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Stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by prolongations, repetitions, and blocks of sounds, syllables, words or phrases. Give advice, share your story, and find any support you might need here.

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  • Lisariel

    Figuring Things Out

    Hi, my name is Lisariel. Looking back on my childhood I just realized that I once attended speach therapy, my mother had sugguested it, because I wasn't pronouncing certain words correctly. Anyway, after my school's grauduation I started to look for work, before attending my new school. I don't recall stuttering during my years in school. My stuttering started, after a head injury at work. Ever...
  • Ashstar

    A Sudden increase in my stuttering

    Hi guys, I am a 22 year old guy. I recently moved to the US to pursue my graduate studies. I have been a stutterer for almost my entire life. Recently, after moving here my stutter has aggravated even further and I am finding it hard to start sentences and I am also sometimes getting stuck on some words. Any suggestions from you guys would really help as I am tired of fighting a lone battle...
  • seemad


    I joined this group a long time ago and I left it for some reason not sure why. I have stuttered for the longest time. I am 38 now and people hardly notice it until I mention to them. Certain words are still a hurdle and I try and duplicate that with something that's more close to it. I know that this has worked for me and it's still working. see a T for other reasons, and she understands and is...
  • Bablu85

    Found a surprising cure for my stutter

    Hi,I had been stuttering since last 26 years. I always avoided situation where I might have to speak. I did not pay much heed to it until recently.Recently my 4 years old daughter started to stutter. I got devastated and blamed myself for it. Because kids learn fast and it might happened she noticed me stuttering and picked that up.I was very angry with muself and took a vow to throw the Stutter...
  • deleted_user

    my distroyed life

    My stammer has been with me all of my life , it has dictated to me the paths in my life, paths where i really have never wanted to go, It has stopped my doing my dream vocation, it has ruined numerous relationships, it has made me totally insecure in any life situation i encounter. There is a personality in me just screaming to get out, but it is kept under lock and key , its like having the...
  • Hi... am looking for other members who stutter so that we join forces and start our self help group. I am in Tanzania Dar es Salaam. Any one interested please join me by replying or call +255 713 632649  Thank you!
  • truckeetahoe87

    Stuttering Fluency Device: Speech Easy for sale

    Hi all, I am a mild stutterer and purchased this device for public speaking engagements that I had committed to for work. This device helped significantly for these specific speaking engagements and for daily use around the office. My stutter is very mild and has not occurred in a couple of months, which is reason for selling it. I don't want to say I am cured but I do believe I am having a long...
  • Nothingtoloss

    Public speaking

    Why is it that I only stutter when I speak infront of my classes and then after I still stutter for like 15 minutes
  • joyfullady46

    I stutter from time to time

    I stutter from time to time and when I do stutter it makes me upset. It comes out ot the blue when I am saying things normal and then I start stuttering. I wish that I had an off button for when I stutter. Does anyone else have this issue of stuttering from time to time.
  • deleted_user

    Terrible phone interview!

    I just had a phone interview conference call and stuttered throughout the whole thing! I'm not working and it seems like the pressure is on because there's very few opportunities! I haven't stuttered like that in a long time...There were some tough questions they asked too...I feel like I totally blew it and with this economy I can't afford too! There's not only the lack of confidence speaking,...
  • alessandra1983

    A possible cure

    I have a moderate stammering, sometimes is better,sometimes is worse, I tried all type of treatmens from Vitamin B1 to dates, therapy etc.The only thing that REALLY HELPED ME is that homeopathic treatment (I first took if for cold): it is called Rezistan Imunostimulator, but it is a tincture made of these: (Tinctura Echinaceea 35 g, Tinctura Arnica 5 g, Tinctura Eupatorium 10 g)30 drops in cold...
  • mitchconnor

    Wow, where to begin...

    Well, I've come here to seek out some sort of...I'm not exactly sure what, but at least possible here will maybe understand me at least to an extent. So, my first indication that I had a real problem was in 2nd grade, when random kids began asking me to repeat the name of the local parish priest for their amusement. I had NO idea why, and just sort of wrote it off. But gradually, as time went...
  • deleted_user

    Brain Imaging-stuttering

    Using Brain Imaging to Unravel the Mysteries of Stuttering
  • barbie55

    Has anyone else tried Propranolol

    It seem to take off the edge and help some. I was wondering if anyone else has had any luck with the drug. and I take a anxiety pill with it as will.
  • deleted_user

    help for blocks

    I have speech blocks and its hard to say certain words any advice on how to reduce it, so I can speak better.