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  • positivethinking

    attempting something new

    Ive been looking at different self-talk activities lately to try and be more positive towards myself!! does anyone have any they could suggest?
  • BrownBear213

    Mirror Mirror

    I've never thought of myself as pretty, smart, skinny, or likable. My friends may say thing like "You're hair looks great today!", "You look amazing." or "I wish i was as smart as you!". (These friends are beautiful, in all honors classes, and have boyfriends) Well I'm not any of these things. I'm the girl that people look at and then they feel better about themselves. My family has even taunted...
  • _Snooker2.0

    Everything's wrong

    To most people that know me, they think my life if perfect and on paper heck my life looks pretty good but from my perspective, everything's wrong and everything I do is just not good enough. I have terrible terrible self esteem issues and lately I've been starting to sink into depression. My family is quite dysfunctional at the moment and its even worse when you're the forgotten child. I spend...
  • singer0414

    My sister

    Its so frustrating that my sister is petite and is curvy and everyones always looking at her and im just tall and have no boobs or a butt. I just wish someone could look at me the same way they look at her. Like i was pretty
  • deleted_user

    You and the battle against yourself

    You know what it's like to walk up each day and feel like you can't do anything? Like everyone else around you is soaring in the air and reaching their goals and your just on the ground laying there? Yeah, you may have had that day every now and then, but have you ever had that feeling every other day? That's what I feel like...From the time I was in elementary school I was always different from...
  • lenorasky

    What's Wrong with Me?

    It always seems like I'm never good enough for anyone. Never skinny enough. Never pretty enough. No one wants to date a shy girl. And I mean why would they? When you first meet me, our conversation might be a bit awkward because I will have absolutely nothing to say to you. It's even worse if I find someone attractive. No one ever gives me a chance to show them who I really am because no one is...
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  • Haley78

    Self Criticizing

    Im just going to hope right into it. First off, I cannot talk to any of my family about it because they just basically judge me, and Im afraid that I'll just have to answer too many questions. Anyways, I have like a very low self-esteem. Im literally always criticizing myself. Its not that I want to. I just can't help it. Im criticizing my weight 24/7 and I go some days without eating at all....
  • Whole_Hearted


    just because you have dry hair or short hair doesnt mean you arent perfect. maybe your love handles show a liotle more then some other girls but you are amazing.your perfectly unperfect body is beautiful. your flaw are beautifful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
  • actress22

    my hair

    I feel really ugly. Im a very sweet person, i get good grades i have really good fashion but my hair is the issue. Im black so my hair is very coily and thick. My hair is not short but its not long either, its the length of my arm pits. I can never find cute styles to put it in. I dont want weave becaust its not for me, and whenever i go professionally to get it done they mess it up and do a...
  • Shawnah

    No confidence.

    I have no confidence. I mean I have a friend or two. But I see the looks of the 'popular' skinny girls. I'm big and I know it and it kills me a little more everyday going in to school. Looking in the mirror or anything in general. I put on a happy face but inside I just want to curl up in a ball and be left alone. There are times I've come out and said to people in my family I'm not happy. That I...
  • flowerchild_13


    One minute I am all about loving my body for how it is and the next I am sitting in class/public trying to adjust my clothes so know one will see my 'rolls'. I know being a teenager acne is suppose to happen but it is really starting to get to me.. 
  • jamie-raee

    Finding Self-Esteem

    Social media. Television. Magazines.All of these are places we learn at a very young age what the "perfect body" is. If we aren't skin and bones with big boobs, round firm booty, long beautiful hair, full lips, clear skin and tan then we must do something to change it.WRONG!!! We all live with defects. God didn't make us perfect for a reason. To be happy with ourselves isn't an easy task. It's...
  • SilentTeen


     My self-esteem sucks major ass but I've recently come up with a challenge for me that may help, maybe it'll help you too.If you have a mirror in your room or one that you can write on, no matter the size, every time you look at it you have to write something about yourself that you like. It can be something about your personality, looks, or something you think you're good at doing. Every time...
  • barcagirl101

    Constant guilt :(

    I feel constant guilt about every little thing I do! No matter what I do I always feel like I'm letting my mom down and being a bad person. I need to escape this feeling because every day I wake up with a large pit weighing me down. I'm exhausted. Can anyone relate or help me?