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Stress management defines stress as a person's physiological response to an external stimulus that triggers the "fight-or-flight" reaction.Stress can be overwhelming. This community is for best practices in stress management.

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  • Some ways to Release StressUse a back roller, get a massage, stretch, yoga, pilates, neck rolls, shoulder shurgs, knee raises, foot and ankle rolls, overhead arms stretches, tensing shoulders, head taps, and forehead swipe: put palms on the center of the forehead and swipe towards temples four times, and temple press: press palms on both sides of forehead and hold for ten seconds. Repeat 4x. I...
  • franrebel


    Managing stress and trying to stay calm is, or seems to be, nearly impossible................. but not giving in to it steps but trying at least
  • PalmerW

    An Introvert

    Being an introvert gets me depressed most time. I wanna make friends, but i can't, It sucks
  • empx

    Worn & Being Worn Down

    I lost my job to a dishonest manipulative 'Sc** bag'. I have had to move in with my brother temporarily. I am a very private person in addition.The atmosphere of the people were I have had to move to also is wearing. Between being on JSA which is depressing. I feel trapped. Getting harder and harder to stay positive. An abundance of negative factors. And a neighbour hood/town that is run down...
  • lost my job and had to move in with my brother. The town in which he lives is not a nice town. Not only am I fightng depression & despair from being jopless currently but since I moved to Colwyn Bay I have been met with hostility, spite, aggresson, extreme suspicion, rudness etc...The local s*** bags I am seen as a threat to their status. From neighbours that spy on me regularly. Not only...
  • jfer9190

    Adult Coloring Books

    I have recently noticed the large fascination of using adult coloring books. Many people have stated that it helps lower their stress levels and brings down their anxiety. I was curious is anyone uses this method and if it has helped them? I have recently just purchased one off of Amazon and I am a little skeptical of whether or not it is beneficial.
  • Cassidy

    Hello, it's cassidy

    I have a lot of family drama going on right now, that's what is bothering me. And since (for me) school is out, I have no one to really talk to. I could definitely use some words of advice
  • If your brother/sister lost their job as of no fault of their own. And you had to put them up in your house temporarily would you expect that person to work 12-16hr days for you 6 days a week refurbishing your entire house. (plastering, electrical work-entire house (first/second fix (all)), painting entire house Primer/main, refurbishing doors, frames, skirting, arcitrave, building/construction...
  • Hello,What are your go-to coping mechanism(s) when you're feeling stressed out?I have a few. They are:-vigorous physical fitness activities, such as inline skating and dance-warm bubble baths-taking walks in sunshine-deep breathing-listening to music, several kinds-writing to release my emotions-venting in online support groupsPlease feel free to reply with your own. Thanks.
  • Cassidy

    How are you guys?!

    Hey just wanted to see how everyone is, I am doing very well!
  • no715

    Feeling stressed out

    Hi i am new here. I didn't sleep well this night, i was feeling too stressed out.I'll try to relax today!
  • donnalsusan

    barely holding on

    retired nursecaretaker all my lifestill drop everything to help familycare for TBI partner, that has frequent falls and cognitive impairment for 15 yrs,exhausted-frustrated-angry-too much for one person to dohard on myself, for not coping with it allangry when no one in my family even offers to help and give me a break,even tho I've verbalized I need some-I'm told it's too much on you- place...
  • estranged78


    Hi Dear Members , I am Newbie to this group..have been chronic family & work related stress for years.i ve been enduring chronic pain for 3+ yrs , Myofascial pain syndrome. Feel that i have reached the burn out phase.kindly help me out to cope up the stress , before it devours me further.Thanks
  • Hey everyone!Karianne here.In our modern daily life, we have pretty busy weeks and we' have to deal with huge expectations - either from ourselves or our peers. That stress causes 60% of americans and canadians to suffer from stress-related issues. I won't go into details here, but I'm sure you already know stress is bad for your health. If not, you need to get some information about it right...
  • I have worked in the field of Child Protection off and on for years. I usually make great decisions and am great at moving cases through the court system. Today I came home completely exhausted mentally and physically. I see a lot of stress in the field, and there is a lot of turnover where I am both within my office and within our community partners. Since we are social work oriented, I am...