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Alopecia areata ("baldness in spots") is a form of hair loss from areas of the body, usually from the scalp. Because it causes bald spots on the head especially in the first stages, it is also called spot baldness. Hair loss can extend to eyebrows, eyelashes and facial and nasal hair and create more bald spots elsewhere in the body.

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  • deleted_user

    Need a comfy wig!!!

    I've tried most of the popular brands, and used different wig caps...but they all become itchy and annoying after a short while. Is there a secret to wearing a wig that I might not be aware of? I have Alopecia and have very thin hair that makes me look bald all over my scalp. I would like to wear a wig again since people seem to react different to me when I have one on, otherwise they think I'm...
  • rut010

    I`m devastated

    Hi everyone, I`m 23 yo female , I recently discovered that I have alopecia areata , I already made an appointment at dermatologist but I know what the answer is . I was so proud of my thick hair , medium, healthy a lot of baby hair everywhere never thought i would go true something like this .My mom discovered it by mistake , I asked her to die it and she was shocked . I still can't believe it ....
  • lonelyscorpio

    New to hair loss

    Hi,I have been losing my hair for 3 weeks now, I used to have full thick beautiful hair and now have lost about 2/3 of it. Blood tests show nothing wrong with me. I have 2 bald spots on each side. I am a hairdresser by trade ( I don't work as a hairdresser though.)So my hair is very important to me, losing it is doing a NUMBER on me emotionally.I have no idea what is causing it or if it will ever...
  • meekaannboyd

    help plz im breaking down

    im hurting so bad this first started when i was thirteen and now im twenty and its happning agin .... im just at a loss for hope
  • Nina.9

    my stroy

    0 everyone could take a minute and read my story and possibly share it i would apreciate it a lot! thanks everyone
  • wigginout

    Im new to this hair loss too

    I have been losing my hair for 5 weeks now. I have 14 holes on my head.It is getting harder to cover them up. I too have had blood tests to check my thyroid leveland it is fine. I am asking my dermatologist for a possible biopsy to find out what type of alopecia i have.I also started cortisone treements 2 weeks ago. The more I read and go onto peoples blog sites I am hearing the same...
  • Hi all,Just want to spread the word that topically rubbing ginger juice on my alopecia areata patch (on the beard I’m a guy) regrew my hair (which hasn’t regrown by itself for 2 years). After just few weeks I started to see some lost hair growing back and after about 4 months all hair for any reason the link is broken search in google ‘resolvealopecia...
  • MSEF96

    Alopecia question

    A times I lose all my hair from head to toe but not all the hair on my head just patches but everywhere else I loss all of it but then it come back and goes way again. But all the time I have bald spots on my arms, legs, and pubic areas. What would that be considered? I also have problems with my nails but I know that is normal with alopecia. Is this still considered Alopecia Areata?
  • Reba73


    When I was 12 I had bald spots on my head about the size of quarters. I wore a hairpiece in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade or alternated sometimes by wearing a bandana (this was back in the 70's). I am now in my early 50's and my hair grew completely back in 10th grade. My question to this group - does anyone know what causes alopecia areata? Stress? Mine started around the time I started my...
  • helenb29

    Advice Please

    Hello, I have been suffering with alopecia areata for a few years now and have been through almost every treatment possible with no results! I have lost the hair to the front and sides of my scalp and am looking for options of hair pieces that would be suitable. I dont want to go for a full wig as I have thick hair everywhere else but need something that looks natural.
  • puffster

    Hair Club Xtrands

    Hi,Has anyone had the Xtrands done? I'm wondering how often you have to add hair, how much they charge for the maintenance, and how it looks. I have read complaints about the cost and the sales pressure at the Hair a club but haven't seen many complaints about the products. I was told the initial price is $3,195 but they won't tell me how much it will cost to maintain. Any information would be...
  • rapsea

    Hair Regrowth

    Have had alopecia for a long time.. hair is regrown.. but grey.. any one know how to color that hair to make it match the rest of my hair? have resulted to color stick.. If anyone knows how to color this type of hair and it has worked please let me know.. Thank you,Scott
  • ray2600

    need your help

    My wife is in 50's she is loosing her hair from the top and in some pots and sides .she is realaly worried , we went to hair club of men but were not sure and also not sure of bosley institute also any help will be helpful
  • deleted_user

    Daughter and I

    Hi, I am a mom of 6 of them is my 13 year old daughter who has been struggling with alopecia. This happened almost a year ago when chunks of hair began to come out at the nape of her hairline...then soon it became worse until she lost all her hair except a strip like the old men get from one ear to the other....I ended up shaving that off for her just to make her look a little...
  • deleted_user

    What treatment's worked for you?

    I'm a 55-year-old woman whose first-ever patches appeared last October. My general practitioner said it was due to stress and referred me on to a dermatologist. My dermatologist then diagnosed me in January with alopecia areata and prescribed a topical steroid treatment which, over a six-week period, really had no effect. March 1st I started a version of the Paleo diet -- I'm maybe 98%...