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Turner syndrome encompasses a number of chromosomal abnormalities, of which monosomy X, is the most common. It occurs in 1 out of every 2,500 female births. Instead of the normal XX sex chromosomes for a female, only one X chromosome is present and fully functional. In Turner syndrome, female sexual characteristics are present but underdeveloped.

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  • natnat

    Joining The Army

    Hi all,Just wondering if anyone had any information about being able to join the army with turner's? They've rejected me purely because i have turner's ( i am of normal height and weight) and have not carried out any medical testing. They have simply said that they dont have enough information on the condition. I have appealed twice but have not succeeded. Surely this is discrimination? Does...
  • coral708

    Need help on relationships from others w/Turners..

    Hello.  For those of you with Turner's I was wondering what your relationships have been like and how much success you have had with them.  I am 34 and have never been in a real relationship.  I try not to be too hard on myself about it.  There have been several guys I have been interested in but they never happened for different reasons.  (One was married, one was way too young and had a...
  • deleted_user

    Restless leg syndrome

    Just wondering how many of you are being treated for restless leg syndrome. Just curious to know if this is one of those things we are prone to.
  • caggiecags

    My daughter..

    Hello all,My baby girl who is one next week is having trouble eating and sleeping. She will only eat pureed food, bread and a few crisps.She has a 'varient' of TS - not full TS.  She is perfectly healthy in every way shape or form. She is walking and says a few words. I have been reading lots of your posts and thinking maybe the eating is down to the TS.  I have a doctors appointment next week...
  • maryv..

    Questions in TS..

    hi guys i was new here just wan to ask what is the oether sickeness that we can have is there any other way to prevent it before when  was in elementary my mom ket me drinks vitamins that can add you height but when she new that i was gaining weight rather than getting tallercan someone message me what sickness can we can o i can prevent it
  • maryv..

    i have turner syndrome

    i was diagnosed with TS way back in college the one who diagnosed me is my auntie who is a nurse in us my mom keep it a secret until i asked them it was a big challenge at first to live a normal life i was pretty sure i was normal when i was in elementary and i was now working and wanted to have a normal life and have my own family in the future i'm now 25 and seeing my friends having baby bump...
  • ivanam

    Will someone with TS be able to have children?

    Hello, I am 19 years old and I, of course, plan to have children someday. So I'm going to ask the question on here everybody might be afraid to ask but can someone with TS have a completely normal and natural pregnancy? And if they can't what are the other opitions that are avalible to me? A answer would be greatly apprecaited so I can better understand what to expect in my future when wanting...
  • sammy2017xxx

    PLEASE HELP!! Advice needed

    Hiya I have just been diagnosed with TS. I came out if hospital last week after being hospitalised for 3 weeks but can't figure out what's wrong. Me and my family think it might have something to do with TS. Had CT scan MRI scan and ultrasound. My bladder has completed stopped working so I need to catheterise myself to go. Whilst I was in hospital my partner phoned up to ask for my appointment to...
  • Charlotte7598

    It's been a while

    Hey, I see no one's posted here in a while. How is everyone? Message me if you need someone to talk to.
  • Areyon

    Looking to be encouraged....

    Hi! I am 19 years old and I was offically  diagnosed  with tuner syndrome about 2 years ago. I was told that my mother knew I had it but she never told me. Every since I was offcially diagnosed and turner syndrome was brought to my attention it seemed like my world came crashing down a little bit. I feel as if no one really understands me and I am all alone. I am glad I came across this website...
  • deleted_user

    dating with Turners Syndrome

    Does any one else have trouble in the dating department?
  • whittywords

    Can we talk?

    Hi there beautiful ladies,I am looking to create a resource for women and teens with Turners (the kind of thing I wish I had when I was diagnosed) and I want to know what you think the most important issues to address are. Health concerns? Relationship issues? Infertility? Sex and body? Emotional well being? I really want to create a loving network that makes people feel safe and included. I...
  • BoStaffNinja


    I'm a 19 teen year old with mosaic turner's syndrome. I was wondering if any of you have ever questioned your gender? Thanks for reading!
  • loristone

    State disability for Turner Syndrome patients

    Hi I am a 42 year old with Turner Syndrome , lately I have been having a lot of health problems that go along with Turners . I was wondering if any of you got Permant disablility for being a condition that you are born with and the learning disability that goes along with it. Thank you
  • storyg


    I know everyone on here is probably struggling trying to figure this out at some point in their life. My question is besides adoption what other ways are there to have a child? I am 19 years old and love children so much. I have always dreamt of the day of having my own. It doesn't look like that's in the future for me though. What else can I one do to have a child? I think about this 24/7 it's...