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Come find a buddy! Are you trying to lose 30 pounds or more? Or trying to start a healthy lifestyle? All teens 13-19 are welcome to find a buddy in this weight loss journey.

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  • Leemer


    Hey, I'm 14, 5'9" and weigh about 200. I really want to weigh around 160-175. I would like to TRY a weight loss buddy. 
  • faiths13

    weight loss buddy

    i am 13 ,200 lbs and 5'7" im looking for someone to talk to so we can challenge ourselves and loose weight together i just really need a friend because im tired of being judged by the way i look. :)
  • Cetuba2012

    Weight loss

    I just joined this group because the description fit me perfectly, I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm trying to loose around 40-50 to be happier and improve my self esteem.
  • HannahS222

    Weight loss buddy

    hey I'm 14 and female I weight around 160 pounds I'm looking for a weight loss buddy let me know if you're interested 
  • mindbodynsoul22

    30 more lbs goal!!!

    need a weight loss body asap 
  • sistamista

    diet buddy?????

    Hey guys :) I'm new here and I'm looking for a diet buddy (aka someone who wants to be my friend too)
  • Leo32602012

    Weight loss buddy?

    Hi im a 14 year old boy, 5 foot and 4 inches, im 170 pounds, im hoping to lose about 59 pounds, i would like to try a weight loss buddy
  • molivia717

    Need someone to keep me accountable!

    Hello friends! I'm a 16 year old girl, not clinically "overweight" or anything but definitely above my body's own ideal weight. I am 5'10" and probably somewhere around 165 lbs, and I would love to stop binge eating and get my self- confidence back. I used to be too skinny, but after I got healthy, I began binging and can't stop. I would like to start getting back into a normal and healthy...
  • arocketts

    Wanna lose weight with support

    Hi I'm 14 5'5 and i weigh 159 lbs. I wanna lose 40-50 lbs and I feel like if i have a friend with me i can lose it fast and stay away from junk food. Please message me if your in the same situation.
  • Brenda1970


    Hello im new here...i need friends
  • pabbott

    Weight loss buddy

    I'm trying to lose 50 pounds! I need a weight loss buddy! anyone interested? 
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  • watchmego1999

    Weight Loss Buddy ( Or Buddies )

    Hello, I am 17 and really want to lose some wieght about 60 pounds total. I need to lose as much as possible before July 8th aka my wedding date. I'm doing... ok on my own but I would reeeally love a buddy for some extra motivation. If you're interested let me know @ watchmego1999@gmail.com Thanks for the consideration!