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Stress management defines stress as a person's physiological response to an external stimulus that triggers the "fight-or-flight" reaction.Stress can be overwhelming. This community is for best practices in stress management.

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  • ddree

    New on here.....

    Today is my first day on here. So I am sharing my story (not sure if that is what I am supposed to be doing or not) I am and have been struggling with anxiety, depression and stress. I cannot seem to get caught up and have this overwhelming feeling of never being good enough for anyone. My family is great but there are high demands they put on me without realizing they are doing it. I grew up...
  • nmick

    Parenting young adult children after divorce

    I am divorced and have two children from that marriage; my daughter age 23 and my son age 21. I divorced their father when they were 6 and 3. I have remarried and have a 13 year old son from that marriage.  My stressors are with my big kids!  I know coming from a divorced family has to be hard as well as having a step father but I do not know what to do anyomore!   I feel I am a good mom and...
  • hubble8644

    Some advice...

    I am in a stressful environment. I am not recognized or respected for my abilities, things I can do. I am trying to decide what to cut away from my life, and what is worth holding onto. I really want to make the right choice here, and so constantly stressed over what I can't do, what I should/shouldn't do, and what decisions I need to make. But here's my question to you all: When someone close to...
  • Jersey_of_Oz

    teaching adulting

    So when we decided to move, a friend of mine's mom wanted to know if her daughter could move in with us. Before we even found a house. We looked for a house with enough space that she could move in with us. I of coure said yes to her mom's request. Lefts talk about Jen, then. Jen moved into the house in the end of July in order to find a job and start school in mid august. She is 26 years old...
  • richteremily94

    How not to worry about everything and everyone

    my name is Emily and I'm 22 and for as long as I can remember I have always acted older than my age and I put everyone before myself and stay stressed out about every thing I can't change and it's wearing me down how do I stop
  • Razorbill

    Job stress

    in 2011 I began my teacher training and in 2013 I passed my probation year and became a fully qualified secondary teacher and this then I've struggled to deal with the stress associated with this career path. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with stress-related temporomandibular joint disorder. I've had X-rays and such which show the joint itself to be healthy but the muscle surrounding it...
  • Cyantist

    Just sharin'

    I have also been through a lot of stress for almost a year. Too much work, too little time for myself and loved ones. My health was affected. I had sleeping disorders, loss of appetite which resulted to weight loss, and I easily get irritated and mad. The effects to my health, mood, and my life as a whole made me take prompt action. 'Cause if not, for sure I'd be in a more difficult situation. I...
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  • jenda1

    Stress at Work

    Not sure if this is the right forum for my issue but here is my situation. I am overwhelmed and extremely stressed with the amount of work I have at my job and it's been affecting me both physically & emotionally. I have trouble sleeping, I am anxious all the time and very irritable. There have been times I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown. Knowing that the problem with work will...
  • waitress29

    Always being the "good girl"

    Hi all. I'm new to this group but it seems like I joined on just the right day. Today was incredibly stressful as I was confronted with multiple challenging situations concurrently. First, at work I was very frustrated by something my boss did in a meeting that, from my perspective, was incredibly rude and inconsiderate. It was incredibly stressful trying to sit through an entire meeting,...
  • Amazeamutha

    know about psychiatric

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  • Dmarie1986

    Just Venting Here

    At work, meeting after meeting, being tugged, pulled, poked, prodded. I can't take it.I am told to just throw people into the work after training them. Then when a new person starts that is connected to management, I am told I am making it too hard for them.In addition, I am told that my sister will be demoted. How uncomfortable.THEN, I am indirectly told to keep it confidential, as if I don't...
  • parrothead1


    i have been through so much in the last 6 years.  my husband battled cancer and then i had cancer twice . he died and left me with so much. i left my job due to my hip and had to take care of him.  . my husband was laid off a couple times do to the housing market at the time was declining. we were having trouble getting by. then my husband finds a great job that he loves and they love him and...
  • Trixx

    Out of no where...

    I have been coping very well. I love my job and love what I do - but today has just been terrible. First time in 6 months I have cried on my way home from work. I stopped my medication when I started this job because I felt I didn't need it - and I haven't up until now. Today I just felt snappy, angry, tired, weepy - all these things at once. I haven't been sleeping and now my eating is going to...
  • mindlost


    So I'll just keep this short.My boyfriend of nearly 6 months is about to come back down to the state that I love in where we both go to school (college). 2 separate universities, but still a hell of a lot closer than 819 miles away from each other. I've seen him once this summer, and it was about 3 weeks into my summer vacation starting, so I didn't really have any issues then. But we were both...