years old, but with a staggering incidence of heart disease in my family. Recovery went well. I have stuck to my diet and been taking my meds. I have passed every stress test since with great results. Yet something, now three years on, seems off. I know I panic a lot and get depressed easily when it comes to how I "feel". But sensations in my...
  • CactusRose3

    PAD is this the right group ?

    My primary doc highly suspects that I have PAD from all my signs and symptoms, so i have an appt. scheduled with the Cardiologist. If i do have PAD is this the right support group? If not can someone direct me to the appropriate site? Im have lots of questions and im seeking support and friendship with others with PAD Thanks for reading this and i appreciate any n all replies God Bless and Have a...
  • dieseldog558

    heart cath

    been having chest pains for a week now....all started with dizziness,about to faint,heart racing and chest pain.....thought it was a panic attack....all my test have come back they are going to do a heart cath tues.....does anyone else with heart problems always feel faint and like your heart is racing along with chest pain?....does it sound like heart trouble????
  • sonjamaria

    Where is everyone?

    Does anyone ever post on this board?
  • noodlebg

    Son is having bypass surgery

    Can anyone tell me where I can get information about coronary bypass surgery?My adult son will be having it on the 15 of Aug....his mental state is less than good and has him doing things that might kill him before the surgery, like, mowing his yard which is roughly 3/4 of an acre.He's threatening to cancel the surgery even though that will surely kill him,he has 2 arteries completely blocked,...
  • deleted_user

    People with low HDL

    Any others out there? As hard as you try through exercise, diet, and niacin you cant seem to get your HDL up.I wondered what sort of outward symptoms you might have?Tendency to be lazy? Depressed? Curmudgeon? Left-handed? Loner?( that would be me )
  • deleted_user

    Am I in the right place

    I just found out yesterday in a routine checkup, my doctor found it very noisy and not pumping properly in my carotid arteries. He has ordered a Carotid Duplex for Monday, but I am a basket case.My mother died 28 years ago from blood clots and my sister has clots also. My MIL died 6 years ago from having Carotid Artery Surgery. I am also getting a blood test that is to see if the gene is...