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Oniomania (also known as shopping addiction), is the compulsive desire to shop. Similar to other compulsive behaviors, sufferers often experience the highs and lows associated with addiction. The purchase generates a mood of satisfaction, gives their life meaning, and lets them forget about their sorrows.

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  • ckincaid55

    Looking for Advice

    Hi all, I'm new here and hoping for any advice from those of you who have gotten your addiction under control. I've been a shopper my whole life but in the last 5 years it's been worse and these last few months for me my spending has been completely out of control. I put thousands of dollars on my credit card buying clothes trying to curate the "perfect" wardrobe. I feel like this issue stems...
  • Jypsy


    i am a Shopaholic. Lately it has been out of control. I have nothing saved in my bank account and a large credit card debt. I am in overdraft and maxed my credit line. I even called the bank to see if I could get hold of my RRSPs. My husband is going to pay my debts and take my cards away from me. I am really going to try but I get really depressed if I can't shop. I hope someone else has this...
  • Highsky00

    Anyone use this site regularly?

    Hello,I have been looking for some resources in my community for overspending habits and compulsive shoppers, yet there is nothing! I can hardly find things on facebook. do people still use this forum? Is it worth spending my time commenting and posting? I wanted to ask to see if people would see this post, before I went into depth.
  • Sassy1234

    shopping addiction - need help

    I realize I am addicted spending.  Drowning in credit card debt! need help.
  • KatPierce

    No idea where it all goes

    So to start this off i just want to say that i have no idea where it all goes. to be completely honest with you my parents were never weathly they came from nothing. But now they have everything because of  how hard they worked when they were younger. theyve always been fair to me when it comes to buying me things that i want and giving me things that i need. But my problem is I want more. I...
  • Missie

    Too Much Spending

    I have come to believe I have a spending issue.  I have way too many things that I don't enjoy what I do have.  I love leaving the house and looking for good deals.  Sometimes the deals are things I really want.  Sometimes they are just a great deal and I think I want it.  I live with my daughter and son-in-law in the basement.  They told me I have to stop.  Find something else to do.  At...
  • shazaz


    Hi everyone. I am new to this group. I am a serious shopping addict and my addiction has gotten me into trouble financially and now criminally as I was taking money from my employer to feed my addiction. My need to shop overpowered my brain which would of told me how wrong that was. I really didn't even realize how addicted I was until I had an intervention. Since then I have been doing a lot of...
  • Break_Free

    5yrs later

    its been 5yrs since I've struggled so much with this, actually it's never been this bad. I'm afraid to look at exactly how much I've spent this much but I think it's around 350, which with mine & my boyfriend's monthly budget is quite a bit. My credit cards are still maxed out, thank god I only have 2.i'm feeling pretty low, hating this anxiety of hoping my boyfriend doesn't look at the charges...
  • GolfingGal14

    Wanting to change

    I'm in my late 20's and want to get this issue handled before it's too late. I don't understand why I feel a need to purchase things, but sometimes it's uncontrollable. Purchases are followed by buyers remorse and  then self-justifying the purchase to help myself cope with the issue. I don't know how to stop the urge to shop but I want so desperately to be a responsible adult. I want a savings...
  • J203k

    I have told my husband

    I told my husband about my debts and that I have been keeping it from him. I feel so bad, so guilty and so ashamed.  I keep thinking of how hurt he must be and he is not talking to me. I don't blame him. I have told him if he wants to leave me I wouldn't blame him. I feel so lost. 
  • I'm a 50 y/o wife that has been confronted in the past by my husband, but just 4 days ago, he asked me if I thought I had a spending problem and I had to honestly admit that I do.  He wants me to seek help and counseling, but as most of us know, that it hard to find these days AND expensive.
  • sugarraylingam

    Financial mess

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and would appreciate any advice given.Im a 35 year old, unemployed, single guy who doesn't have friends and has never had a girlfriend. I over 40k on all my credit cards and have struggled to pay back the money. All the creditors have cancelled my account but I still have to pay them back.I've spent the following from 2015;£8k on eBay20k on private number...
  • Moonbeam45

    I need help !!!

    I am new to this group. I am really scared my walls are caving in on me. I have really been out of control with my spending. I am hiding stuff from my husband. I am running to the mail box to get the mail to hide the bills. I have been bailed out 3 times. I always say this is the last time. And I live in a small Mountain town with no 12 step programs for shopping. I am really really scared. I...
  • redvelvetcake

    leaving group due to zero responses

    No response whatsoever on this group what gives? I'm out to find anither group.
  • Honest

    But I don't WANT to stop shopping!

    I have an addiction to buying cloths- have had it for about 14 years now. The thing is I love fashion. I love putting together outfits and not to brag but I have a real flair for it!the problem is that I managed to rack up 6000 in credit card debt that I have to pay back. I am paying it back but I still spend about 50.00 per cent week on clothing. Is this a problem?