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Sciatica is a term meaning pain that originates from compression of the sciatic nerve, the longest and largest nerve in the body. If the sciatic nerve is pinched or compressed (perhaps by a bulging disc in the low back) a patient may experience leg pain--the classic symptom of sciatica.

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  • deleted_user

    Piriformis Syndrome

    My husband has been in constant pain in his leg (deep buttock/hip socket) area and lumbar (although not so much lumbar anymore) for about 9 months. He has tried physical therapy, chiropractor, structural masseuse, daily stretching and continuous use of anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen and naproxen sodium) all to no avail.We've been doing a lot of research and the condition that sounds EXACTLY like...
  • Sof999

    Suffering with sciatika for 6 weeks

    I have been suffering through sciatic psasm  attacks almost daily for 6 weeks and am losing my mind! They last anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours beginning to end. I pulled a groin muscle and set off the spasms. I have been took a few doctors and now waiting for an MRI and then to be given a shot to numb the pain.the thing is, this is destroying my life, financially, my summer plans, work etc etc....
  • tfx971

    Questions About Sciatica. Suffering Daily.

    After reading some of your post's and realizing other's in this world are also in great pain. (pain drove me here, I think that is a positive). I have had 3 failed low back surgeries, they all failed in the end. I having Sciatic Pain 24/7 It never stop's. I take pain med's which I don't like that much because I am then tied to a Doctor every month and they depress me. The pain is so bad, mentally...
  • vickyrdh65

    Failed discectomy

    On Jan. 24th I had a laminectomy.  The next day when I went in to have the drain removed, the PA asked about my pain.  I told him the spasms were bad. Very cavalierly, he told me to double up on the valium.  I am certain he did not check my medical history to see that not only do I weigh only 98 lbs, I also take a sleeping pill.  So, after vicodin, 10mg of valium and my sleeping pill I went...
  • mysensitiveheart

    OUCH !!!

    After experiencing a horrific fall on my back onto a concrete floor , i frax my spine and eventully developed spondylythesis at L4/5 . my nuerosurgeon insists all of my intense chronic pain should b gone by now but it has only gotten worse . i m a lifelong sufferer of chronc pain starting at 10 yrs , deveoping severe and quickly progressing scoliosis . was opeated on and in a body cast for a yr...
  • deleted_user

    Sciatica causing itching?

    I'm wondering if others have this issue. I have had sciatica for a few months now. Lately out of the blue I'll be moving about and my left butt cheek starts itching badly. Sometimes it also itches on the right and down to the knee but usually left butt and hip area. I also can feel and odd sensation in my low back as if possibly minor nerve irritation. I can't seem to find much on google about...
  • Sandra72

    Is there hope?

    Hi all, I've had sciatica now for about 2 yrs, it's just recently got unbearable. The pain is excruciating. Doctor has given me Naproxen and codiene but it's still agony. I've tried ice and heat, various stretches (which seem to make it worse the next day) and rest, but nothing is helping. I'm waiting for a physio app, but typical NHS, god knows how long that'll be. I'm off work sick at the...
  • marie32

    No help

    Hi all my pain that bad I can walk far yes am over weight but that's because I can't move far this pain is to much the doc won't help me just said pain killers lose weight but am trying am under weight management can anyone help me to stop this pain thankyou hugs
  • MrAk


    I have had sciatosis for several years. Been to several doctors and they have only shrugged and gave me opiates. Is there a way to lessen the pain and coping with this?.
  • JuiceBox

    Advice Please! Intense Sciatica!

    I am now in week 9 of this condition. It started out as a sore right butt pain that crept into my right thigh (just the back). I had had this feeling back when I was 25, but it only lasted a week. So...being a google dr. I researched my pain and guessed Sciatica. It seemed like most people that suffer Sciatica just sucked it up for 5-6 weeks and it resolved itself. Mine is just getting worse! It...
  • youngandinpain

    New to sciatica

    I just started experiencing sciatic pain in about 3 weeks ago. After about a week I thought it was getting better, but it has definitely gotten worse and now I experience periods of numbness (especially in my butt and back of leg) between the pain. The pain in my back is dull but constant. I'm only 21, and I do yoga regularly. I've been told that sciatica can go away with time, and that the yoga...
  • Hi, its Ray. I had sciatica thirty years ago.  I am a therapist and have helped many people live pain free. I have a free course you can follow to get tips to relieve sciatic pain. You can get it here.
  • deleted_user

    My miracle cure

    I first got Sciatica 3 years ago and have suffered quite a lot of pain over the years. Just this week I was symptom free when I was loading firewood into my garage. Reaching for some wood on the ground my left leg gave out and I crumpled to a heap on the driveway. I was almost in tears with the pain and knew what it meant... weeks or even months of slow recovery. We were planning on going camping...
  • PinkAnything09

    Piriformis Syndrome - Pain in my butt!

    So I went to my PM doctor yesterday, and also met with the Medtronic rep for my device... had to do some reprogramming because it was stimulating the front of my leg, not the back side. So I was told by both my dr & medtronic man... that where the leeds were placed, is where my scoliosis apexes... it's a bad curvature, but where the leeds needed to be. SO having said that, I will have to get...
  • violetmist

    Sciatica is back with a vengeance

    I had sciatica almost a yr ago and it went away. Now is back and I am in horrific pain. I have had it about 2 months this time. I also have low back pain. I did have an epidural, steroid shot and it didn't help. I will be seeing my Dr. but it is slow to get an appt. What can you do at home to help this? I cannot go on in this kind of pain. I cannot even finish washing dishes let alone clean my...