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Stress management defines stress as a person's physiological response to an external stimulus that triggers the "fight-or-flight" reaction.Stress can be overwhelming. This community is for best practices in stress management.

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  • meerkat

    Here's what I used for my Stress

    Before I started this 21 day program I thought stress was something I had to just cope with so thats what I did for years. This site explains how stress is the root cause of most of our bad thoughs, emotions, physical conditions and behaviors. I was pretty shocked cause I have never thought of this way. Anyhow I bought the program and am halfway through and I gotta say that so far it seems to be...
  • I think that I know what I'm doing, and that I'm doing it right, but sometimes i get so worked up and upset because I don't understand Superannuation forms, bpay, and all sorts of things I need to sort out to save money til im old. and im struggling with my employer because she is, for a lack of a better term, super mean, and doesn't really want to help me. Legitimately a female gordon...
  • empx

    When stress is extreme and no one to turn to

    How do any of you cope.........When people and situations drag you down.... no one to trust, turn too, rely on, help. What & how do you cope............I reach such an extreme point of stress. I end up unable to feel anything.......Feel like I'm back a school being bullied and out numbered by the bad people & enemies around me...........
  • Micky

    I dont know how to handle my stress

    This is my first time posting. Basically I'm only 20 years old but due to my increasing stress levels I have suffered multiple physical injuries. It started with TMJ in my right jaw (locking/popping/cracking jaw that becomes inflamed and painful) one side of my jaw was locked for about a year which made it extremely painful to eat and even sleep, I was constantly being drained by the pain. I was...
  • junie423

    Stress Overload

    Hello everyone. I have sought out a stress management group to learn how to deal with ongoing stress in my life. I have recently started a new job that I had very little experience for and have essentially been put in a position that forces me into stressful situations daily. I have a hard time with confrontation and I have what I've been told is a kind soul. Neither of these qualities work with...
  • alynnmoo

    Can't Put My Finger On It

    Where do I even start. 6 months my family moved from GA to SC and I was excited to move. We did leave our families behind but we still see them on a consistant basis. I have found a job here the I LOVE and am actually doing ok at for never working in the field. I went over a year without a panic attack, but now they are back. Everyone keeps telling me that the move can trigger "stress" and thats...
  • Jersey_of_Oz


    I love my husband. We are different, and that is difference we have is that I am a very highly motivated person who wants to be involved and be successful. My husband is happy to sit on the couch as much as possible. In the beginning, it was good that he was able to teach me to slow down some and not hold myself at such high standards and not beat myself up when I don't reach the standards...
  • problemswithson

    dealing with a problem adult son

    I am a new comer to this site. I am 57yrs. old and dealing with a problem adult son. I am living in his home (that I gave him the down payment for) and since I moved in he's been very cruel and gives me a hard time about EVERYTHING. We had a very close and special relationship until he got the thousands of dollars from me for the house. He decided to do a lot of remodeling on the home before he...
  • FrazzledSC

    First time on meds

    Hi everyone.  I'm relatively new to this group and have been struggling with feeling overwhelmed by my life a lot lately.  I'm working full time in a high stress job and going to graduate school.  I'm also a mom to 3 girls and have my sister and her 3 kids living in my house.  It's been impossible to juggle everything on my plate without dropping balls and that's been really hard on my...
  • ImaginaryExitsence


    Okay, I'm new to this group, so get ready for my constant rants.Anyway, I've just been so stressed with life. I've been having so much homework and tests and I've been making things for my school news which can take hours just to edit my videos. I've also been so stressed about being sexually confused and my parents being crazily homophobic (and I'm pretty sure they can tell I'm gay cuz they seem...
  • masseffectN7

    Uni exams help

    Hello next week (tues and weds) I have exams at uni, the problem is this is the area where everything goes wrong for me I get my own room and extra time due to my depression but I still can't seem to get it together I sit in the room and I'm blank I can't think about anything I've done or revised well tried to anyways. All I can think about is that I will fail so what's the point can anyone help?...
  • renaissancecellist

    New and extremely stressed

    Hi, everyone, I'm new here; I found this site while I was trying to search for forums that might be able to help me deal with all the stress I'm experiencing right now, so I hope I might be able to reach out to some people here. The reason I'm extremely stressed is a combination of things. I'm a senior in high school suffering from minor depression and this is my biggest year. I recently found...
  • Whole_Hearted

    remember to enjoy the little things

    The sparkly blue eyes, of the soft summer skiesThe pink plump lips of the waving tulips.The shiny bright scales, on the end of fish tailsThe tiny bee stings, that come in the springThe bright ring, from the kind to the queenOn the other side of the hourglass, you can see the charts stained glassFrom little baby cries to the rainy warm skythese are the things that come in the spring
  • m.1008


    hi everyone! I'm new like a lot of people I guess and I think I'll be in this group a lot so I guess I'll tell a little about me?so I'm still a teenager who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, and minor depression. Right now I feel really stressed because school just started after 3 weeks of winter break and my body's still getting used to. Sometimes I get too stressed or frustrated by...
  • masseffectN7

    New to the club

    hey everyone! I'm new to the club I just joined because I feel I need to meet some like minded souls. Struggled with depression around 11 years and anxiety alongside it. I'm on meds was on fluoxetine but started to get down bad so had to change currently on citalopram and doing better. Only problem is I've recently been diagnosed with asthma and it's absolutely terrifying me and of course...