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Stress management defines stress as a person's physiological response to an external stimulus that triggers the "fight-or-flight" reaction.Stress can be overwhelming. This community is for best practices in stress management.

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  • empx

    When stress is extreme and no one to turn to

    How do any of you cope.........When people and situations drag you down.... no one to trust, turn too, rely on, help. What & how do you cope............I reach such an extreme point of stress. I end up unable to feel anything.......Feel like I'm back a school being bullied and out numbered by the bad people & enemies around me...........
  • PalmerW

    An Introvert

    Being an introvert gets me depressed most time. I wanna make friends, but i can't, It sucks
  • jfer9190

    Adult Coloring Books

    I have recently noticed the large fascination of using adult coloring books. Many people have stated that it helps lower their stress levels and brings down their anxiety. I was curious is anyone uses this method and if it has helped them? I have recently just purchased one off of Amazon and I am a little skeptical of whether or not it is beneficial.
  • FakeFruit

    Advice for neighbor stress?

    I live in a row of townhouses. Because of the way these houses are constructed you cannot usually hear things like speech between houses but things like cabinet doors, flushing toilets etc. are heard constantly. I used to be pretty close friends with both neighbors on either side (I'm in the middle house). But one set of neighbors moved and my family had a serious falling out with the neighbors...
  • empx

    Need help

    The people of this town are ganging up on me. Being an out sider the vermin in this town have been on me like white on rice since I came to this town.Help I'm. out numbered by their people. These low lives push me into a corner and I will be forced to fight.
  • empx

    Meditation & Avoidance

    I am begining to become much happier. Learn to adapt. Avoiding the bad people in Colwyn Bay, so much nicer. I spent some time meditating too. Clear my mind.Meditation is so worth it. Sense of peace.The local criminals and their associates can't keep trying to bring/wear me down. if I'm out sight I'm out of mind.One of the things that was causing me distress is accepting how bad people are here &...
  • Some ways to Release StressUse a back roller, get a massage, stretch, yoga, pilates, neck rolls, shoulder shurgs, knee raises, foot and ankle rolls, overhead arms stretches, tensing shoulders, head taps, and forehead swipe: put palms on the center of the forehead and swipe towards temples four times, and temple press: press palms on both sides of forehead and hold for ten seconds. Repeat 4x. I...
  • franrebel


    Managing stress and trying to stay calm is, or seems to be, nearly impossible................. but not giving in to it steps but trying at least
  • empx

    Worn & Being Worn Down

    I lost my job to a dishonest manipulative 'Sc** bag'. I have had to move in with my brother temporarily. I am a very private person in addition.The atmosphere of the people were I have had to move to also is wearing. Between being on JSA which is depressing. I feel trapped. Getting harder and harder to stay positive. An abundance of negative factors. And a neighbour hood/town that is run down...
  • empx

    Stressed Out Close To Tears At Times

    lost my job and had to move in with my brother. The town in which he lives is not a nice town. Not only am I fightng depression & despair from being jopless currently but since I moved to Colwyn Bay I have been met with hostility, spite, aggresson, extreme suspicion, rudness etc...The local s*** bags I am seen as a threat to their status. From neighbours that spy on me regularly. Not only...
  • Cassidy

    Hello, it's cassidy

    I have a lot of family drama going on right now, that's what is bothering me. And since (for me) school is out, I have no one to really talk to. I could definitely use some words of advice
  • empx

    Question: Is My Brother Taking Advantage?

    If your brother/sister lost their job as of no fault of their own. And you had to put them up in your house temporarily would you expect that person to work 12-16hr days for you 6 days a week refurbishing your entire house. (plastering, electrical work-entire house (first/second fix (all)), painting entire house Primer/main, refurbishing doors, frames, skirting, arcitrave, building/construction...
  • Hello,What are your go-to coping mechanism(s) when you're feeling stressed out?I have a few. They are:-vigorous physical fitness activities, such as inline skating and dance-warm bubble baths-taking walks in sunshine-deep breathing-listening to music, several kinds-writing to release my emotions-venting in online support groupsPlease feel free to reply with your own. Thanks.
  • Cassidy

    How are you guys?!

    Hey just wanted to see how everyone is, I am doing very well!
  • no715

    Feeling stressed out

    Hi i am new here. I didn't sleep well this night, i was feeling too stressed out.I'll try to relax today!