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Oniomania (also known as shopping addiction), is the compulsive desire to shop. Similar to other compulsive behaviors, sufferers often experience the highs and lows associated with addiction. The purchase generates a mood of satisfaction, gives their life meaning, and lets them forget about their sorrows.

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  • Joy.Grusky

    Lost :(

    I recently had a job review and I still have my job, but just barely. My problem is that I have not been able to concentrate long enough to get my work done. On top of all that, my shopping addiction has reemerged--likely related to the stress of not being productive. I have forgotten to pay bills. I have been deceitful in trying to cover up my spending, for example, I got three credit cards...
  • techgirl23

    New to this group - discovering my addiction

    I have struggled with compulsive buying before but this week everything came to a head. I have $10,000 in credit card debt that I hid from my spouse. (I had been having part of my income deposited into another bank account and using that amount to pay the debt and spend some more). When we were at the bank this week, processing our mortgage refinance, my debt came out (right while we were in the...
  • russ319


    I don’t know why I can’t stop I feel like I don’t even realize I’m spending when I shop online but now my wife wants me outta of the house instead of helping me she wants to just throw me out I know I messed up I just don’t know how to fix it 
  • spincrazy76


    i have finally come to terms that I have a problem when my husband and I are constantly arguing about my spending. Also, when I clean my closet and find a bag of stuff that I bought and forgot about...must have been real important to buy. My main problem is that I buy all this little stuff that I don't need and it's taking a toll on my marriage and family life. I buy when I'm upset, happy,...
  • shoppingoutlet

    Fills the void

    I have known for a long time that I have had an addiction to shopping. When I am down, I shop. When I am happy and want to celebrate, I shop. I always justified my shopping habit because I would "bargain shop". I felt I was not spending a lot of money, but many small purchases add and before you know it, hundreds of dollars wonder why!? Sometimes I think my life is so structured,...
  • shopnomore

    Hello All

    Hi all,I am pleased to see a group like this exists. I have suffered from anxiety, OCD, as well as gambling addicition and shopping addicition. Lately, I feel as though the shopping addiction has really taken over. I recently found some helpful resources that I thought I would share with you all. I am glad to know there are others out there who are suffering in similar ways. Here is the site that...
  • Craftymommy

    Hi I'm new...

    Hello, In short I've always had a problem with spontanious shopping but it's finally reached a head today as I spent 150 in fabric to make a dress/costume for my daughter, when I have pleanty in my stash that would have been just fine. In the past I would stress buy, or buy things out of spite. I honestly thought for a long time that I was fine, that since I had given up buying big items I no...
  • MiracleInProgress


    Well, I made it here after a conversation I had this past weekend with my daughter, about her frustration with her hubby's compulsive spending. This time he took the family grocery money and spent it on what she called "stupid stuff."  So I spend half an hour or more trying to console her, but also explaining that it sounds like he's using spending to self-medicate, like I used to do in my...
  • Highsky00

    Anyone use this site regularly?

    Hello,I have been looking for some resources in my community for overspending habits and compulsive shoppers, yet there is nothing! I can hardly find things on facebook. do people still use this forum? Is it worth spending my time commenting and posting? I wanted to ask to see if people would see this post, before I went into depth.
  • Break_Free

    Might be one of the reasons i do this

    i've felt pretty lonely the past few months and had some rough times around my birthday (end of march). i turned 26 and thus lost all of my insurance that i'd previously maintained under my parents. my car, which was 25yrs old to begin with, finally gave out after being impounded and having to take time off from work to deal with all that. Before that, my radiator hose blew on the way to work one...
  • Jypsy


    i am a Shopaholic. Lately it has been out of control. I have nothing saved in my bank account and a large credit card debt. I am in overdraft and maxed my credit line. I even called the bank to see if I could get hold of my RRSPs. My husband is going to pay my debts and take my cards away from me. I am really going to try but I get really depressed if I can't shop. I hope someone else has this...
  • Jbear

    To much money spent...

    I am new here and I am hoping to get some help... I have a serious shopping problem and I have spent close to $1,800 in the last two months online. It's so bad that my brother has been extremely upset at me with my spending. I am ashamed of my own behavior and need help. I don't want to end up alone with my life in shambles because I spent all the money...and no where to live or be without my...
  • ckincaid55

    Looking for Advice

    Hi all, I'm new here and hoping for any advice from those of you who have gotten your addiction under control. I've been a shopper my whole life but in the last 5 years it's been worse and these last few months for me my spending has been completely out of control. I put thousands of dollars on my credit card buying clothes trying to curate the "perfect" wardrobe. I feel like this issue stems...
  • Sassy1234

    shopping addiction - need help

    I realize I am addicted spending.  Drowning in credit card debt! need help.
  • KatPierce

    No idea where it all goes

    So to start this off i just want to say that i have no idea where it all goes. to be completely honest with you my parents were never weathly they came from nothing. But now they have everything because of  how hard they worked when they were younger. theyve always been fair to me when it comes to buying me things that i want and giving me things that i need. But my problem is I want more. I...