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Thyroid cancer is cancer of the thyroid gland. There are four forms: papillary, follicular, medullary and anaplastic. If you or anyone you know and love is affected by thyroid cancer, join this community to lean on the support and experiences of others.

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  • ALR03

    Trying to Process What Happened

    I found out that I had Thyroid Cancer just before my 26th birthday which is in March and then I had a total thyroidectomy April 7th 2016. It was a whirlwind, it still feels a little like a dream and like it didn't happen until I see my scar and of course I am reminded that it happened every single morning when I have to take my Synthroid. Everything happened so quickly that I couldn't really...
  • raleanne


    My thyroid gland is slight smallI have 3 complicated cysts. a solid hyoechoic nodule . Suggested follow up in a year .My question is this normal ? Should I be getting a second opinion.Is using a watch and see approach a way to go or even if they aresmall would a FNA be a better choice to be sure. These cysts and nodules are small in nature but I do have trouble swallowing on occassion and...
  • So hi everyone im so tired an filled with anxiety an panic it terrible after i had my thyroid removed first two years were fine now my body goin out of control muscel aches light head tired all the time im just lost anyone else had this and what did you do to help it or your meds change i take armour 120 an vitamin d 50000 units once a week HELPPPP PLEASEE
  • tsmom2012


    Has anyone else had problems taking this medication??My doctor started me out on 100mcg and i was like a zombie - i slept for 3 hours after taking which i never go back to sleep just after i get up. My endocrinologist changed my dosage to 50mcg and gave me boxes of 25mcg as he didn't have 50mcg which i am glad as the 50mcg gave me numb tingly in the face, throat tighter than it has been with...
  • MetastableMom

    Super low TSH and anxiety

    My TSH was at .756 in mid-October. My endo is happy that Tg is still undetectable, but wants the TSH to come down a little bit. He switched my dose again.But I have a problem. I have anxiety and panic attacks and I don't know if my anxiety is being caused by a very low TSH or if it's straight panic.I guess it doesn't matter. Panic is panic. Just wondering. I was doing pretty good for a few weeks...
  • deleted_user

    Trouble swallowing after thyroidectomy

    Has anyone had trouble swallowing almost a year after having a total thyroidectomy? Pills are getting stuck in my throat in the same place where my scar is and sometimes liquids go down the wrong place. I've got a barium swallow scheduled for 2/25/08 but my MD doesn't think my trouble can be due to my thyroid cancer. I need to know if he could be wrong.
  • a link to the new information that papillary folicular encapsualted thyroid cancer, is no longer cancer...Huh?anyway, it is a safe link. — CancerWary of overtreatment, experts reconsider which thyroid lumps are really cancerUpdated: JULY 10, 2016 —...
  • jokiwhau

    New Diagnosis

    Hi everyone,I don't see many posts that are recent, so not sure if anyone is out there to read this....LOLI just found out 2 days ago that I have thyroid cancer. How scary! I guess the good news is it is very curable.Today I met with the surgeon and the possible complications with the vocal cords and parathyroid glands are a little worrisome. Has anyone had a lot of issues with the vocal cords...
  • blueviolet725


    in case I miss a newbie...thyca is a group for thyroid cancer fighters and has good medical information and support groups and lists of doctors, etc. Be careful of pseudo science sites that can mess with your head while you make hard decisions. wishing you peace.
  • sunniesue


    The Kansas City thyca group is having a workshop April 16 at the Carondolet Health Center. Check their web site for more information.
  • tsmom2012

    follow up

    I had a follow up with my surgeon and I still have some swelling in my neck, my vocal cord is working more now than it was last month. He is hopeful it will come back all the way in time. I still get a lot of tightness in my neck area which is bothersome. Sometimes it feels as someone is strangling me. My surgeon says it's reflux - which I had problems before the surgery and was on medication for...
  • tsmom2012

    Merry Christmas

    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  • tsmom2012

    surgery was succesful and NO CANCER

    I had my follow up appointment today and found out the pathology report did not show any cancer! I am so happy for this, just wish my husband was here to share the news.Thanks for the support here too as every bit helps
  • tsmom2012

    surgery is done

    I did have my surgery on Thursday 10-22 to have my thyroid removed. Everything went good this time. They are watching my calcium level as it was good then dropped a bit but now is back up. They say it could be temporary taking the calcium, will have to wait and see. I did end up back at the emergency room last night as i thought my calcium level was low as i had tingling in my toes and lips, my...