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Stress management defines stress as a person's physiological response to an external stimulus that triggers the "fight-or-flight" reaction.Stress can be overwhelming. This community is for best practices in stress management.

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  • Jersey_of_Oz

    Celebrating small victories.

    I have been under a great deal of stress since moving, and it has not let up. I just want to get away from it, but I know that is not going to happen. I also know that there is just not eough me to make the money we need to survive here. But, I took my kids to vacation bible schol this week - which gave me two hours every day to get caught up on paperwork, and also allowed me to sit at the...
  • throughthickandthin

    I hate not knowing...

    HeySo my boyfriend has been in jail for a month and a half now.. my anxiety has been off the charts. I've been trying to keep busy however I feel like I'm just getting more and more depressed. I don't do much with my days off anymore and the majority of my free time is spent focusing on him. I almost feel bad if I go and do things with friends even though he encourages me to. He doesn't want me...
  • Bendnotbreak16

    How do you deal?

    I have been struggling with a lot of things husband too. I've noticed we both have been very on edge and not dealing well with the stresses of life. It is making us angry all the time. We yell at the dogs we yell at the bids when they won't stop squaking, we have been very short with our 15 month old and I hate it. I hate that we have become these mean, people that we never used to be....
  • hauntedgirl25

    Feel like I'm failing

    I used to work full time as a caregiver until I had a work accicdent a few years ago. I have been on sickness benefit and had a lot of medical tests,A & E visits, specialists, doctors vistits ect. Basicily their conclusion is I had a back strain and now have athritis in my spine and a very rare hernia. According to my specialists I can return to full time work,yet I live with severe flank and...
  • Jersey_of_Oz


    I love church. It is comforting to sit in a pew, listen to the words of the pastor, and most of all sing praises to G-d. This has been a struggle since moving. We tried many churches and finaly found one we liked, but instaed of pews, they have theater seating. instaed of singing 3 - 4 songs every sunday, we sing 2 at most, many times just 1. The pastor is amazing, though, and they have an...
  • Jersey_of_Oz


    i have never felt as messed up in the head as i have lately. and  have had truly crazy times in my life that surprises even me that i survived as inacted as i am. the only differene is sleep. when I was working towards my masters degree I was working 3 jobs. I worked as a teacher in the day, at KFC 2 nights a week andon weekends, and at the university as an assistant teacher 3 nights a week. I...
  • meerkat

    Here's what I used for my Stress

    Before I started this 21 day program I thought stress was something I had to just cope with so thats what I did for years. This site explains how stress is the root cause of most of our bad thoughs, emotions, physical conditions and behaviors. I was pretty shocked cause I have never thought of this way. Anyhow I bought the program and am halfway through and I gotta say that so far it seems to be...
  • Overwhelmed_Crazed

    Just Overwlemed!

    Hi All,I am new to the group but I have repsonded to some of your posts. I am just really overwhelmed with work, school, my son etc. I love all of it but I feel like I am drowning lately. My son is sick and they are struggling to figure out how to help him and I feel so helpless and scared because I do not want him to continue down this path. Then at work I am the only school counselor with 1285...
  • jfer9190

    Adult Coloring Books

    I have recently noticed the large fascination of using adult coloring books. Many people have stated that it helps lower their stress levels and brings down their anxiety. I was curious is anyone uses this method and if it has helped them? I have recently just purchased one off of Amazon and I am a little skeptical of whether or not it is beneficial.
  • cooluser34

    Stress Help

    Hi, everyone! I am a university student with obsessive organizational habits. I often find myself fixating on the minutiae of relatively insignificant assignments (e.g., scholarly article comprehension checks) and often find it difficult to budget my time effectively. As a result, I do not always get enough sleep and regularly go about my daily activities with background feelings of anxiety/fear...
  • friendlysupporter

    help with stress

    hi everyone; im a college student and been dealing with a wide variety of stressful topics through the last few years ranging from relationships; personal, financial, social and other things. there are times where i get so stressed that i shut down and cant reboot my own slef because im being overwhelmed and when i seem to have one things down and out of the way another pops up making it more...
  • GiveMeStrength2LetGo

    Breathing exercise

    This might seem trivial but this breathing exercise will reduce cortisol stress produces.First breath in to the count of 7-nasalhold breath for count of 3 Exhale slowly to the count of 7- through mouthRepeat until a feeling of calmness replaces the stress.
  • Rosie211


    Hey Everyone!This is my first time posting. Lately I've been so stressed it has been effecting my sleep. Its usually occurs when I think about my student loan debt and then leads to how am I going to afford pay for it, am I even going to find a job after graduate school, what if we move and so on (Military Family). I try to talk to my husband, but he doesn't seem to understand. I know some of it...
  • I have had some bad bosses. BAD BOSSESI had a boss once who made me cry on my first full day of work, would frequently ride me until I past the point of frustration - including throwing a pen at him once. and this same boss told my male partner that he hated hiring males because they did not cry as easily as women. yeah. I had a boss once who was in charge of a child's summer camp and who had s...
  • empx

    When stress is extreme and no one to turn to

    How do any of you cope.........When people and situations drag you down.... no one to trust, turn too, rely on, help. What & how do you cope............I reach such an extreme point of stress. I end up unable to feel anything.......Feel like I'm back a school being bullied and out numbered by the bad people & enemies around me...........